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Football Cancelled

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I just read this. What a sad state of affairs:-

"The decision to postpone all football in the United Kingdom this weekend was partly motivated by fears that fans would not universally respect tributes to the Queen, according to reports."

Would that have happened?



  • Are you King Charles, @wingnut ?

  • For once I thought football had surpringly taken the moral high ground. However, the fact that cricket but particularly Rugby Union went ahead makes me think that the senior civil servants who pushed this think football fans are “the wrong sort” compared to Rugby Union fans.

    With William, now Prince of Wales, being so involved with the F.A., I thought it was a good gesture by the football authorities. However, the cancellation of things like football coaching on Sunday morning for u-10s is taking it too far.

  • Personally I have a view that football being historically played & watched by the working class was cancelled, whereas rugby & cricket being gentlemen's games were not.

    The cancellation of the Sport of Kings somewhat puts a hole in my theory though.

  • Football made the right decision. Rugby did not. I guess the logistics of test cricket made a three day postponement impossible.

  • They’re doing their best to wrap up the Test match in two days.

  • It seemed something worth discussing if that might be the reason.

    If the FA confirm then I will believe it.

  • We proles are not to be trusted.

  • The intervention was an unwarranted intrusion into the lives of the footballing community whatever the motive . If it was a measure to prevent anyone from expressing themselves lawfully but outside of the zeitgeist, is that acceptable? To me it is the sort of action the an authoritarian regime would take, not a liberal democracy. I just took itas an early bid by the decision makers to get themselves noticed by the honours committee, the BBC nobs are doing likewise.

    I spent the day running a fair in Thame and there were people out in black and others in summer dress, nobody prevented from congregating in small or large groups, all just carrying on. I suspect that had football taken place, the players would have played and the spectators would have watched, beer may have been consumed before/after. Had we had lost Wanderers82 under his new guise would have laid bare our inadequacies and yes, a few unknown people who the state normally doesn’t trouble themselves much over may have been less deferential than was to the taste of some others, big deal.

  • Not sure why you blame ‘the state’ as it was the EFL’s decision and it was made perfectly clear that postponing events was a choice for the individual sporting bodies and not obligatory.

  • Not sure why you think I blamed the state. Maybe you should read what I said more carefully.

  • Possibly because you specifically mention "the state" in what you spieled out above?

  • Maybe you should re-read what you wrote more carefully: ‘people who the state normally doesn’t trouble themselves much over….’ You also made reference to: ‘the sort of action an authoritarian regime would take…’. You can blame the government for many things but not the postponement of football matches, as witnessed by rugby and cricket carrying on as normal.

  • I put it down as an early bid my the decision makers to get on the gong list, you then take something else I said further on and conflated it to your own strange ends. If you want to discuss whether or not the weekend of football should have been called off, be my guest. Go troll someone else.

  • Troll? I thought this was a forum for discussion not a branch of twittersphere. If I am mistaken in the belief that you inferred the decision to postpone games was taken by the government then I apologise. If I was correct in that assumption then I was right to point out you were mistaken.

  • Ed_Ed_
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    It is an internet forum for discussion and I was proffering my assumption that the decision makers had an eye on future gifts, I also discussed the wrong it would constitute if the theory proposed further up that someone in the civil service had pushed the FA somehow. That you chose to sideline the matter at hand and instead pick something out of context to get obsessed with were the actions of a troll. If I was mistaken in the belief that you were trolling me, I apologise. If I was correct in that assumption then I was right to point it out.

  • Ps - I don’t know what you are on about with the twittersphere, I rarely post anything short enough for that medium and I can’t think of anything else that you might mean, do please explain.

  • The dictionary definition of trolling is: ‘to post inflammatory, inappropriate, controversial, or polarizing messages on (the internet) for the purpose of cultivating animosity.’ I don’t believe I was guilty of any of those things so we shall just have to agree to disagree and leave it at that.

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    Firstly glasshalfull Was absolutely right it was a decision by the football authorities not the government.

    I strongly disagree with the decision to call the fixtures off to the extreme that apparently even small children couldn’t have football practice

    Other sports such as both codes of rugby and cricket continued with due deference and ceremony during their games

    which is more respectful ? Paying our respects as a footballing family or having empty stadiums?

    of course tradition was mentioned however it’s not tradition as the last two deaths of monarchs in this country did not result in postponements the following Saturday Also the state funeral of Winston Churchill took place on a Saturday morning with a full fixture list on the Saturday afternoon

    it’s concerning as mentioned earlier that the footballing authorities allegedly decided that “our sort”Cannot be trusted to behave themselves on such occasions which I find insulting

    There is talk at the moment that possibly the mid week fixtures and even next Saturday’s fixtures may not go ahead which is just piling insult upon insult

    if they are afraid that there is going to be some bad behaviour at football matches I therefore suggest that we cancel all football permanently ! I personally put faith in the overwhelming majority of football fans to observe a minute silence as they do on many occasions and either sing the national anthem if it is played or remain silent during its playing

    We had enough of not watching a football when we had the lockdowns and at least we could understand the reason for that

    not withstanding the cost to clubs and supporters because of these cancellations. Inevitably the Saturday games will have to be played mid week with the resulting drop in revenue.

