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Match day thread: Sheffield Wednesday



  • For someone who, by his own admission, rarely sees us play some of your comments are disrespectful to say the least.

  • Very rare to see a side as well drilled defensively as Wednesday were today. An outstanding defence of a 1-0 lead from them.

    Huge credit must go to Darren Moore, truly one of the game's nice guys.

    They'll win this league.

    As for us, Scowen was absolutely stupendous. What a privilege it is to see him play.

  • Spot on Eric, unlike some of the other posts from people who should know better. Wednesday have played 13 away games this season and conceded just 7 goals.

  • Sheff Wednesday are definitely the best team we've faced this season. They restricted us to next to nothing and hats off to them.

  • The only way I can see us having enough to get into the play offs is to pick up some results against the teams around us. Home games against Derby, Bolton, Barnsley are all huge, along with Port Vale away.

  • It’s hard to believe the reaction from some people to losing 1-0 against a team who are unbeaten in 18 games and have just defeated a top PL side in the FA Cup. We will play worse than that and win. I do,however, agree that we were toothless in the final third.

  • Anyone else think Max could have done better with their goal ? He seemed very slow to react and was past him before he moved.

  • 100% agree with all you’ve said, but also to add they lost their CB yesterday recalled by his parent club, Bannan was missing injured, had 2 players carried off on a stretcher and still we did not trouble them. They were very good.

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    I think we played well and matched the best team in the league, edged out by a wonder strike. We weren’t at our best in front of goal but they were excellent defensively. They barely allowed us strikes within the final 20 yards of the pitch and considering the creativity and trickery in our front 4 they never even conceded free kicks in dangerous positions which we do normally see

  • Without doubt the best team we have played. They defended well and we just didn’t have enough guile or pace to cause them any real problems. Would like to see a quick forward brought in the remaining days of the transfer window, even it’s on loan.

  • I note the love for Max on this thread. Sorry to be the professional controversialist once again but I think he's one of the worst goalkeepers in the division. Yes, a great shot stopper, lots of confidence and command. All very important, vital even. But most of the keepers we've played have all of those as well. What they also have, which Max really doesn't, is distribution. This is the reason I think both Vokes and Hanlan have appeared shadows of their last season selves this campaign. The ball just isn't landing right, just not sticking to them. It's getting lost in midfield, hoofed too far over their heads or simply falls to the opposition before they even have a sniff of it.

    I'm sure many of you will disagree but if so let me just ask, which keeper have we played against this season with worse kicking, worse distribution?

    Do we even have a goalkeeping coach at the moment or has that been economised away?

  • I agree Max does not have the best distribution, but that's like pointing out Cindy Crawford's mole, at our level.

    He is nothing short of superb in all areas that relate to keeping the ball out of our net, and that will do for me.

  • I really like how controversial this is. I anticipate you’ll get a lot of ‘down’ votes but I admire your approach

  • It's a bit like saying Mehmeti is one of the worst forwards in the division because he is not dominant in the air.

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    Today was a game that could have gone either way. It fell against us today. There were decisions that I wish were different. Mehmeti could have slipped in Hanlan. Ainsworth could have brought Kai Kai on earlier. Vokes could’ve started. I think we’ve got a good chance this season if we play like that. We might have created nish but we’ve got Josh Scowen and that counts for a lot. Unhinged response from me I know … but I saw enough today to suggest we have the fight and grit needed this season

  • Just got home to Wetherby via Bradford. A little disappointed with how we played in the final third,I think if Vokes had started with Hanlan we may of got something . Great goal to win the game. I didn't enjoy the atmosphere in the terrace today, it was a bit embarrassing calling the Dawson a peado, also booing a player who is injured is just not right and finally giving it to Wednesday fans regarding the support they have brought, especially when they have 3 times as many fans at home and possibly take double what we do away.

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    Have to say I completely agree. The terrace was unbearable today. The worst I’ve ever experienced. I can only hope it was full of first time ‘fans’

  • I agree his distribution isn't good enough. But this doesn't make him one of the worst goalkeepers in the division.

