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Politics thread

With all that is happening in the world it's time for a small forum about a small club to have a politics thread so that all the posters who say "There's no place for politics on this forum" (aka I'll always vote Conservative) can shut up and accept that all the bile has been syphoned off and is now on here.

So......Steve Baker, eh?

Ummm.......Sunak, eh?

Macron, eh?

Kassym-Jomart Kemeluly[note 1] Tokayev (Kazakh: Қасым-Жомарт Кемелұлы Тоқаев; Qasym-Jomart Kemelūly Toqaev [qɑˈsəm ʑoˈmɑrt kʲeˌmʲelo̙ɫɯ toˈqɑjef]Russian: Касым-Жомарт Кемелевич Токаев[note 1]; born 17 May 1953) is a Kazakh politician and diplomat who has served as the President of Kazakhstan since 2019.[2] AND IS ACTUALLY VERY GOOD ACTUALLY



  • Madness is an interesting place to discover.

    Good luck lad/lass

  • We really can’t leave politics to the politicians.

  • Is it possible to block a thread ?

  • I’m looking forwards to seeing how long it will take for someone to derail the thread into cheese discussions*

    *other alternatives also welcomed

  • (E)Damn, I was going to make the same comment.

  • Politics today is nearly as infuriating as Cricket posts in the Football section, good luck.

  • A brielliant thread. The Refromage Party have joined the Frais.

  • This election runs of the risk of being the most disengaged for a generation. Politicians of all colours are incapable of delivering a message with leadership and conviction as they are worried about alienated one group in a desperate attempt to appease another. It is the most beige election I can remember. Apart from Sunak and his team who are obviously the most incredible bunch of clowns that even Armando Iannucci would dismiss some of their antics as a bit far-fetched.

  • Nick Freeman

  • edited June 10

    All the evidence points to a substantial overall majority for Labour, and while their lead in the polls might narrow between now and 4 July, it's impossible to imagine any seismic event that could prevent them confortably gaining power. The only question is how big a majority.

    The increasingly irrelevant SNP look like they will lose some Scottish seats to Labour, while the Lib Dems may well take some seats off the Tories in the South West, and end up with 30+ seats.

    I see that Farage is now odds-on to win the seat at Clacton, and will become an MP at the 8th attempt. His party will take some votes off of previous Tory voters, but probably not enough to gain any more seats.

    I believe Steve Baker is resigned to losing his Wycombe seat, given that he went off on holiday rather than start a campaign, so we are likely to have a Labour MP here.

    However, given the state of the UK and world economy, I can't see that Kier Starmer has much wriggle room to do anything radically different from the current administration, so nothing much will change.

  • Wycombe having a Labour MP is something beyond my comprehension.

  • I agree. Sunak showed total disrespect for our D Day veterans and confirmed his total lack of patriotism.

    Never mind, he will be gone soon and he can take that pathetic Steve Baker with him into political oblivion, though I suspect they will both make a pretty penny offering some dumb multi-national organisation their more than questionable expertise and guidance.

  • Broadly agree with Bargepole's analysis except that I suspect the Lib Dems will take more SE seats than SW.

    While the Tories have been epically incompetent, honestly given the economy and lack of funds, I can't see the Labour Government making a massive positive change. Does rather open the door for the Populists in 2029 unless they are seen to have crashed and burned in Europe beforehand. Meanwhile it still looks marginally more than a 50% chance that Trump may be reelected in the USA in which case the future may look very dark indeed.

    I do rather fear for what the future may bring.

  • Have you been to Wycombe lately? Under Baker Wycombe has become a place where there are beggars on the streets, a somewhat dirty environment, roads and footpaths a real mess, the hospital in need of emergency refurbishment and with hundreds of people relying on food banks.

  • Odds on Lib Dems taking Joy Morrissey's seat in Beaconsfield keep shortening. If you are in that constiuency and want to help get rid of the Tories then vote for Anna Crabtree, a Labour vote there would be pointless.

  • I divide my time between Nottingham and Dubai. One of those places is very much in the same state as Wycombe. The other, less so

  • I read Leicester had a very popular thread on their forum about politics.

  • I had tories come round door knocking a couple of weeks ago and they were the most infuriatingly deluded people I've ever had the misfortune to meet. It was the first time I've ever had tories at the door and not just told them to fuck off and shut the door, I actually let them speak to which they blathered on about all these things they would fix if elected, half of which they caused in the first place and the other half they've had 14 years to fix. Then I carefully picked apart everything they'd said, fed their leaflet to the dog and then told them to fuck off.

  • Sorry, insert your own cheese pun there. I've massively let the thread down.

  • 1945 doesn't count. Everybody was sick of Churchill droning on and wanted a change.

  • The European trend of young men aligning their views with the right is gaining momentum in this country now too. The algorithms of our social media play into the loneliness epidemic and often blames women for contributing to the so-called ‘demise of men’

    I expect Reform to perform particularly well because of this, picking up a surprising large chunk of young male voters.

    Not sure Labour is particularly strong at the moment, but I have waited my entire adult life to finally get the Tories out and I am very much looking forward to voting out Steve Baker. What has Baker achieved in Wycombe? Invisible.

  • And the crackheads! Don’t forget the crackheads! The church and Frogmoor are feral areas.

  • Labour candidate for Wycombe is Emma Reynolds

    Reynolds participates in sports such as running and used to play football. She also enjoys pubs and going to the cinema.[23]

    Ka-ching!!! Lommy is very comfortable having politicians in his pocket and she looks like she'll be a very good fit.

  • In the face of previous hysteria about Sunak I have found myself defending him in the past. Whilst some of the coverage of this latest miss-step has almost suggested he took a sh1t on the Union Jack it does show an incredible lack of judgement from him and those around him (more importantly). Not a single advisor put a hand on his shoulder and said 'I dunno boss, everyone else is staying around, do you not think we should'. These people surround themselves with the worst kind of people that we saw partying during lock downs. It seems to me that governments (and I have little confidence that the next lot will be any different) have advisors that are frankly incompetent. The days of wise sage pulling the strings of a minister are long gone, the lunatics have long taken over the asylum.

  • The cultural demographic is arguably also likely to be a contributory factor in the anticipated demise of Mr Baker. Or is it?

  • Looking at the other candidates in Wycombe , I think there is a good chance that a number of voters may swing away from Labour. The Reform effect may of course outweigh this, but I think it will be closer than people think.

  • Not to mention the opportunity to spout nonsense on GB News and in the Mail, Telegraph, Express and Sun unless of course, in Steve Baker’s case, he should come to grief skydiving, motorcycling or fast catamaran racing.

  • FFS vote for any party except Labour or Conservative.

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