    Once again the men in suits who run football demonstrate how out of touch they are with the grassroots supporter

  • Ed_Ed_
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    you intervened in a discussion by taking part of a post out of context and turning the post’s meaning up on end, since which you have lectured me on the purpose of an internet forum being about having a discussion whilst simultaneously refusing further invitations to enter into the discussion, choosing instead to continue with a fruitless side quest even after an exchange of insincere apologies which should have been an end to it.

  • Also, you haven’t explained what you meant about the twittersphere - In the face of ambiguity I am asking, see how that might be an amicable course of action?

  • I think the matter of concern here is game is being cancelled.

    I think the matter of concern here is games being cancelled.

    I can fully understand That some matches in London may have to be cancelled at the weekend due to police resourcing issues with the funeral taking place there on Monday.

    When I see our game at Derby may now be in doubt I am getting more puzzled an angry as far as I know the funeral is taking place in London not Derby

  • I agree entirely with what you say, those in charge of football got it wrong in my view.

    What we have learnt from today's events, if nothing else, witnessed via TV from Scotland is that many thousands of people can be trusted to gather together collectively and pay their respects to Her Majesty.

    Some clapped, some were silent, some threw flowers - which they had specifically been asked not to - but there was no problem with any of it. Some people may have chosen to stay away and remember her privately while others may have wanted nothing to do with it at all.

    Some of those there might even have been football supporters!

  • An excellent thread, this

  • It looks like those who would have gone to Saturday's game missed an opportunity to show respect at Adams Park - on a day when flags were being raised to proclaim and greet the new King. I would be certain that at Adams Park there would have been a moving a respectful occasion with appropriate silences and as both sets of fans sang "God Save the King" followed by the football with varying amounts depending on how the game went.

    The decision not to play any football games in England does in retrospect look like a mis-step by those who took the decision. I reckon it is simplifying matters a little to say it was the EFL that took that decision, because as I remember it the decision was first announced that there would be no football in Northern Ireland, where I can see a logic to the wish to prevent crowd trouble at games and singing the National Anthem might be a touchstone for unwanted feelings; that decision was shortly followed by a joint decision by the EFL and the Premier League. I think that is evidence that there was some degree of co-ordination.

    I was a bit cross and disappointed on Friday but now I am just a bit sad about it. I have realised that some people have great depth of feeling about the momentousness symbolism of the occasion and great respect for the grace and dediciation which the Queen gave to her role. I also realise that some decisions ended up being made without the amount of planning the the BBC have devoted to the matter.

    I believe that there is one thing that we are pretty nearly all agreed on, that if our game had taken place, nothing disrespectful would have occurred.

  • I sincerely hope that those in charge are using their time wisely in making plans for how football is going to mark its respect when games finally resumes.

    Or maybe they haven't thought that far ahead yet .....

  • Not quite sure why there's so much vitriol. EFL decided to cancel games as a mark of respect. Not sure I agree but it was an understandable decision.

    I'm certain football fans would have been respectful. The Queen (if not the whole Royal family and the institution itself) I think was pretty well universally respected.

    I've been away but the brief pre-match clip I saw of the Man U Real Sociedad game seemed to show the minutes silence being well observed. Danny Baker tweeted saying that that match should have been postponed. Disagreed with him about that in light of huge inconvenience to the travelling fans.

    Couple of side notes:

    It was sad we weren't able to give Bill Turnbull a proper tribute and I hope we can do this at a separate match.

    One of the most moving events I've ever attended was the Watford Wycombe game after Diana's funeral that Elton John attended.

  • I would imagine the tribute to Bill Turnbull would go ahead on a Saturday home game when his family are able to attend.

    Assuming our game goes ahead on Tuesday I would imagine we would be marking the passing of the Queen on that evening which would leave the Plymouth home game or a subsequent Saturday home game open for the tribute to Bill.

  • "Assuming our game goes ahead on Tuesday"

    It is!

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    (Cue thought-to-be dormant volcano erupting in Sands)

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