  • Tbh sitting in the Frank Adams I didn't hear any of that apart from the booing, terrace was so quiet, so heres hoping the Wednesday players didn't hear it either !

  • It’s like any player, if Max didn’t have certain flaws then he’d be playing at a higher level.

    I can see the argument that perhaps he could have done better with their shot, but he’s been very good in goal for us I think in general, commands his area, good reactions and has kept us in games.

    I think the distribution argument maybe gets exacerbated when we are so reliant on winning flick-ons, either if it’s Wheeler trying to win them behind the front line, or if Vokes is starting.

    It was a weakness on a day like today when we really weren’t able to get the ball up and hold it up in the final third for any length of time. But as I said elsewhere, I think we would have had more joy with Vokes starting today, Hanlan certainly put a shift in but the front three weren’t really co-ordinating well today - not helped by SWFC’s excellent anticipation in defence.

    I do think we were spoilt with Stockdale for distribution, but he wasn’t flawless either - no-one is.

    But I would think that of any keeper quality, distribution is perhaps the easiest to practice and improve?

  • Even by your standards that’s one of the strangest posts I have ever seen on here. Max has been one of the finds of the seasons.

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    I know fans love to label the current as either the best or the worst, but the truth like usual is Max is in between the two.

    And I'd suggest not particularly close to "worst" at all.

    To put Vokes and Hanlan's form down to our keeper is particularly odd.

    Hanlan for one thing spent most of the season injured.

  • Max passes short and accurately more than he kicks long (unless under great pressure when accuracy is a secondary consideration). His reflexes and positional sense are second to none and there are none braver in a one on one situation. I think he’s magnificent.

  • Max offers such confidence. Caught a couple of crosses at full stretch yesterday when other keepers (now playing at a higher level) might have ‘stayed at home’ on the line leading to who knows what. His kicking isn’t as good as his positional / shot stopping but yesterday he found Wheels out right most times when he went long (although I note he is looking for Taff short more and more) unfortunately the headed flick ons when achieved didn’t really put Mustard in (which I’m guessing was the plan) because, as others have said, the Wednesday defence was so well set up.

    We have done well to find him, although it must be a lonely old time for him with Harrison (who brought him in?) having gone, no replacement keeper coach, and just a couple of kids to practice with. Feels like we need to find that right fit keeper coach pronto if Max is to have his game fully rounded.

  • I couldn’t agree more Mr Micra. Max has proved to be a great signing, and for me the best we have had since Taylor. Some of the nonsenses on here about poor distribution is frankly daft. His confidence, positional sense, command of his area, bravery, shot stopping and catching is superb. I can cope with the odd misplaced kick, something that most keepers do anyway.

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    Max is a very good young keeper and came straight in when we had to rely on kids with little to nowt in proper coaching since. The idea he's worse than some of the goalies we've played against recently is ridiculous, or that he's somehow a big issue we'd need to consider replacing. He'll only get better in time, and we will when the team works out when to hit long and come short and how to set up properly.

    Good teams aren't now spooked by us playing decent football for 20 minutes instead of hoofing, they don't fall apart. That was a nice month or so but we need to be more flexible. The last half hour or so was very frustrating, Having reverted to sailing balls over Hanlans head Vokes came on and created two decent chances and then the balls started going short again, Kaikai made a good run and created a chance and that was the last time he got given the ball.

    Re: the terrace - Booing while players are down never a good look but think much of it was at the timewasting not that injured player. Wasn't great in there though, some people were moaning and overly frustrated from about the 3rd minute and not really helping shouting at Max after every pass. Weird how we used to have a song for most players but now it seems to mostly just be Hanlan, maybe another one down to Bayo, Matty etc clearing out.

  • Max's distribution is inconsistent - I wouldn't go as far as poor - and that does affect our initial build-up play, but I think his kicks have become a bit more predictable (and the wind would hardly have helped him in the second half yesterday). There's still plenty of work to be done - and I really would like to know if we've brought in a new goalkeeping coach (I would assume so, but nothing's been announced) - but calling him one of the worst in the league is talkSPORT-esque tripe.

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