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Match day thread: Barnsley



  • edited August 2022

    As traditional as Horgan coming off after 60 minutes, no doubt Nick Freeman be back on the bench on Saturday! 😊

  • I've always used "lob" specifically when the ball is already off the ground when it is struck.

    I'd describe what Gape did on Saturday as a chip. As in, he's chipped the keeper from 40 odd yards.

  • In his post match interview Gape said Barnsley's keeper had been spotted as playing a very high line and he'd been told to look for the chance, which Grimmer screaming 'Yes Gapey' before he kicks it makes it looked planed.

  • Grimmer screams that because he's in loads of space and wants the ball!

    It's hard to be sure on the clip, but it looks a bit like Grimmer does a brief expression of being disappointed Gape shoots, as he's bust a gut to storm into space, and doesn't get it.

  • I think Grimmer was screaming for a pass cause he was wide and in lots of space!

  • I actually think all three of those goals wouldn’t have looked out of place in the top 5 last weekend.

    i was baffled quite how Mehmeti* scored when I watched it live and having watched it a fair few times since I’m pretty much none the wiser as to how he did.

    *Must confess I had no idea who had actually scored at the time and had to ask people around me

  • The keeper playing high was something which had specifically been highlighted, as Gape said in his post match interview. Although it wasn't clear whether it was in relation to taking long shots or something else.

    Anyway Gape clearly has a look to check on the keepers position before recieving the knock back from Wheeler and, as he says, he decides to give it a try as the ball sits nicely.

    All credit to the analytical team for spotting the keepers tactic, and to Gape for taking it on board and the exceptional execution of the lifted shot.

  • Gape's goal was like holing out with a pitching wedge. Beautiful!

  • Yeah that was special - the side of Josh Scowen that goes massively underrated

  • Gape somehow did not win goal of the month for his 45 yard effort. Incredible.

  • They are pointless awards, invariably won by the player from the the side with the most supporters. Absolute waste of time

  • I think an Exeter player won.

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