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Gasroom General Election poll

As requested on the politics thread - a poll that you are free to ignore...

The Gasroom 2024 General Election opinion poll
  1. Whose getting your vote on 4 July 2024?101 votes
    1. Conservative Party
    2. Labour Party
    3. Scottish National Party
    4. Liberal Democrats
    5. Democratic Unionists Party (DUP)
    6. Sinn Féin
    7. Plaid Cymru
    8. Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)
    9. Alba Party
    10. Green Party
    11. Alliance Party of Northern Ireland
    12. Reform UK
    13. Workers Party of Britain
    14. Independent / other
    15. None of the above


  • I wonder how many among the Gasroom faithful will be voting tactically rather than for their normal first-choice party this time round?

  • Have you forgotten the SDP or confused them with the SDLP? They’d get my vote if they were running where I vote.

  • Rod Liddle's mob?

    yuk, he's one of the vilest characters in public life

  • Where's Count Binface or the Monster Raving Loonies?

  • Voting Labour tactically - more of a Lib Dem really although have voted Green and Independent in other elections.

  • I'm the opposite of Dev - would've voted Labour but voting LD as they're the realistic choice to beat the Tories where I live. I suspect that tactical voting is going to be the overwhelming story after this election.

  • I'd put myself somewhere between Labour, Lib Dem and Green but will vote for whoever of those is most likely to beat the Tories, which where I live seems to be Lib Dem, though Labour are trying to convince people they're best placed. It's a new constituency so depends which data you believe.

  • Not looking great for the Tories currently

  • On 22 October 2022, the Social Democratic Party announced a general election pact with the right-wing Reform UK. The deal includes both parties standing aside for each other in certain constituencies and both parties standing under a joint branding of "Reform UK & The Social Democratic Party (SDP)"

  • Bicester and Woodstock. Where I live had previously been in Oxford West and Abingdon, which is a relatively safe Lib Dem seat

  • edited July 2

    There are a couple of Farages in our midst...

  • This sums me up too. LibDems best placed in Beaconsfield to oust Joy Morrissey, which would be lovely. The LibDem candidate is a very good local parish councillor so bonus of potentially getting someone good as well as it just being someone to get rid of a Tory.

  • I just hope people actually get out & vote and are not fooled by the nonsense from the Tories about how it is a foregone conclusion (it sort of is but that's not the point)

  • I would love to see it but can’t see the Conservatives losing Beaconsfield.

  • Electoral calculus have chances of winning Beaconsfield 52% Tory 45% Lib Dem. They think there will be a 1.3% gap between them with 13.2% wasting their vote in that constituency voting Labour. Tactical voting remains essential.

  • Have to vote lib dem in my home of chinnor if the plan is to keep out a tory mp

  • Voting Lib Dem. Supporting a Labour government taking over.

  • Was my suggestion, so thank you kindly for obliging.

    I just thought it would be interesting to see how our peers on here are expecting to vote, and to see how we as a selective demographic vote compared to the national results

  • ‘Rod Liddle’s mob,’ did make me chuckle.

  • Lib Dem here for Chinnor too.

    Even 5 years ago, the idea of Henley constituency not being held by a Tory would be insane. Shows how bad they’ve been.

  • Social Democratic and Labour Party is a Northern Ireland based party, as are the DUP, Alliance, Sinn Fein and a few other parties such as UUP and TUV not listed. Not every party will even stand in all of the 18 constituencies here.

    Including the regional parties doesn’t really give a true picture of the Gasroom as I suspect I’m the only NI based Chairboy and few in Wales and Scotland, so not really able to gauge true regional feeling.

  • Reform also announced a joining of forces with the TUV in Northern Ireland - until Farage took over from Tice. Farage then personally endorsed 2 DUP (one of them my current MP!!) candidates. The other one is running against the leader of the TUV, so you have the laughable situation of TUV distributing leaflets with Reform branding despite now having their leader being campaigned against by Reform. YCMIU

  • I can’t recall ever having voted for Labour before but, notwithstanding considerable reservations about their ability to cope with the gargantuan task of rebuilding broken Britain, to do so now seems the only realistic option.

  • Best we can hope for is a repeat of 1997. Some good music for a few years and then it all turns to shit again.

    Wet Leg. Your time has come.

  • It seems like there is so much wrong in the world and our Country at the moment that it'll take the next Government much more than 4yrs to fix and sort out. Promises like more teachers, more nurses & more doctors/GP's are all empty in my mind. Teachers take 4 yrs to qualify (3 yr degree & 1 yr teacher training), Nurses take a minimum of 3yrs, longer if they become a specialist & doctors take a minimum of 5yrs, GP's take 7 or 8yrs of training. None of these shortages will be fixed over night unless big changes happen which bring about their own set of risks!

    I still don't know who I'm going to vote for, I'm in the Aylesbury & Villages area and they are all going around the same circles here. I've not seen anything from the Lib Dem candidate but have several different Labour & Tory leaflets through the door. Any other candidate haven't even bothered / can't afford it

  • Interesting poll and if this reflects what much of England will be voting, then the Tories will pretty much be wiped out.

  • Surprised we've got more swivel-eyes than yogurt weavers.

  • If you don't know who to vote for, just remember to put a big "X" against the person you don't want and the people counting the votes will def know that you don't want them

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