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Football Cancelled



  • I think Watford Blue is right. Whilst I didn’t agree with postponing games I could understand why the decision was made as playing just 48 hours after the Queen’s death might have seemed insensitive to some people. However, I would hope that games go ahead as planned in midweek and next Saturday and I also believe that any tributes to HRH will be respectfully observed by the vast majority. Regarding Bill Turnbull, the club will most definitely be honouring his memory at a future home game.

  • Derby local rag on next Saturday’s game and whether it’ll be on:

    “Our guidance will stay the same," a DCMS* spokesman said. "There's no obligation to cancel as far as far as the government is concerned. But it's ultimately up to the Premier League and EFL to make those decisions."

    A spokesman for the Met Police added: "Whether matches go ahead is a matter for the football authorities. If fixtures do take place, the Met will work with the relevant partners and ensure that appropriate policing plans are in place."

    *Dept of Culture, Media and Sport

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    I didn't and don't agree with the postponing of all games and I am actually vehemently against the fact that any FA-backed children's football also had to follow the lead of professional games getting called off.

    However, having taken in some of the tv coverage yesterday of the proclamation, it did suddenly dawn on me that a sudden and utterly huge security operation would have been launched in and around London ensuring the events across the capital were safe and policed, on top of an increased number of travelers into the capital.

    With that in mind, and as other sports don't quite have the numbers that travel and support football teams and (sadly) seemingly require a police presence that follow some of that support, it is entirely feasible that there simply weren't the numbers available to police everything - certainly in London.

    I still don't agree all football should have been canceled, but I do understand why games in and around London needed/should have been canceled.

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    The National League I’ve given the go-ahead for football in their jurisdiction to go ahead from tomorrow. The EFL have yet to confirm the football goes ahead in mid week that’s why I said Tuesdays game if it’s on

    i’m really fail to see Why shouldn’t but then again we are dealing with the EFL here

  • The quote came from The Metro Newspaper via MSN news. My concern was about the supposed reason for the cancellation not just the fact that it happened.

  • The decision to cancel was a judgement call. I'm torn on whether it was right or not, but I suspect my heart would not have been fully engaged in the Vale game had it taken place. The events taking place elsewhere are absorbing. Today's modern communication has allowed us to witness from a front row seat centuries old procedures and protocols which may seem bonkers to most, but which I have found both fascinating and informative. The monarchy may look unnecessary and awkward to some but I'm all for it and long may it continue. Long live the King!!

  • I would imagine Tuesday night‘s games will go ahead but as of now the EFL have yet to officially confirm this. Source BBC

  • Why would they need to confirm it? It was only the weekend's games which were called off; football isn't suspended until further notice!

  • To quote the BBC

    ” mid week games are expected to go ahead but the EFL has yet to issue a statement”

    we are dealing with the EFL here who knows what’s going through their collective heads.

    having said that I sincerely hope you are right

  • In fairness to the EFL, it was the FA's decision.

  • I bow to your greater knowledge on this matter.

    Perhaps it is confusing because the National League have issued a statement today saying their games are definitely going ahead so I assumed it was down to individual leagues.

    makes sense though that it was the FA who put in the blanket ban at the weekend

  • I guess some clarification from the EFL wouldn't hurt, but I think we all know how likely that is!

  • I'm a republican I have to say I've found it fascinating too. I think it's hard not to.

  • The proclamation ceremony yesterday was fascinating to watch and TV coverage generally of the day’s events made very interesting viewing - so much so that my disappointment at missing a match I’d really been looking forward to soon evaporated.

    It was good to hear that @ReturnToSenda, an avowed republican, reacted similarly; I’d like to think that was the general consensus.

    Really looking forward to Tuesday’s match. Let’s hope we well and truly lay the bogey that is Accrington Stanley on a Tuesday evening !

  • Think I may be misreading the room here, but what have the MET Police got to do with the decision as to whether the Derby v Wycombe game is on or off?

    As for the Monarchy, love or loath the institution, there is no doubt that it is a major tourist attraction for the majority of the rest of the world.

    On a personal level, I really think that the extended "Royal families" are given too much space on the top table of privileges. HM Queen Elizabeth 2 was amazing & more than served her country well.

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    I think the EFL, Premier League & FA are all trying to sort themselves out with the Met over their fixtures. I believe that all the games that fall in the Met Police area will be switched to away fixtures as their officers are currently too busy focusing on the events that have just happened & planning for next Monday. London is very soon going to have a number of different world leaders arriving and with the world watching will not want any security risks. I know that the Met police have already cancelled all the officers' leave & those bordering the Mets area like Thames Valley are on stand-by to loan their officers too.

    This is all because of 2 things nationally. 1) The standard of stewarting is not up to scratch and needs to be addressed ASAP (just look at EURO2020 Final) & 2) Fan's behaviour has evolved since before lock-down and some struggle with the right & wrong boundary in & around the stadium

  • Fairly sure someone tweeted earlier that this wasn't at the polices request but the FA. Would be TVP/Derbyshire I believe. If anything the Met might be more concerned about things kicking off over them accidentally killing someone and asking questions after again.

    Postponement was a 50/50 call which sounds like the wrong one to many football fans but probably doesn't to others, certain people on here were suggesting it should have been taken way in advance and there was no need to even have a meeting so the hindsight, based mainly on what other governing bodies decided to do isn't wonderfully helpful. On to Tuesday night and hopefully a fairly early ruling on Saturday.

    Our good friends at Avanti West Coast also seem to be doing their best to be unhelpful again.

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    Obviously hoping that the game on Saturday takes place.

    with the National League and presumably below back in action there will be plenty of local games to attend if the game is regrettably off.

  • If they were really worried about people booing, surely they'd go for a minute's applause over a minute's silence?

  • For what it is worth I think tomorrow's game feels right to hold ahead but I'd be happier if next Saturday is cancelled.

    Went to the golf at Wentworth on Saturday and after a very well respected silence in the morning the crowd behaviour went well beyond that respect once the beer kicked in mid afternoon. From then on it just felt wrong.

    Post covid and in a social media age where every view has oxygen I just feel that a general level of respect for our Monarchy cannot be left to the people to police. The for or against shouldn't trample the middle ground.

  • Is anyone likely to boo this?

    The main source of pre-game booing comes from the anti-BLM people. I think they’ll be ok with this particular intrusion into sport.

  • In a free country, shouldn't people be allowed to be disrespectful if they so choose? It wouldn't be something I agree with, but unless there is a threat to public order (which I accept in some circumstances is possible), so what?

  • I really hope that the headlines over the next few days reflect a respectful observance of silence around the ground.

    The recent fashion off booing the national anthem (fans) refusing to sing the anthem (players) is tiresome. I don't really have a problem with people with republican views declining to sing an anthem etc but to 'protest' just is wrong I'm afraid. I know over the past few days some people have thought they would present themselves as 'edgy' or 'dangerous' or 'rebellious' by expressing counter views and that's fine - there's just a time and a place and sometimes a consequence.

  • I guess it depends what form the disrespect takes. Not standing for the national anthem could be seen as disrespectful but probably wouldn't provoke much reaction - whereas booing a minute's silence, especially one for the Queen, could spark some disorder.

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    The moment you start telling people when and where to protest (I think how to protest is a slightly different matter as that can stray into obscenity), you're into very dangerous territory. We've already seen hints of that with the new policing bill.

  • I agree with your first para. I get the impression there won’t be many games happening in or near London.

  • With the "feeling" between the sides, would Derby-Wycombe be one of those the police could do without next weekend?

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