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  • Talks a good game

  • It's official....


  • Thought he came across very well and laid out albeit at a very high level their strategy

  • PBoPBo
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    long term goal is the EPL!

    Perhaps, to use a well-worn cliche, there's no better time to be over-optimistic than pre-season.

    Still, I have to admit that I never even thought we'd play in the Championship in my lifetime, so there's that.

  • How soon can we start griping about him not doing a second interview quickly enough?

  • Couple of takeaways:

    He was as polished and optimistic as i expected, but it was nice to hear him temper it with some realism. This is a much healthier approach than simply spending our way to the Championship and beyond. And It did make me smile to hear him talking about the PL but then not so long ago you'd have thought the same thing about Luton, Brentford, Brighton and Bournemouth.

    It's easy to imagine him and Blooms working well together.

    We are so lucky to have @bluntphil who somehow still comes across as the voice of the fans even as a club employee.

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    Long term aim is the Premier League?! Hats off to the big dream but how many years have they accounted for in order for us to get there?

    The term 'community' was used several times, will the club be looking to become more visible in the town centre? Will there be new incentitives to get kids & families back into the ground?

    A lot of work will need to be done, if the short & medium term goals are to get to the Championship, recruitment is going to be key for the next few transfer windows.....

    It was a really promising interview, the guy came across well and you can see that there is a plan rather than just throwing money around.

  • Articulate and emotionally-balanced. Impressed. Really hope I'm not having the wool pulled over my eyes, but this is an extremely exciting time for the club.

  • I like Dan. He is calm, measured, articulate, clearly intelligent. I hope that his personal ambitions can be achieved at Wycombe and he sticks with us for the long term too.

  • I assume this is part of a longer interview that will be released in segments. I'd like to know how long he intends to be 'interim chairman,' for and whether RC's departure caught them off guard.

  • Enjoyable interview and promising plans - no mention of fixing the roof or toilets though!

    I also wholeheartedly believe that not a single club have a better broadcaster than we do in Phil - everything he is in is made better by his presence. Sign him to a lifetime contract please

  • We should start moaning if we don't get monthly updates on Lomtadze's health. I hope he's gone down the bullet coffee tech-bro route because our survival now depends on his.

  • I wholeheartedly echo the sentiments about Phil. We are extremely blessed to have such an exemplary role model as a conduit between the fans and the club.

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    As others said he Came across well and talks a good game. Probably a sign of my own advancing years but he seems young for an "owner" (or at least part of the leadership team) and I don't see that as a negative.

    I liked his turn of phrase when talking about the Premier league as "our North Star". Shows ambition and direction (as the north star does) but, to me, also highlights they understand it'll be a heck of a journey to get there.

    I think that subtle turn of phrase was perhaps Rob used to - for the want of a better phrase - "let himself down" a little with showing his ambition. There's nothing wrong with it if done in the right context. And I felt Dan did that well.

    Perhaps Marlow Road can be used as a centre for local schools and community training?

  • Pretty crazy to hear someone talking about Wycombe Wanderers in the Premier League with a straight face isn't it?

    I'm all for talking up the club's ambitions. Floating supporters are more likely to be drawn in if there's a perception that we're upwardly mobile.

  • Interim Chairlifts to start.

  • I’ve discontinued the popular ‘Most Certainly So!’ T-shirt. New Dantastic range planned. ‘4shore’ first launch design.

  • For a little while now I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that sometime in the past I fell through an inter dimensional wormhole.

  • 'Obviously' beats '4shore' by either 6-2 or 6-3, I lost count.

  • As the fore shore is owned by the crown let’s go with ‘Obvs!’ to get d’yuff involved

  • It's a good interview but I'm still cringing at the use of the expression , "the attractability of Wycombe Wanderers"... ER, attraction, anyone.

    Where's Micra, when you need him?

  • I really hope so.

    Getting out and about around the entire of bucks and drawing in fans and young aspiring footballers from Aylesbury to Rickmansworth.

  • My wife’s a huge fan now.

  • I get the feeling that MB will be under added pressure this season and beyond, hopefully it’ll be something he can thrive on, but any pro longed dips in form and I suspect he’ll be gone in the blink of an eye.

  • People laughed about the Couhigs when they talked about getting us into the Championship. I wonder if those people are also laughing at the new owners after Rice’s interview. I don’t think I remember the Couhigs ever mentioning the Premiership!! I know you want your new owners to be optimistic but come on , let’s be realistic.

  • @davecz AFC Bournemouth

  • Brentford 2.0 basically

  • People probably laughed at the thought of Luton getting to the PL when they were in the Conference; in our time in the EFL we’ve been in the same division as them plus Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Sheffield United, Brentford, Ipswich, Southampton, Norwich, Middlesbrough etc etc-even Manchester City. Anything is possible if you have ambition and wealth. The former costs nothing and it’s possible that we might now have the latter.

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