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Mansfield home game moved

I know i'm in the minority, but i'm seriously disappointed that we've decided to kick off at 3pm on Good Friday. Especially after a number of supporters complained about this last year.



  • What's the problem with that?

  • It's a fairly significant moment in the religious calendar isn't it? I know there's people who won't attend the game because of it, and those people made representations to the club about it last year. They seem to have been ignored completely.

  • That weekend is reserved for international friendlies (there's no Premier or Championship games) so it's quite likely England will be playing on the Saturday. Even if a few religious people stay at home (or go the church?) I would expect a bigger crowd on Friday than the Saturday, and it gives us an extra day of rest before the next game. Moving the game has more positives than negatives. (In any case, the supposed biblical reference to 3pm Good Friday is just one of many interpretation of the references to the time of the crucifiction)

  • I think the era of sport doffing its cap the church is long gone. Anyway, you could pretty much play a match at any time of the week and offend someone's tradition / superstition (followers of the Monsoon cult will attest to this).

  • A significant number did not complain. One or two very vocal God botherers kicked up a disproportionate stink on the Gasroom.

  • The concerns of a relatively small number of people could in this instance be met by a more diplomatic kick-off time without seriously impacting on the majority. That's a healthy approach to community relations.

  • I'd rather the kick off was at 3pm.

  • @bill_stickers a number of people raised it with the club. We can all draw our own conclusions Over the validity of those complaints, but we can agree it's a shame they've been apparently ignored.

  • I don't agree. They might not have been ignored, they might have been considered and just not been seen as significant enough to warrant changing the kick off time. Which is a decision is agree with.

  • @floyd not having their request granted does not necessarily equal being ignored does it?

  • Not sure why it can't kick off at say 4 or 5pm?

  • Not having any faith personally, this is a hard one to judge. But surely if playing at 3pm offends 5% of the crowd and moving kickoff to 315 keeps them happy and makes no difference to the other 95%, why would you not keep all 100% happy?

  • How cruel of your God to orchestrate the KO time clashing with your church ceremony.

    As omnipotent creator of everything, your beef is with him, not WW.

  • @eric_plant Perhaps, but 'considered and denied' isn't much better is it? Especially considering we've done it in the past, our April 2000 game against Notts Co. kicked off at 3.10.

    I think @DevC has hit the nail on the head.

  • Oh dear @bill_stickers!

    It won't actually be 3pm where i am when the game kicks off, and since i won't be there, i haven't made any contact with the club about it, but i expect that those who did last year will be rightly disappointed.

    I'm sorry any slight mention of religion gets you so wound up!

  • If after years of Gas Room complaints they do move the kick-off for Jesus...can we also stop launching the poppy appeal while the teams warming up kick balls at the old fellas with the flag?

  • edited June 2015

    I doubt it would be as high as 5% of the crowd that are bothered. And since most kick offs are at 3pm it makes sense for this one also to be at 3pm. I'd imagine that administratively there is a reasonable amount of work required to use a non-standard kick off time.

  • Wound up?

    Hardly. I'm not the one banging on to the club about changing a kick off time am I?

  • @Chris You are right that we shouldn't overstate the numbers impacted, but given that the match has been moved from a Saturday to a Bank Holiday which itself impacts on the provision and cost of buses to the ground etc, I would have thought the additional effort of moving the kick-off by 15 minutes is negligible.

  • Chris
    i genuinely dont know how big a deal this is for people who are religious. If this is only an issue for a handful of extreme religious people fair enough. If an issue for many who are religious then why upset them.
    gme was originally scheduled at 3pm Saturday. I genuinely cant think of a single additional administrative task involved in moving a kickoff to friday at 315pm that you wouldnt have in moving a game to Friday at 3pm. What do you have in mind?

  • Everything is geared up for a 3pm start - changing this would impact on timings for media, police, council etc. Maybe it's as simple as shifting everything by 15 minutes, but maybe it's not.

    Presumably the staff that are required to work on match days will all have to work a different shift, which will create some admin burden.

    It's all just simpler to stick to 3pm.

  • @Chris With respect you are missing the point that a Bank Holiday kick-off causes more administrative burden than a Saturday match. Once that decision is taken the impact of the fifteen minute adjustment is negligible.

  • mmmm, not sure I am with you on this. Until two weeks ago or so nobody knew there was a game that weekend at all. Until yesterday, no one knew there was a game on the Friday. In practise doubt you would change start time for staff for a 15minute change, games end time is uncertain anyway given possibility of extended injury time. If there is genuinely a reason why rearranging KO time for 315pm instead of 3pm, perhaps the club or young DJ could explain. Otherwise TBH feels like you are clutching at straws rather. Meanwhile if anyone religious could inform us whether objection to a 3pm time is widespread amongst that community or just a minority concern, that would be interesting also.

  • I would agree that the bank holiday causes an administrative burden.

    It might be that a further fifteen minute adjustment is negligible. Or it might not be.

  • The moving to a bank holiday cost is a sunk cost and irrelevant to the decision of whether to have the kick off at 3pm or 3.15pm, if it's already been decided that the game is on Good Friday.

  • @Chris you seem to be equivocating about the costs of the kick-off time. I had to look up 'sunk cost'. Having done so I accept your point on that, but your initial speculation about the costs of a 3.15 kick-off seems to be unsubstantiated. Most of those suggesting a delayed kick-off would not describe themselves as particularly religious, and not every Christian attends a service at 3 on Good Friday but posters recognise that some fellow supporters do have such beliefs, and see no reason why a supporters run club shouldn't accommodate those beliefs. It was done before so why not continue doing it?

  • If the Good Friday issue means so much to people that it's offensive to kick off at 3pm I struggle to see how they would be happy with 3.15pm. Or does the vicar do a quick prayer at the allotted hour and everyone pegs it down to Adams Park, with all thoughts of Jesus' suffering promptly forgotten?

    Personally I think it's a shame that traditional kick off times do nothing to attract the support of the orthodox Jewish community. Are we so wealthy we can afford to turn away supporters because of 'tradition'? Just imagine if WWFC said NO to paying on the Sabbath - we might attract 5% of the orthodox Jewish community from a 50 mile radius, which i have calculated on the back of my hand as being 7,532 new supporters.

    Imagine how many new signings we'd have then!

  • @arnos_grove : Good bit of Devil's advocacy there, though I believe clashes with specific Jewish religious festivals have been avoided by some clubs. Previous threads in the other place suggested a modest adjustment of kick-off would appease some, though other times would be better still. But if it was good enough in the past why has the stance changed? This isn't about whether the Bible is true or not, but respecting fellow supporters.

  • I'd rather go at 3pm than 3.15pm.

    I don't know whether it would cost more to have the game at 3.15 than 3pm, but I suspect it would. If it does, that's a good reason not to move it.

  • @floyd seems to me that if moving the kick off 5 minutes is of such importance to people then maybe they are placing far too much significance on what is a fairly arbitrary symbolic time rather than the meaning of the event itself (if that's what you believe), but it's not really for me to tell people how they should and shouldn't follow their faith. It's a bit weird how 5 minutes would make such a difference to people though eh?

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