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Match day thread: Bristol City



  • Swann’s boys comprehensively overhauled!

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  • I think I'm going to keep watching the last few minutes over and over again. Although, tbf, I was shouting at Stockdale to get the f**k back into his goal.

  • Bristol got what they deserved, time wasting for the entire 2nd half. So happy that Bayo scored, one happy wanderer in Leeds

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  • Amazing! Brilliant moments there at the end.
    Stockdate winning the pen. Bayo pointing to Jacobsen after scoring. Seeing how much it meant to them all. So proud of the players and staff, I really hope they know what a special group they are.

  • Does this sort of thing happen at other clubs or is it just us?

  • Bayo for top scorer of the season now?

  • A day for the history books. So, so pleased for Bayo - what a bloody legend.

  • No words.

    Good night all

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  • We may still go down, but Bayo scoring and the rest of the squad ambushing him at the end is almost equal to the Wembley win for me... beautiful moment

  • The most unbelievable thing of all? We had 51% possession!

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  • @floyd said:
    Does this sort of thing happen at other clubs or is it just us?

    Once a decade rather than several times a season.

  • Unbelievable spirit and sheer determination got us back into that game. Bayo scoring his first goal in Divisiom 2/The Championship with a last minute winner from the spot was almost the sort thing that only the most corny of scriptwriters would have dreamt of committing to paper. If we keep believing and keep battling like crazy, who knows how the season might end for us.

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  • We had no chance at Lincoln and Torquay either, as i keep trying not to tell myself.

  • In a way it would have been nice for Stockdale to have slotted it away but the dream is still alive. Bayo hat trick at Cardiff?

  • I think I deafened the neighbours with the shout. What a team. What a club. What a gasroom tonight.

  • No matter what, we are alive with three games to go, and that is some achievement. Trying not to think about Luton and Swansea!

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  • That was an utterly perfect finish that was.
    Who scripts these things?!?

    Keeper having a half volley in the 92nd min handled for a pen.

    Bayo steps up, pressure of knowing if he misses we're very close to down.

    Would have taken the roof off if we were in there.

    Hard not to think about the points lost in the previous 2 games, but 3 games left, 6 points from safety....who knows.
    But we should be able to take it to the 45th game at least now.

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  • @TheOldMan said:
    I love the whole ‘keeper goes up to join the attack at a corner’ thing, just for the sheer entertainment value, but when it actually comes off and results in a 93rd minute winner, well......

    It’s always one of the most enjoyable things in football, but when it actually leads to a 93rd minute winner from your 38 year old club legend scoring his first ever goal in the second tier, that only happens at Wycombe.

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  • So proud of the team. After some of the setbacks to be still in with a chance to not only survive but to relegate Derby is all I can ask! Games in hand are not always points.! Super league my arse!

  • Didn't see us taking it to the last few games when we lost 7/7 and won 1/10.
    But we are doing.


    A win at the weekend and other results going well, and it'll be an incredible finish to the season

  • I'm genuinely quite emotional after that.

    Just wonderful scenes

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  • edited April 21

    Not only all three points, but our first game with the majority of possession since Christ knows when

  • It is bittersweet, as the more points we get, the fewer things had to go differently for us to be safe. But so proud no matter what!

  • Mickey Bell, your boys took one hell of a beating.

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  • We’re 7th in the form table

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  • Bold prediction: If we pull off the great escape, we are staying up next season too.

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    Wow...Bayo was soooo cool with that pen...winked at the keeper first...then scored!

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  • Allsop would never have been there to win that penalty :wink:

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    Unbelievable stuff! Payback time for Wembley 2015!

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  • @NewburyWanderer said:
    Unbelievable stuff! Payback time for Wembley 2015!

    The night after Southend's relegation all but confirmed, too. Football has some swings and roundabouts!

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