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Match day thread: Sheffield Wednesday



  • I think Derby will win the league. Laugh all you like, they’re the best we’ve faced this season.

  • The bit about SW players saying we were one of the toughest sides they’d come up against seems a little generous to us, I can think of at least 5 times where we gifted the ball to SW or went backwards and put ourselves in awkward positions.

  • I think Hanlan was the wrong choice to start over Vokes today, I think we looked brighter when SV came on.

    Hard to call though as it’s not like we’ve been banging the goals in left, right and centre when Vokes has started.

  • Thought Vokes did well when he came on, no issues with him not starting but probably should have come on earlier, the amount of times we tried to hoof at him towards the end and fell short are a bit worrying tbh, Max's kicking is getting worse but he was not anywhere near alone.

  • Some of our more eloquent fans behind the goal really showed themselves up when their player was clearly in agony

  • One or two of their players weren't helping getting involved and should have been booked after going back for more after the ref had already moved them on once but you're not entirely wrong, was a bit odd in there today, little or no patience for anything or anyone and backseat coaches a plenty.

  • I thought they were taking to task the lot down the front spewing bile

  • Guy behind me 'guaranteed' that there was nothing wrong with him and he'll play in their next game

  • Yep... and people stilll have a go at Plymouth for doing that


  • The issue was surely the fact that they waved the stretcher on, shooed it back off, and then waved it back on again, having eaten up some more time.

  • They deserved the win, we didn’t do enough in the final third and the goal was superb.

  • Disappointing game with not a lot on it. One wonderful strike won it, and not a lot else of note.

    One to forget quite swiftly.

    At least Barnsley lost, but we need to put a run in soon as we're not helped by having played more than a few around us.

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    Lots more possession than usual today but it felt like we could have played for another hour and still not scored.

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    I love everything about GA except the continued refusal to make timely subs. Triple sub on 80 mins when 1-0 down? Why is he so reluctant to try and change a game? I am aware Vokes came on a little earlier, but we were crying out for some game changers.

    Besides that predictable problem, I thought we played well up to the final third, where we just could not find that final ball. Pity we didn't have players like Freeman and Kaikai to throw on.

  • I think we played okay without troubling their keeper. Scowan was superb and Max kept us in it. I think we’re better than the vast majority of sides in this league but today we needed to be playing at our best to get anything out of the game and we didn’t but we will put it right against the gas and the PNLs.

  • Not a bad performance today by any means, but we let ourselves down in the final third. That said Wednesday was absolutely superb in defence. Tend to agree with GA, they look potential champions to me. Whilst not in any way spectacular, I thought they were comfortably the best side I've seen us play against this season. Just so solid, we never looked remotely like breaking them down despite being on top for long periods.

    Scowen was outstanding for us, I thought he ran the game in midfield. Some other good performances also, but up front we were really off it today. Confident we'll put it right next week against Bristol Rovers.

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    Would be dreadful if we forced Barton to flounce off the pitch before full time like he did today in their 2-0 defeat to Accy.

  • What a knob


    ”He explained why he did not hang around, saying: "I’d just had enough. I thought ‘If I stay here, I’m asking for every decision, I’m not getting heard, I’ll end up swearing and they will end up sending me off’ because they were desperate to book me and send me off.

    "I thought if we are going to be treated this way by officials, I don’t want any part of the game. It’s just going to be moaning at the fourth official, who hasn’t got any clout at all and that leads to him calling the referee over and he gets after you.”

    well that’s all fine then

  • He'd be upfront with Jordan Rhodes in an XI I'd never like to see play against us again.

  • Agreed, he's usually on the bench when we play against his team, but he's just so limited, so has to rely on the niggly physical game.

  • A frustrating day highlighting our shortcomings in the final 3rd. Mehmeti was marshalled out the game. GMac made more missed passes today than in his whole season and Hanlan was pretty much anonymous possibly as a result.

    Whether the above were poor or were made to be poor is subjective.

    Kaikai added something. Freeman tidy as always. Vokes added a bit of muscle.

    Massive game Saturday followed by PNL. A defining period ?

  • Wednesday defended really well today. Felt like we weren't going to score unless they made a mistake and I don't think they made a serious mistake all game. Their goal was a wonder goal, though I wonder who was supposed to be marking their number 4 who scored.

    Overall we went toe to toe with a top team and came up a little short today. Fine margins and a draw would have been fair.

    Oh...and is 8,300 attendance our new 'sell out' capacity? I would have thought we could accommodate over 9,000?

  • Next 4 really, Rovers, Oxford, Vale and Derby.

    Really hope Mawson is back soon. It's been quite a while already, so as usual we have no idea if it's another week or that's him for the season.

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    I suspect the one who threw his vape on to the pitch towards the SW players from one of the back rows of the terrace could be in a spot of bother too.

  • I thought it was a bit of a tactical stalemate really. Neither team did a great deal in attack. Brilliant strike for the goal and once they got in front it was on us to find a way back into it. We never looked like doing so, which is quite disappointing at home. Can’t complain at the defat in the end.

    KaiKai had one really good run and cross but never saw the ball again after that. I feel pretty sorry for him to be honest. Hardly ever gets a look in but always seems to do well in brief cameos.

    I thought the ref was really poor and contributed to a dull game. Their number 4 should have been booked first half and was allowed to continually get away with fouls that broke up the game. Weak refereeing which fails to clampdown early on the dark arts often leads to a dreadful game in which the side ahead can wind the clock down.

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    A guy started a fb thread moaning about the conduct of some of the fans in the terrace.

    I recognise his name as being part of the main singing crew about a decade ago, who used to have a few "Interesting" songs themselves, and take over carriages on trains.

    Funny how times change!

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