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All-Loanee Wycombe XI

With the likes of Eze, Mawson and Potts having pulled on the quarters, what would your best all-loanee Wycombe team be?



  • 3-4-3














  • Nathan Tyson would make it into my team.

  • Sean Devine has to be in there

  • Paul Hayes was brilliant for us on loan from Charlton.

  • Close to completing the thread with just these responses.

    Unless someone can produce a decent left back for a more traditional formation?

  • Surely Stockdale has to be in goal.

  • Stephen O'Halloran from Aston Villa? Think there was another one around the same time - the name will come to me.

  • If anyone wants to add to the degree of difficulty, how about loanees who never joined us permanently, and we only saw on loan?

  • Scott Goulbourne from Reading. Neither probably worthy of a best XI unless you have to have a left back!

  • Adam Smith didn't do much for us but went on to play for years in the top flight for Bournemouth

  • Couldn't we play Nigel Longwijk at left back?

  • Going to have to drop Ainsworth to the bench - never thought I'd be saying that!

  • James Ferry and Charlie Fox both make my 11. It was very Ainsworth-y to sign loanees but never play them. I’m sure there are many examples of players who joined on loan under Gaz and didn’t get any minutes.

    I’m sure there was a good reason for it - possibly developing the off-field side of their game?

  • We were blessed that season when we had Alfie, Fred, Sammy Saunders, Nico Yennaris and Danny Rowe on loan. That first loan spell from Rowe was brilliant if my memory serves me correctly.

  • I'd also put Tyson ahead of Onyedinma based on their loanee form.

  • John Akinde in the never owned variant

  • I'd rather go with a terrible loan XI

    GK -  Sieb Dykstra

    RB - Nick Arnold

    LB - Scott Golbourne

    CB - Mark Foran

    CB - Adrian Pettigrew

    RM - Tony McParland

    CM - James Harper

    CM - Sam Togwell

    LM - Andy Turner

    CF - Trevor Aylott

    CF - Fola Onibuje

  • Golbourne doesn’t deserve to be there

  • Donacien on the other hand…..

  • Chem Campbell and your man from watford who's up in Scotland now. Both dreadful.

  • Ricardo Baptista in goal was fantastic that one season under lambert

  • Is that the player who has to date made 287 League apperances (328 in all) mostly at League 1 or above and played 38 games in Ipswich's promotion in 22/23!

  • And was dreadful for Wycombe

  • There is a chapter in Nick Hornby’s ‘Fever Pitch’ all about Gus Cesar, pondering how he could have possibly made it to play for Arsenal and get through all the checks and balances of the junior competitive pro game. Very funny.

    That first game at right back by Donacien always reminded me of the same fallibility of the system. It made Carlos Lopez look world class, he had absolutely no clue what he was doing.

    I believe his relatively successful career that followed was at Centre Back?

  • I’d make a case for Antony Grant on his season with us. Nico Yennaris too.

    Bywater had a good career but a bit shaky from memory when we had him!

  • I always ask this but who was the keeper we had on loan from Preston that didn't stay long at all but whilst he was here was absolutely incredible?

  • Iain Turner! He was superb

  • I think this is a lot more fun when you're only allowed players who only played on loan for us:

    Iain Turner

    Graham Potter Nigel Lonwijk Rob Dewhurst Les Thompson

    Peter Garland Freddie Potts Nico Yannaris

    Luke Moore Dion Dublin Marcello Trotta

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