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Fireworks and a sense of priorities

Ok I don’t want to be THAT guy but what the actual ???? are we doing having fireworks one week before Guy Fawkes and in daylight. Madness.

Literally burning money.

Suggestions. Give the cash to OneCanTrust. Give the cash to the Poppy Appeal. Spend the money on the toilets. Give staff a small pay rise so we can have more in the tea bars or bars. Knock a quid off the price of the pie, they will still be dear but not THAT dear.

or if you HAVE to do em do them when it’s dark.

Absolute stupidity

Rant over.



  • It was that slow realisation at the end of the first half onwards...hang on, it's way too light for these fire works!

    It was like someone had totally got their dates wrong with the clocks going back tomorrow.

    They probably didn't think about it next week, because no-one will be in the Frank Adams to get that view of them!

    Plus we don't have a game for a month after next week, after 4 in 2 weeks!

    So it all conspired really.

  • I wish I could say I'm sure they've learned their lesson after how utterly tinpot the fireworks made us look today (although they weren't much less tinpot after wins), but I'm not. They seem to think the fireworks can exist separately from the football and the result - which they can't.

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    In fairness, the only thing worse than what we did today, would have been choosing not to use them because we didn't win, after we'd spent the money on them and the staff to operate them!

  • Ridiculous waste of money. The Couhigs have done some great things for our club, but this is certainly not one of them.

  • A lot of the families and kids stayed in the stadium to watch.

    May not have been the best idea in daylight but if it helped the parents sell it to the kids to come down to the match today then I can deal with it.

    We don’t usually get 6200 as a mid table league 1 team against the likes of Morecambe since we’ve been in the football league so the club got something VERY right today.

    Those kids / families are our future and what makes us a little different to other clubs is how we want to try and make them feel when they attend. It might just make them come back.

    So I guess all in all just a reminder who the fireworks were for, along with Cinderalla, face painting, activity bags with golden tickets and tea cups in the car park.

  • Now what was utter dog shit was the sound levels of the bass player who could literally be heard by the Bill Turnbull Gantry yet not the singer from just outside the tent.

  • I've never understood fireworks anyway. Basically blowing up money in the sky, polluting the air - probably being let off by the same people that preach about pollution.

  • Also, scareing the shit out of all the wildlife and pets in the local area (people without animals fail to understand this)

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    I'm sure there are better ways to engage kids than by releasing thousands of pounds' worth of pollutive pyro into the air in broad daylight. What happened to relevant things like renovating the toilets? If that was my first time at the football, I'd never want to to go for a wee again.

  • Maybe slightly missed my point, being that when you say to your kids “do you want to go to (insert outing here) today, there is even going to be fireworks at the end”, this is often enough for the child to say yes and get excited.

    Once they are in the stadium, the fireworks are largely irrelevant. The kids won’t go to school next week telling teachers they saw fireworks, they will tell them and their friends they went to a football match in a real stadium.

    The rest is down to the regulars to create a good atmosphere and the players to put on a show so they want to come back.

  • And they say us gasroomers are a miserable bunch of old bastads moaning animatedly about a few fireworks and loud music over sorting toilets out 🤣

  • You wanted to try and get to the toilets at the Antelope across a packed dance floor and then experience the horrors of that room.

    Compared to that, Adams Park is like a palace!

  • Been there, done that. Only one word springs to mind: sticky.

  • So you're saying the club only has to claim that there'll be fireworks? ;)

  • On a more positive note, how great was it hearing hordes of kids chanting Wycombe, Wycombe, WYCOMBE, seemingly getting louder each time.

    Maybe we should bin the usual lot off and get them in full time?

  • Family fun day. Up for that (although we always seem to be sh1t on those days. Face painting brilliant. Meet a player bang on. Activity bags what a good idea. Giveaway tickets absolutely. Fireworks in daylight? I have no idea how much it cost but it’s bullshit. Fireworks in daylight people. Do I need to say it again? Save the money and give away more tickets or give the kid’s merchandise

  • I don't think engaging kids is an issue. If they like football, they will go to watch football. My son LOVES football, and LOVES going to Wycombe Wanderers.

    Unfortunately he also loves the £70 kit (home and away), the £9 burgers, and £3 drink that he barely touches.

    The day ends up costing me a fortune. How about "engaging" the adults that will have to take/pay for their kids. The interest from the kids that are genuinely interested will follow.


  • Club did a great job on family day, pre-match entertainment, attendance etc but whoever decided to let off fireworks in broad daylight, the day before British winter time, the week before we actually play in the dark on Bonfire Night must be as thick as mince.

    Thought Mr.Wing put another good shift in today.

    Everyone walking down Hillbottom Road - the consensus was the fireworks were a waste of money.

    Historically, the best fireworks displays are best held in the dark.

  • As you can see, this was a good few minutes into the display as the terrace had completely emptied along with the main stand and Morecambe players had come back out for a warm down.

  • Unless there's such thing as biodegradable fireworks containing harmless chemicals, it's just a very expensive form of ecocide as far as I'm concerned.

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    I’m really not trying to sell it. Just think people need to chill the fuck out tbh. It was for kids. Kids came. Kids watched. Kids stayed and watched. They might return.

    I personally won’t buy into the chemicals thing when many fans could make more of public transport or walking, fans smoking cigarettes or how just about the rest of High Wycombe seems to let off fireworks on a nightly basis for no apparent reason at all.

    Thinking about kids, good job Taf didn’t run any over as he drove into that main gates holding his Gro Pro in his right hand filming whilst driving. What a numpty thing to to that was.

  • I agree re. public transport and smoking but... Public transport links to AP aren't exactly great and quitting smoking is easier said than done. Not letting off fireworks, on the other hand, is extremely easy to do.

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    As for Taf, is it possible that he's a little too into the whole YouTube thing (yes, that was very stupid)?

  • Easy not to go on holiday and fly in a plane too. Not really sure how far you want to keep going mate.

  • I like the fireworks

    Got to agree about the toilets though. The ones in the family stand are absolutely appalling. It should be a source of embarrassment for an owner who stood up and said at the very first meeting we had with him "I might not be able to tell you who should be playing left back but shame on me if I can't provide decent food and clean toilets"

  • Can’t even blame the daylight pyro on a date mix up by the US owners. The clocks ‘fall back’ in two weeks on Nov 6th over there.

  • That is actually easy, yeah. But my main point was there was loads of stuff on for kids today, so why the need for fireworks? In broad daylight.

  • Let’s just agree we don’t see eye to eye on this one!

    Right, I’ve just watched the extended highlights and I’m off to the other thread to vent my anger!

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