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Match day thread: Exeter



  • He means it is a physical game - not for the weak. He never said that women can't or shouldn't play it.

    The implication, even in the way you’ve written it, is that man = strong, therefore by exclusion women are weak. If the game is not for the weak, it’s not for women.

  • All these comments about men's football being a man's game are absolutely irrelevant. He is saying that the football being physical and free flowing makes it a man's game. That has f all to do with it being a man's game. Anyone of any gender can play football like that. He meant that physical and free flowing football are masculine attributes which just isn't true. Calling a game that is played by men a man's game if he didn't mean it like that is like saying that Liverpool are a team of Liverpool players, a completely pointless comment.

  • I get that...but he didn't exclude women. Its just a term to "toughen up". If anything, aimed at kids!

  • I certainly don’t think Souness was comparing men vs women.

    It was more a case of comparing men vs boys - suggesting that the premier league of recent years had been played by a bunch of play-acting ‘boys’.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve loved how games have been refereed so far in the PL this season. It’s been a much better watch because of it.

  • I remember watching Saudi Arabia vs Netherlands on ITV during USA 94 World Cup.

    Matt Lorenzo was generally the anchor but this late night game was hosted by Tony Francis, who proceeded to make all sorts of off-colour comments, including (after reports of traffic around the stadium) the Saudis ‘arriving on their magic carpets’.

  • Maybe I was watching something different. We were not that bad. Just out of form, sloppy passes and defending. Otherwise locked positive going forward. Second half marked improvement. End of the day when you miss 7 senior pros and fill a bench of returned injured players / academy grads we signed then don't expect first class results. get behind the team and stop moaning.

  • I think we can still be "behind the team" while conducting a post-mortem on what went wrong after any given defeat. I would guess that the post-defeat threads are actually longer, as it is more interesting to try and figure out the issues behind a defeat than comment on how everything went right after a win.

    One thing I believe is that everybody who posts on here loves the club and supports the team - we also all invest some form and combination of time and money into the club one way or another. Losing is disappointing, and all the more disappointing when there seems to be clear, avoidable reasons (as to opposed to the other team simply being far superior in every way). These reasons will naturally generate debate, and having this debate is perfectly reasonable.

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  • I figured as much. We sometimes need an irony claxon as well as a Plan B claxon!

  • Is it claxon or klaxon?

  • All this talk of c/klaxons is making me think of Dale Winton

  • The irony of @ReturnToSenda getting thumbs down for being ironic, and then not appreciating the ironic thumbs down (or maybe you did and I missed the irony of the ffs?).

  • The new "Is that a threat?" is "Is that ironic?"

  • That was a shocking performance tonight and we looked disorganised, unfit and lacking experience and leadership. Let’s not get too ahead of ourselves though, if we have everyone fit and bring in a first choice keeper we’ve got a good side. Add a keeper, McCarthy, Tafazolli, Obita, Thompson and Vokes into the side and we’re probably top 10 at least. For me, the areas of concern:

    Goalkeeper - a lot of people have danced around this but Tyla is just not ready to be a first choice keeper. I was happy to give him a chance and gain some experience but he’s not good enough at the moment. As much as some want to label it hyperbole, goalkeepers do set the tone for a team defensively and we have been a shambles at the back in both of our away games and for the very little defending we had to do against Shrewsbury. Have the defenders lost ability or has something else changed? We’ve let in 8 goals from 12 shots on target this season. A really good keeper makes saves you wouldn’t expect them to make. In 5 games, Tyla has not make any saves I wouldn’t expect any professional goalkeeper to make. I really like Tyla and think he has potential, I think he has a good aura about him and he is decent with his feet, but I think he needs a season as a number 1 in non-league to get his experience and confidence up before really challenges to be a professional number 1.

    Centre Back - we have been light at least one centre back for over a year now. We tried very hard, including bidding a fee, to sign Lavelle from Morecambe last season so we obviously felt it was an issue then. Chris Forino has come through and did offset that issue to a degree, but he is still a young lad and cannot be expected to be consistent. He had a poor game today but has generally been excellent. I think he has an absolutely massive future in the game and I genuinely could not imagine us having a better young central defender, in the air, on the ground, or physically, but he is still rightly learning the game. This Summer we have lost Anthony Stewart and have only just replaced him - well worth the wait by getting Mawson in, but it’ll take a bit of time to get him up to speed (but some of his passing today was different class). I am really surprised we haven’t got another specialist CB option in on a free this summer. Wakely is nowhere near League 1 standard and I’d love to have seen Aaron Pierre back in on a free.

    Back up striker - our general game plan with Sam Vokes is to play quite direct into the final third and then play the ball around from there. A really effective game plan, but currently in the squad we have no option to without Vokes. Mellor looks a decent prospect but it more a tricky winger, wide player, number 10. Al Hamadi looked decent for a few minutes today and has some potential but today equally showed in the air was not a strength. Ditto for De Barr. Hanlan is a cracking player but is genuinely poor in the air. David Wheeler is not a striker generally, although he did score a cracker today. If we really saw him as that, he wouldn’t have started at right back for the first two games. So we need a back up for Sam Vokes. Bayo was perfect for a few minutes here and there but we could do with someone in that mould of player - obviously he won’t be Bayo, but just as an alternative option.

    JJ - I was personally happy for JJ to extend for this year but felt he was best used as an understudy for Obita. I’m really concerned how much he is playing instead of Obita, and his performances have been quite poor recently. Obita was also poor, particularly against Bolton, but I feel he needs a few games to bed in again and will be the better bet medium to long term.

    Injuries - the sheer number of injuries cannot be a coincidence surely. I would say injuries wise we have always suffered more than our fair share under Gareth, probably due to the demands we place on the players physically, but this seems to be unprecedented this season. I wonder if this is just a result of the style of play/training methods and we just need to accept the rough (injuries) with the smooth (the generally excellent, high energy, performances) but it is frustrating.

    Hopefully in the coming weeks we can address a lot of the above and start to climb the table - generally I think we need to stick with the players and Gareth and we’ll get it right in time.

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