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Berks & Bucks Senior Cup 2022-23



  • Anyone on here going ? Any team news ? Nothing on twitter at all

  • 1-0 to Bracknell after about 20 seonds 😬

  • Not the best start

  • Trialists are Isaac Richards wearing 12 and Gabriel Mbambo in 15.

  • Missed opportunity to not describe the two sent off players as receiving their marching orders.

  • 2-0..... wasting their opportunity to shine here. Bit disappointing seeing as we have league one experience out there !

  • Genuinely had no idea we were playing tonight

  • I’ve made the trip but not one I may admit to if anyone asks in future.

    Poor start. Defence all over the place for first 20 mins. We’ve started to settle a bit since and chances for Wakely, De Barr and Ward but 2-0 a fair reflection so far. Difficult pitch

    Formation is 3-5-2.

    Leathers, Kananda and Wakely from right to left. Jasper right wing back, Makoli left wing back.

    Jack Young holding with Freeman and Ward in Midfield. Then Tjay and Arnold up front .

  • Bracknell gave Ipswich a real game in the FA Cup earlier this season, I seem to remember.

  • Yes they’re not bad at all and are right up for it which I’m not sure some of our youngsters were quite ready for.

    We’re not out of it yet though but we’ll need to improve.

  • Much better this half.

  • Is Matt Bloomfield or Sam Grace in charge tonight ?

  • Tonight's results.

    Bracknell Town 2-1 Wycombe Wanderers.

    Hungerford Town 2-3 Marlow.

    Marlow scored three late goals after being 2-0 down at half-time.

  • edited February 2023

    Did any trialists come on?

    Edit - just seen they did.

  • Any reports from those who were there on the development lads? Matshazi seemed to be getting good reviews at Slough while Ward is impressing at Hungerford.

  • Some thoughts on tonight given there weren’t loads of us there.

    We improved after the break and were the better side for much of the second half, albeit we didn’t really create too many clear chances. Overall Bracknell deserved the win having caught us a bit cold. No complaints. Shame though as these young players would benefit from some more competitive matches like these.

    For me the two standout performers were TJay and Adam Leathers. TJay led the line well, but not necessarily in a way we’ve become used to as he wanted the ball into his feet, drawing in the defender before turning him and setting us on the attack. In Leathers (particularly) and Wakely we had two cente-halves able to carry the ball forward and feed it into his feet. Once they’d worked out not to keep knocking it long on the off chance he’d turned into Sam Vokes.

    Predictably TJay took a bit of a clattering from his marker who went through him on more than one occasion, but he kept going for the 90 mins and he was instrumental in the goal. Lots to like about his performance overall.

    Adam Leathers played as the right sided centre back and was pretty classy all night. He defended well, won his headers and carried the ball forward intelligently. Matt Bloomfield would have been impressed I’d have thought.

    Elsewhere, Arnold took his goal well but other than that was largely shackled by a decent Bracknell defence. Jack Young and Christie Ward grew into the game but didn’t really knock it out of the park. Not too much either from Jasper at right wing back. He got stuck in but not too much in the way of creativity.

    An honourable mention for Antoine Makoli who was clearly playing out of position at left (instead of right) wing back but showed a bit of endeavour in the second half.

    Cant say I learned much about our loanee goalkeeper. He let two in but didn’t seem at fault and didn’t really have much to save all night.

  • Thanks @Theatre_of_Chairs . Sounds like a missed opportunity for some.

  • Adam Leathers at CB is an interesting one, only ever seen him in more attacking roles.

  • I’ve got a feeling that Hampton & Richmond used him in that role during his time there.

    It was a strange one really tonight, the defence was all over the place to start with but once we’d settled down both Leathers and Wakely looked like promising players.

    Maybe given the lack of competitive matches they’ve played in it would be fairer to judge them on the second 70 mins rather than the first 20.

  • TJay was the stand out player for us and caused Bracknell issues all night. Definitely worthy of another years contract.

    Jack Young played the whole game in the Scowen role in front of the back four and did ok. Needs to step up and start knocking on the First Team door to warrant his long contract.

    Jasper had a reasonable game and looks worthy of another year as he’ll still be U21 next season. Love his Comms too.

    Adam Leathers was the stand out player from the B Team/Under 21 squad but he’ll be over 21 next season and this may count against him. Played in defence opposed to his natural midfield role.

    Wakely played ok but he does not look like League One quality and is not U21.

    We had two triallists who came on second half but did not get enough time to assess easily.

    From tonight’s showing I’m not sure we will see any of the other players in competition action for Wycombe again.

    Sandhurst have a nice tidy ground with a small but quality club house and two small stands. A decent evening out for a fiver.

    Onwards to Exeter and 3 points please Matty.

  • I have high hopes for Leathers, what little I've seen of him he looks like a decent footballer already with loads of promise. Intriguing that he played centre back - future Mawson maybe.

  • Will be an interesting summer , not only sorting out the senior players who are out of contract but the Development squad as well. Clearly the club saw something in Young to give him a three year contract but doesn’t seem to have progressed and be knocking on the first team’s door. Not sure Wakely is League 1 standard. Leathers looks promising and worth keeping.

  • I would still consider persevering with Wakely.

    The raw materials are all there, he’s a serious unit and was pretty dominant in the air last night. But he’s also two-footed and comfortable in possession - unusual for such a big guy. So he could play anywhere across a back three which makes him quite handy in a small squad.

    He just needs to get 10-20 games under his belt, which we’ve not been able to give him as every game is so crucial. He’s unlucky in that regard, he may have had more chances at a mid-table club.

    He’s the sort of player I could see us letting go to somewhere like Yeovil or Maidenhead only to see him get a few games, develop and then have loads of league clubs after him as decent 6ft 4 centre halves aren’t ten a penny.

    Obviously Matt brought him on last Saturday for the last 10 mins so maybe he’s not entirely out of the picture.

  • He's had a short stint at Maidenhead 11 months ago for two months but was on the bench for the majority of his spell until Will De Havilland got injured and he filled in next to ex Wycombe youth and Captain Massey.

    He's been available all season due to our Centre Back injury issues yet he's only played in two League games being subbed on in the 89th minute on both occasions.

    Matty might keep him on as a low cost back up to the main CB's, Grimmer etc but he really needs to find his level, get some games in over the next two seasons and hopefully end up like Dan Scarr rather than Giles Phillips.

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