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Jeremy Vine vs Joey Barton

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For those who have been following these two dickh^%ds and their legal fight, this is a pretty good summary of the current position of the case:

Also a very little bit of nature and something for the church fetishist too.



  • I found that very interesting. Don’t know the guy who spoke but it certainly sounded as though he knew what he was talking about. Barton might have dug himself a deep hole here (not for the first time in his life) and it would be nice but optimistic to think he learns the lesson that what you write about someone on a public platform can have serious consequences.

  • For anyone who is interested, here is the published Judgment from the High Court:

    Vine -v- Barton Judgment (

  • I scan read this, it is pretty fascinating how the law is now applied to the new wild west of social commentary. Being a defamation KC is going to be pretty lucrative business.

    Couple of side note. I see how a lot of the case was cited to Jack Monroe's battle with Hopkins. I don't know if anyone saw this interesting blog about Monroe - someone I knew a little about but not a lot.

    Also Mr Barton's good name is being further dragged through the mud here

  • If Barton just called Vine a bike nonce in isolation, he could maybe argue it was a generic (albeit moronic) insult. But if you're going to immediately follow up with the term 'pedo defender' its a lot harder to argue that.

    Hopefully Barton gets absolutely slapped in court and has to declare bankruptcy.

  • Surprised there are no quotes from Bargepole v Tattler

  • The guy in question is a barrister, has done a lot of commentary on the Post Office enquiry amongst other things. He is worth following on YouTube as is Blackbelt Barrister.

  • @Malone because I think that the way that he cycles in London is moronic. In my opinion he puts himself and others in danger in the exercise of his priority and sets a very bad example as to how road users should treat each other and manage shared space.

  • From the Premier League page on how clubs can submit documents.

    "The fax machine has been retired but clubs have the option of sending desktop faxes and scanned documents via email."

    I believe desktop faxes are still used in business when sending confidential contract documents.

  • I'm a keen cyclist and quite often find myself victim of drivers cutting me up or being too close. My attitude is that this is better resolved by understanding a) I am soft and squidgy, they are hard and heavy b) nearly all drivers don't mean to compromise you and c) we have equal rights to be on the road. Therefore I prefer to yield to the vehicle regardless of right of way (based on a above), a friendly hand wave to acknowledge an error is the best policy (based on b above), and generally chill out.

    Mr Vine seems to be a crusader and his attitude reminds me of the worst days of Covid wanting to shame or get in trouble anyone who errrs. I sincerely can't stand Barton, Vine just needs to stop being a sanctimonious prick.

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    Sensible first paragraph that just morphed into a really strange angry rant.

  • I’m disappointed to discover this wasn’t about fighting 10 Barton sized Vines.

    That said, in the ring, bare knuckle , no holds barred, who wins? Barton may have the form for the physical stuff but anyone who can survive falling off a penny farthing must have something about him. If he gets Barton in a headlock with those cyclist thighs, an upset is on the cards.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub I both drive and cycle and when on two wheels I take exactly the same approach.

  • My attitude to a cyclist when I am driving is exactly the same. They are soft and squidgy and I am not. Waiting a minute to give a wide berth as I sympathise that the cyclist might have to swerve to miss a pothole or ironworks makes me more patient. The worst drivers are the ones who believe they need to punish cyclists with late cut ins or close passes. I am sure they never think through the potential traumatic consequence of their actions.

  • It doesn’t matter what you drive on the road, but if more people employed the tactics of Defensive driving and understanding blindspots, there’d be a significant reduce in accidents across the board.

    Vine and his ilk seem to rather have a headstone that says “but I had the right of way” than give people a few meters extra space.

  • Ashley Neal (son of Phil Neal) puts a lot of good content out on this, keeping up with his channel has improved my driving in a lot of ways. He isn’t a great Jeremy fan either.

  • I'm finding this thread completely baffling. How do so many of you know what Jeremy Vine's cycling habits are?

  • He posts a lot of videos on Twitter

  • It wasn’t meant to be about Jeremy Vine’s cycling, but Malone wanted to know why I think he is a dickhead. The legal case is far more interesting, but I have been surprised to find out that criticising Jeremy Vine generates quite a lot of disapproval. ¿Have I dissed a Mason or something?

  • But, why would anyone watch them, especially if they don't like cycling dickheads? I'm more baffled now.

  • If you want to know why Jeremy Vine is a dickhead, just tune into his show! It won’t take long.

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    Because he makes a habit of putting videos of himself jumping red lights, driving at vans and basically putting himself in dangerous places and then plasters the videos over twitter calling drivers Petrosexuals

    Then gets angry when Joey Barton calls him a Bike Nonce. Not that i would back Joey Barton on anything. Joey is just a menace to everyone everywhere and is, by default, in the wrong. Vine is just a menace to himself.

    He will video his own death. I can almost gaurentee it.

  • But.... why are any of you watching his videos? This makes no sense at all.

  • Just for the record, I am not watching Jeremy Vine’s videos. His exploits come up occasionally in the content of people that I follow.

  • I don’t specifically go out and look for them, but they do come up regularly on social media feeds. That’s how the algorithm works - you see one video and because you watched more than 0.6 secs of it, other videos pop up over and over again.

  • He seems to generate a lot of haters and I'm genuinely baffled why.

  • Hello my name is Jeremy Vine, and I am a annoying cyclist.

  • Barton claims that Vine wanted a thousand quid in in damages which would go to charity. But when Lawrence Fox lost his case over calling a few people 'pedophiles' Vine then demanded 100,000 quid. No charity was mentioned.

  • Barton says a lot of things

  • True. But it wouldn't be a surprise. For a man who mostly does 'care home TV' Vine is incredibly full of himself. And wasting so much time and money on a stupid twitter insult.

    Imagine somebody on here threatening legal action over a post. It's as mad as that!

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