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Drum is back!

But not as we know it. Thankfully. Great move by the club and about bloody time.

Hopefully, Paul Brazier can have it every week.



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    Agreed, it has to be him doing it ! I'm glad the club have put some rules in place though, otherwise it could turn pretty quick

  • The way that notice is written is abhorrent. It's clearly aimed at one individual and is full of snide attacks from the start to the end. It comes across as corporate bullying of a vulnerable individual. Really really poor from the club.

  • You know this has been an outrageously long tedious saga when the club have to issue an almost legal document riddled with disclaimers like that!

    I'm not convinced that suddenly having one of the singing gang's mates on the drum will suddenly take us from graveyard to throbbing pit of noise though.

  • I nominate LX1 to have the first go

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with that article but don’t let that stop you from criticising the club for no apparent reason.

  • Utter tosh. I’m afraid that said individual is am embarrassment to the club at times even allowing for his vulnerability. The foul mouthed shouting from this individual was a really serious embarrassment at a Berks and Bucks game in the not too distant past. The club are between a rock and a hard place trying to deal with this issue.

  • Usually enjoy reading your comments but I think you are way off the mark here.

  • I only enjoy the ones where @aloysius talks about @aloysius in the third person while telling everyone how right @aloysius is.

  • Really excited about this. Very well written article regarding what has been a difficult subject for the club over the last couple of seasons. I think they've got this one spot on and still gives Tom the opportunity to get involved with the drumming if abiding by the clearly laid-out ground rules.

    This also finally allows Paul the opportunity to get back on the drum. I feel his unfortunate situation has been constantly overlooked throughout this whole saga and I hope he's keen to take up the role again.

  • Really good news this, AP was like a morgue last season

  • I find it quite incredible that the terrace’s attendance has significantly increased since 2017-2019 yet the atmosphere has been much worse.

  • Smartphones? General societal collapse? No plan B?

  • They should turn the Wi-fi off, too many people playing with their phones and checking Prem scores. Atmosphere was better when it was a no signal dead zone and people actually watched the game. (I know I sound like an old man, nowt wrong with that)

    Nothing wrong with that article btw, difficult balance for the club who have clearly put a bit of time in to dealing with the individual , the issue and helping groups who want to improve the atmosphere in general. Would have been much more of an easy option just to not let him in.

  • This has been the most tedious saga in the history of the club

  • To be fair @aloysius hasn't had too much transfer activity to moan about.

  • 23 down in 2 hours on a weekday is pretty impressive tbh

  • Not on the terrace, but I'm pleased a decision was reached with consultation. Article looked pretty harmless to me.

    I'm more worried that @aloysius might be Kevin Nolan.

  • Having read the article, I think this is as good a compromise as we’re going to get, so well done to the club as far as I’m concerned.

    I still think the saga’s going to run plenty more, but I don’t see what else they could have done to bring back the drum whilst acknowledging the issues that caused the ban in the first place.

    But I’m sure if anyone does have better ideas, that they’d share them with the club…?

  • Here is my take.

    Great to see the Drum come back but it has to change from how it was previously.

    If it’s going to be the old guy he needs to improve or get lessons, or it will have a negative effect.

  • Must admit I am genuinely worried about @aloysius. Their reading of what appears to be a non-judgemental article smacks of some of the wilder conspiracy theorists ability to see things that aren't there to reinforce their own narrow view of a subject.

    They are usually a little more aware and nuanced than that.

    (Unless it is just an attempt to go for the record number of downvotes, in which case, well-played)

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    Sorry @aloysius but I disagree entirely, the club has been put into this position as the drumming became so utterly annoying. I used to cringe watching highlights after matches where there was a constant ‘thud, thud, thud, thud’ in the background, let alone when I was actually in the stadium itself. I can’t think of another approach that could have been taken, it’s an excellent way to go about it and I’m sure you will find other clubs follow suit over time.

  • @aloysius thinks that the conclusion the club have come to may well be the best option - but the way it's been expressed in the article smacks of targeting one individual in a way that's petty ("good sense of rhythm"), snide ("an anti-social manner, negatively impacting the experience of other fans") and patronising (requiring another person to vouch for you).

    Why not just say that the new policy is that only the club's drum will be allowed. Applicants each match need to email beforehand and one will be chosen. The rest is implied but does not need to be said.

    I know the club has reached out to the individual and offered him drum lessons in the past. But has it tried to harness his enthusiasm in other ways? Has it tried to offer him a volunteer role away from the terrace like, say, tunnel supervisor, where he could have an integral role that didn't involve energising fans?

  • Closely followed by no chips and the p!$$ poor toilets!

  • Because they are outlining the very fair and reasonable criteria which someone must follow in order to use the drum. If they don't detail this now, they will have to explain it later, without a clear set of guidelines, when they tell someone they're not suitable or haven't behaved well enough to use it a second time.

    Being the WWFC drummer is not a right, its a privilege.

  • The club tried lots of things to help the individual. Others offer to pay for drumming lessons - all offers of help were pretty much always rebuffed and never in a nice way. That said, he has recently accepted some lessons so maybe he is learning.

    At the end of the day though, it’s a fact that a drum in and of itself was never the issue. It was always the person drumming and the additional BS that came with it. The antisocial behaviour came from both sides. He got as much dogs abuse as he dished out.

    now, you can say this and the clubs post is targeting one individual and their actions. And it probably is. But it was always one individual that was being a menace so it’s a bit hard for it not to target one person when he and his mates were at the centre of all the problems and the mitigation for his actions was always “but he always gets behind the team”. Well, yeah, so does everyone else, but we try not to piss people off at the same time.

  • "We'll provide the gloves, you provide the saves!

    Following consultation with supporters and the playing squad, the Chairboys are keen to boost the entertainment value inside Adams Park on matchdays by providing a set of goalkeeping gloves for the home terrace.

    The gloves will remain property of the club and will need to be collected and returned to reception on the day of the game, preferably with a clean sheet attached.

    The goalkeeping policy is as follows:

    • The club will choose the supporter that has been selected to be crazy enough to wear the gloves each matchday.
    • That person will collect the gloves from reception before the game, return them after, and ensure the goal is looked after throughout the match.
    • The selected fan is expected to use the gloves in a manner which will encourage fellow fans to generate a positive atmosphere in support of the team. This includes the tying of shoelaces in an untimely manner and the pulling off of worldie saves.
    • If the club deems that the gloves are being used in an anti-social manner, negatively impacting the experience of other fans, it may be decide to remove the gloves from that individual and they will be required to quickly tag a fellow supporter in the terrace who will continue the show.
    • No other types of gloves are permitted in the stadium including latex and boxing gloves."

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