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Forino Leaves

Club has announced Chris Forino rejected their contract offer and is off to Bolton Wanderers.

Good luck to him for the future, would have love to have kept him or at least got some transfer funds for him.



  • Shame to see him go to a club in our division, but the very best of luck to him.

  • Thanks Big Chris! You are going to go on to great things!

  • Such a shame. Hope he sorts his injury problems and has a great career.

  • Very disappointing. If he was going to a higher division you’d understand it but a sideways move is very frustrating. Did very well for us when he wasn’t injured.

  • Obviously very disappointing, he was immense the back end of last season, especially at Wembley, but all the very best to him.

  • Not sure going to a club of Bolton’s size on a. 3 year deal could be considered a sideways move even when they are currently in the same division.

    He’s been great for us, and I’ll really miss him, but given his injury record think it’s a good move for him.

    Hope he is able to leave his injury problems behind him and expect him to be playing Championship football soon.

    Thanks and good luck Chris!

  • But could have been Champions League with Wycombe, 😄

  • He's seen that QPR move disappear so at 24 with a real patchy injury record already it's probably an absolute no brainer to bank what's probably a huge wage increase guaranteed for 3 years.

  • I suspect, with no evidence whatsoever, that the QPR thing helped make his mind up a little. He’s a loss for sure but Low, Taff and the new guy coming in isn’t an awful position to be in.

  • I genuinely never expected him to stay for a millisecond, so I got my disappointment out of the way a long time ago. We have a new rich owner, but I still don't think that means we are offering ridiculous wages.

  • This shows lomtadze isn't going to throw his money about. Which is a good thing. I suppose.

  • Good player of course, but we won't miss him any more than we missed him for the 75% of games he wasn't fit for.

  • Bit gutting to see someone we found from a Uni going on a free. Understand his reasons for a pay bump at a bigger club.

    As has been mentioned, he could be imperious, but also injured quite a lot and took a while to get him back up to speed after lay-offs.

  • Think he's better than league 1 but great signing for Bolton.

  • So offered him an Adams Simpemba type deal? 12.5k a year.

  • To be fair, Chris made 30 league appearances last season and there was rotation too, so he did not miss all of the remainder through injury (similar to Taff).

    Still a risk to blow the budget on, of course.

  • Good to hear that you’re sorry CF is leaving it’s heartening that we’re signing a good player, injuries aside but to be fair unless anyone’s leaving us I’m not sure where he gets in. One question though please, what side does he play on, is he right or left footed? Our star defender Johnston missed all last season after a pre season game injury but is now back fully fit. He’s left footed and I was wondering if Forino is also a lefty and it may be cover in case Johnston breaks down?

  • You’ve got an absolute diamond there. Forino-Joseph is right footed.

    As you’re here, is there any reason why Bolton fans have been going in so hard on Ricardo Almeida Santos since Wembley?

  • Why on earth would you think that? We offered Forino a new contract. If Matt didn't want him we'd have just let him leave. A strange view ...

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    Mooneyman was mixing up Pierre and Stewart earlier.

    Maybe he's mixing up Forino and that ex Sunderland defender geezer whose name I forget, whom we brought in for 6months and barely played.

  • Good signing for Bolton. Easily Championship quality when fit. In fairness, I don't think he missed that much of the season through injury. We were rather overloaded with high class CBs during the 2nd half of the season, so he wasn't always 1st choice.

  • @Malone Jordan Willis?

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    Sad to see him go but I suspect we're moving away from the development model now and I really think sentimentality will play a limited role going forward and will always be trumped by data analytics, which show in Chris's case that he was, sadly, rarely fit.

    For those you surprised to see a sideways move, I hate to say it, but @aloysius isn't...

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    @aloysius isn’t surprised that he’s gone sideways. Nor is @micra but he has no told ya so evidence. And he thinks it is disingenuous to describe a move to Bolton as sideways.

  • It’s not a sideways move gents. Bolton are a huge football club. Finished 3rd last season. Got to the playoff final. Not far off autos. We do have money but we are also 4500 attendance Wycombe Wanderers. Well done Chris. Well deserved. I hope you stay fit. Excellent defender for this level. I do wonder if that means Ricardo Santos is moving on. Very comparable players, albeit Chris struggles to stay fit.

  • He seemed to spend a large proportion of the play off final with the ball at his feet but completely stationary, waiting for an option to develop, which never seemed to happen. Personally I felt it was the fault of the rest of the team for failing to provide options, but maybe Bolton fans feel that he should have been doing more. It was definitely in those moments that Bolton fans seemed most frustrated during the match.

  • I'm still waiting for a public apology from Bolton for letting the PNL win the playoff final TBH. Until then they have a bloody nerve signing any of our players.

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    A slight shame but like Wing last season doesn't feel too damaging.

    I'm not sure if it's age but I do remember feeling utterly gutted when Mickey Bell did similar to a same division team back in the mid to late 90s.

    Maybe that was because it was much later in the pre season. Or that he'd kept us hanging on, or that he gave it the "ambition" line then spent just 1 season out of 6 or 7 in a higher tier.

    Or simply that he was hugely important to that side and a key outlet and production line for our team.

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