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Match day thread: Sheffield Wednesday



  • GA said in a recent interview that David Waites was taking the goalkeeping sessions.

  • Max comes for balls that previous keepers haven't, he is a terrific shot stopper, his handling is first rate, and is the right side of mad. His distribution needs work for sure but I still think he is on a par with our past 2 keepers both of which were superb.

    A highlight for me yesterday was him chasing the ball out towards the corner flag following a mad couple of defensive minutes. He was miles away from me but I could almost hear him snarl like a rabid dog chasing after the ball. That ball was getting it. I like a mad keeper, they are supposed to be that way.

    I have no problems with us at that end of the pitch. Tafazoli made some errors for sure yesterday, but against a first rate attack (see also JJ). Grimmer again looked superb in that role. We have 2 excellent central defenders that will be available **************** so that's something to plan for. Our midfield is strong with Scowen the best midfielder in this league, assisted by Wing or anyone of 3 others. Our attack is just impotent against the better teams and teams no know how to manage us. Put 2 on Mehmeti and we don't adapt. Its that simple. Instead of the other attackers find the space created they keep where they are or worse go towards Mehmeti making it look like an u11's game with everyone cramped together. Hanlan never sort out any space at all yesterday and with his speed his main asset he was a waste. We need to coach that into players and prepare that all teams are going to swamp Anis so what will the others do. They seem surprised every week.

  • Max's short distribution always seems good. I think its' on the management team to adjust to his strengths and weaknesses. If they insist on him kicking it long when he's not good at it, that's not really his fault IMO.

    Sure, he could try and improve his kicking, but at his age and experience, having been practicing it every week for most of his life, he's probably not going to get much better than he is now.

  • So you're saying we should play out from the back...? 👀

  • I personally think Max has been a great signing ! He's strong and commanding, I love how he actually catches the ball rather than punching everything like a lot of keepers do now. Who cares if his kicking isn't always 100% ! He's in the team to keep the ball out of the net, which he seems pretty good at to me

  • Or just give it to Taff, Mawson and JJ if they are more suited to the Hoofing / Worldy heat seeking missile passing.

    Wonder if Goalies feel a bit weak if they let others take free kicks and Goal kicks.

  • When will we next see Alfie in a Wycombe shirt?

  • I just had to post on this. Max is an absolutely superb keeper, I agree completely with @MBS that he is the best keeper we’ve had since Martin Taylor. His positioning is absolutely flawless, he makes difficult saves look easy. In that sense, he strongly reminds me of the Liverpool keeper Alisson Becker. He comes for crosses, has great handling, and is a calming and commanding presence in goal. He is also excellent at 1 on 1’s.

    He is nowhere near prime age for a goalkeeper yet and I would bet anyone that he will play the majority of the remainder of his career at an absolute minimum in the Championship - it will be very soon (hopefully with us, but more likely with another club). I think his distribution with his feet and arms is actually very, very good. He is calm and composed with the ball at his feet and rarely looks flustered. He passes out to the defence and full backs intelligently and consistently. Let’s be honest, when most are talking about distribution, they are saying he can’t consistently pick out Wheeler or Vokes’ head from 80 yards away. Stockdale was an absolute master at that (but an inferior keeper generally. Not in his prime obviously but when with us). Playing at a higher level, that is not an attribute a keeper needs.

    @aloysius saying he’s the worst keeper in the league is frankly laughable and, for me anyway, confirms that his opinions are not really to be taken seriously any longer.

  • On Max's distribution - the groans from some in the terrace yesterday were ridiculous. Half the problem is that Max gets the ball, and very few players look like they want to receive it. The only option often is to punt it towards Wheeler, who may win the first header, but we rarely win the second ball. Some in the terrace yesterday shouting "kick it to JJ!" when he had two men on him summed it up.

  • Max is great. So brave and a fab shot stopper. Yesterday was windy with a short storm that blew though in the 15 minutes leading up to kick off.

    Max looked for Wheeler most of the first half when going long (sensible when no Vokes on the pitch) but he was as happy to play short to Taf and JJ.

    He also made a couple of cracking 1v1 saves in the match.

    it was great to see Wycombe playing football on the ground.

  • I like the way you phrased this - you make it sound like there was a period where my opinions were to be taken seriously; a former a giant of the message-board-punditry game but now ready to be put out to pasture.

    I'll also take your bet that he'll play the majority of his career at Championship-level at a minimum. Let's circle-back on that in fifteen years and see who's correct.

    Everyone's love for Max is entirely valid. I do note, however, that no-one has yet named a worse goalkeeper that we've played in the league this season.

  • I don't think anyone's that arsed tbh

  • No one’s named a better one either, therefore he must be both the best and worst goalkeeper in the league.

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    With all due respect to the position in his career he is currently, Dickinson could quite legitimately be branded worst keeper in league 1 - as he's still developing. But Max I'd not think is particularly close to the bottom end at all.

    But clearly we generally only see opposition keepers a couple of times a season, so how can you properly judge them all?

    Mawson we can quite easily say is either the best, or right up there with the best in the division, but other positions are always a bit more subjective aren't they?

  • Given the publicised possible sell-out and sub-arctic conditions, strange decision to deny those ticket holders, in the old stand, access to hot drinks yesterday...

    All well and good hyping the best match experience in the Football League but if you can't sell hot tea or coffee in winter, or autumn, or spring, then no wonder you're having to turn some home matches into an away match.

    Funky Elephant, however, sells some of the best food I've ever had at a sports event anywhere in the world...

  • edited January 2023

    They weren't denied access to hot drinks - they could use the kiosk in the terrace

  • Sub arctic?

  • this not about you is it

  • Just caught up, Max is an excellent League 1 keeper. Ok, his kicking isn’t the best but if it was better he’d be in the championship and we certainly would not have signed him on a free.

    Also are we are comparing his kicking to recent keepers I assume, such as Stockdale? If so, ridiculous, as he has played plenty of Championship and Premier League football as well as had an England call up.

    I am more confident when he is in goal than when we had Alsop. Stockdale cannot get a game these days.

    Max in 💪.

    The Polecat.

    He has turned our season around.


  • If we re-sign Pierre, he’ll sort the yobbos out (down Tesco) #announcepierre

  • Notable on Saturday was how rarely we won the second ball. Max's kicks regularly hit a Wycombe player but almost invariably Wednesday were far quicker and better positioned for the second balls. This is a bit of an ongoing problem with us and I wouldn't be at all surprised if Wednesday had picked up on it in analysis and made that the focus of their tactic. They were by far the best at it I've seen this season.

  • Which is a shame because we're usually so good on second balls. Not so much this season.

  • I'd say we won more or less every single one against Peterborough

  • Peterborough really didn't turn up though. Even I would have won the second ball against them.

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