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Hands up who secretly thinks the season is over

Anonymous vote. But feel free to out yourself and explain your choice.

I think.....
  1. Is it over?98 votes
    1. Yes
    2. No
    3. Do a funny option


  • I voted 'no', by the way, but the mouse was hovering for a bit.

  • The playoffs aren't gone yet.

    But we need to get on another run asap to say the least.

  • I do, but I also don’t mind. I’m excited about the future under Blooms. We played two up front for a bit today!

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    For me, the season is not over until @eric_plant says it is. I am still lounging comfortably on the bandwagon. This team is capable of another fantastic run.

  • The season is not over - that's melts' talk. COYMB!

  • I’m going no. A heavy defeat today and I might have gone yes. Today wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful. I think Blooms can manage a football team and despite all the positive spin the last fortnight has been a huge shock for the club. It takes time to feel the ground is solid under one’s feet again but a win Tuesday and another run could be on. COYB!

  • To be honest I thought the season was over when we limped out the FA Cup to Walsall. We were sat in mid table at the time and didn't look likely to go on the run we have. So anything since then has felt like a bonus, and the superb recent results against Derby, Bolton and Peterborough have really shown that we can compete with the best teams in the division.

    In reality though I think our odds of finishing Top 6 lengthened significantly not with the loss of GA, but with Mehmeti's departure. He contributed so many goals and assists this season and I just don't know who is going to fill that gap in the next 15 games. He was one of the top, top players in the division - any team would feel that loss.

    Whatever happens it's been a season we'll never forget. I suppose I'm a bit fearful what next season will look like though, especially if this squad gets ripped apart in the summer.

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    After Mehmeti left, we won 4/4 scoring 9, beating Derby and Bolton in the process.

    Ainsworth & Dobbo going seems more significant to me so far.

    However, hopefully this is a temporary, understandable little wobble before we find a way to get back on the winning trail.

  • Yeah that's a very fair point @Malone but a chunk of those goals came from Wing hitting a purple patch. We can't rely on him to carry on scoring at that rate until the end of the season so we're going to need some of our forward players to step up their goal return. I'm personalty struggling to see where the goals will come from.

  • After today, I'm not surprised 😀

    Not how we saw that going after such an early goal.

    However, I think it was @Shev who said it well. We could have won it 3-0, but could also have lost by a couple.

    That McCleary shot goes slightly to one side, we go 2-0 up and we're on here tonight delighting in the winning start of the Bloomfield era in earnest.

  • I don’t think it’s over yet, but I feel like we’d have to have auto promotion form from now until season’s end for us to nab that coveted final playoff spot, and I just don’t see that happening whilst we are going to have to go through a bit of a transition period to take on MB’s new ideas.

    That’s not the same as, “oh no we’re doomed” by any means, but a promotion team should be hitting a groove right now, and not having to tinker with things.

    Any managerial change is going to bring disruption though, I feel like we’ll give it our all but just end up falling short.

  • I voted no, because of course it isn’t.

    That’s not how I feel though. These last couple of weeks have evaporated all the positivity that was there before : Manager and co. gone, star defender forced to retire, injuries to an already threadbare squad and two way below par performances.

    On to Tuesday.

  • Bolton are nine points ahead of us but have played three games more. Their next two games are against Ipswich and Sheff Wed - they may well lose both. They then don’t play again until April 7th.

    we play six games before April 7th

    every chance we may have moved ahead of them by then

    is the season over?

    of course not.

  • I can't rule the season over based on mere logic.

    With any basic reasoning applied we wouldn't have been anywhere near the play offs to start with.

    The first win will bring more belief and more wins.

  • Bolton are the target. I can't see us catching the others at this point. That might be my disappointment talking. But we can still catch Bolton. We'll need a good run.

  • Not quite but I think that QPR in their desperation have come pretty close to ending our season in a futile attempt at saving theirs. The next few games will tell.

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    50-50 seems a fair result. My head says the maths are still on our side but my heart says that after THE EVENT things have changed. I'll save what my arse says for another time.

  • Imagine if we get promoted and QPR are relegated.

  • We have a block of 4 games in 12 days coming up. Fleetwood on Tuesday is a must win, as is the visit to Burton next Saturday. Then it's Bristol R away the following Tuesday, and at least a point needed from that one.

    If we can do all that, Saturday 18 March's game against Barnsley will be crucial, and probably the decider as to whether we make the playoffs. Can't wait to get a ticket for that one.

  • Fleetwood are in excellent form with 13 points from the last six games

  • Not sure how the question can even be raised when we're 7th.

    Injuries are starting to mount up however and seeing Scowen and McCleary limping off yesterday was a huge worry. Fleetwood on Tuesday is crucial, but they're extremely well organised and had been on good form. Not really ideal opponents, but I'm hoping maybe their cup exploits will take a toll on them.

  • They lost at lowly Cheltenham yesterday, yes let’s hope they have run out of steam with that cup run.

  • We won 5 on the bounce, since then lost our manager and rock of an assistant (and shout out to Josh too). We are entitled to a wobble. Shrewsbury was a result and performance waiting to happen especially after the week the squad had had, yesterday was close to a good performance - but not close enough.

    I don't think our season delivering what some of our showings has deserved is down to us, it will be down to the strength of this league. Playoffs would be over-performing for me, 7 or 8 would be good and maybe a top end of par. It is only when you string out the names of the teams in the mix (all of the current top six and Charlton, Peterborough and Portsmouth) it gives you a sense of perspective. I bet Oxford would love to be seventh and discussing their season fall off, if they fall they might go down.

  • Was yesterday really close to a good performance? I think we were lucky to get a point.

  • It was close to a good performance. A width of a post, a kind bobble, a sharper finish and we are home and hosed. A tweak to the formation and we are good, whether that’s personnel or instruction I don’t know.

    All to play for

  • It was close to a good result; it was quite a long way off a good performance.

  • I thought yesterday was a must win against mid-table opposition. That’s the sort of team you want to put away if you are challenging to get in the play offs…surely?

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