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New kit

Are we getting a new kit next season?



  • Hope not. Best kits we've ever had, should keep them forever

  • If I had a golden "100 likes" button I would have just used it on this.

  • PBoPBo
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    I think traditionally in recent years the second kit gets shunted on to become the third kit after a season (so this year’s third kit would be one of the least worn ever, I think?).

    So if that’s true, we’d get a new second kit, but we’d keep the first choice kit for a second season (now with non-disintegrating Hummel logo for additional customer delight).

  • They seem unlikely to keep in one piece forever, wonder if more will start to disintegrate as the second year goes on.

    One way of getting a traditional kit without sponsors I guess.

  • Apart from stuff coming off, I agree, this is our best kits for years, much prefer the lighter blue

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    I’m not a kitatic but one thing I wouldn’t want to see again is the dreadful combination of the quarters with white shorts.

    Saw some footage on YouTube the other day of the final (?) match at Loakes Park which featured many ageing stars, including George Best. At the end of the match, along with countless others, I cut out (goodness knows how!) a square foot of turf. It only lasted a few weeks in the back garden unfortunately.

    But two things shocked me on the video. How awful the white shorts/quarters combination looked and how comical the match officials looked in the same very brief shorts as the players.

  • I like the white shorts !

  • I’ve nothing against white shorts (cue for the old Peter Cook joke there). Just not with the quarters.

  • For many years when we wore the quarters pre-around 1965, our kit was always light and dark blue quarters with white shorts.

    after the last game at the old ground in 1990, we reverted to the quarters with the advent of going to Adams Park. This was a nice touch of combining the old with the new in my opinion.

    If memory serves me correct we played ,in those early AP years ,in dark blue shorts with light blue socks but also wore white shorts when there was a colour clash of shorts.

    I quite like the white shorts and indeed it avoided us having to change the whole kit in the event of the other team also wearing dark shorts. A good example of this would be always having to change our complete kit when we play away to Cambridge.

    so bring them back !

  • I'm a big fan of quarters with white shorts. Apart from looking smart, I associate that combination with good performances in important matches, without having the stats to back that up.

  • The Georgian entry for Eurovision is wearing a fetching outfit here. Could make a great goalie kit!

  • Altrincham away in the 1991 Trophy semi-final for starters.

  • Oh good Lord, I think that's me!

    Lucky almost unrecognisable, haha.

  • Whilst I agree with generating income for the club, given the kit fiasco this season, I feel the club should either:

    • stick with this one for another year but make a point of the fact that they weren't supposed to (goodwill gesture and all that).
    • if they do bring out a new one, offer everyone that bought this seasons' one a discount off the new one.
    • solve both of the above by having a yellow and blue quartered away kit.
  • They were supposed to keep it, whilst the charter remains on the club website.

  • The "charter" remained on the last kit when we made the switch from O Neills to Hummell. My mate bought his son the O Neills goalkeeper kit at FULL price at our last home game, thinking it had another season in it, only to have to disappoint his 7 year old boy with the fact they will never wear the kit again. As passionate as he and his son are about football, feeling justifiably cheated, he vowed to never give the club a penny again.

    Ironically, two weeks later they called him asking for £5k to have his company name emblazoned pitchside for about 5 minutes every other Saturday. Nail in coffin.

    His son is now fully emotionally attached with Liverpool. who's replica kits happen to be cheaper than ours.

    Food for thought. It's sad that the club didn't recognize these marginal gains. We talk about increasing attendances, then we need to provide an incentive.

    • For every adult and child season ticket purchased, half price on kits.
    • x5 free burger coupons with season tickets, even a free beer.

    Get people engaged and interested, not the opposite.

  • Not sure we’ve taken delivery of any of our current kits yet?!

  • I have said this before, but I think clubs should have a permanent change identity, and save the faffing around with crazy colours for the third kit. Would anyone complain too much if variations of green and white (whether this season's version or quarters) became our permanent change kit?

  • You've got no chance, Most of the ridiculous / different ones only exist to convince you that your existing shirt is old and needs replacing. Three kits is only a thing so there is something for everyone and so that mugs buy them all.

  • 3rd kits are purely a money making exercise, and I personally think it's pretty poor show from clubs to do it, just getting more money out of gullible fans.

    If we have to change from Blue, and our 2nd kit is say, Red, yellow,or white. Then the other team who will be in blue will NOT clash.

  • I don't see the big deal. If they're three good kits and people want to buy them, how is that not a good thing for the club?

  • I don't think the home kit should change more often than every two years, but you've got to mix things up and give people something new every season - kits are big business.

  • Unfortunately, with the current home kit being billed as '23/24' and the Hummel deal lasting an odd number of years (5), I suspect we'll get a new home kit this summer.

  • I seem to stand alone on that one, @eric_plant.

    But the officials did look comical in their full-thigh revealing shorts. If they wore those nowadays people would stroke their chins in disbelief.

  • Seem to vaguely recall that the trust confirmed it was for 2 years, as people were continually asking about it last summer.

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    I fail to see how the club can be seen to have done anything wrong there, unless they somehow deceived people into thinking the kit had another season in it.

  • Yes, sounds like the unfortunate thing that can happen with kit manufacturers changing.

    And something everyone needs to keep an eye on with this current 5 year deal! The maths ain't working on that one unless it gets renewed!

    But it does sound a bit of an over zealous stand to basically stop supporting the club over a £40 kit.

    If it gets 2 fans back I'm sure the gasroom can have a whip round!

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