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Alfie Mawson to Oxford

How much would it hurt to find out on Wednesday next week that Alfie Mawson had decided against joining Wycombe, but not in favour of a club higher up the leagues, but for local and divisional rivals Oxford?

No reason why I ask.......................................................................



  • Would make financial sense for him. Regular games plus probably trebling his wages.

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    Oxford aren't out rivals! Just a pathetic nuisance. You play at a three sided stadium with no atmosphere which you share with London Welsh and you don't even own it. How much did it hurt to see Hylton's penalty, have you found it yet?

    No reason why I ask........................................... lol

  • Our only rivals really are MK. Ive never seen us play Col U so cant comment on that. I doubt Alfie will go to you anyway. We have class

  • Oxford ARE our rivals as they are in the same league. I dislike them much more than MK and nearly as much as Col U.
    MightyWanderer, you haven't lived without the experience of Layer Road. Now that was a tip.

  • @oxfordunited said:
    How much would it hurt to find out on Wednesday next week that Alfie Mawson had decided against joining Wycombe, but not in favour of a club higher up the leagues, but for local and divisional rivals Oxford?


    Here are the three reasons Oxford will finish well below us next season

  • Blue Since 1990 yeah I know people rave about Col U but I cant comment on a rivalry I have never been involved in. Oxford fans aren't that bad generally in fairness just a few bad eggs. I just cant stand MK Franchise or their fans and they invaded our patch so for me they are the big rivals.

  • Fair enough but I still dislike the PNL.

  • Calling the franchise 'rivals' gives them legitimacy they haven't earned stealing a league place doesn't make you a league team Oxford ( gawd bless em) or even Col U didn't do that .

  • A victory against Bristol Rovers this season would mean a lot more than a victory over Oxford.

  • @MightyWanderer MK Are absolutely not our rivals, and we must stop legitimizing them by describing them as such.

    It's a bit generational for us isn't it? If you're my age it will always be ColU you want to see lose, 10 years older than me, it'll be Yeovil or Slough. My dad still regards Blyth Spartans as our rivals. I understand why people in their teens think of Oxford as our main rival, but I just can't get that excited about them.

  • HOW DID oxford steal a league place?

  • They didn't, long ago a nasty man named 'Winkleman' had a football club, greedy Mr Winkleman thought not enough fans came to watch his club so he decided to move the club to another town a self centered town who didn't care where league football came from as long as they got it

  • 55 points target again? as our finacial position hasn't changed and as usaul we will have a few 3/4 loanees, who we hope can run before they can walk as they are likely to be strays, misfits or mavericks with potential.

    In regards to Mawson. I beliveve, we have no chance of retaining the services of Mawson, as we can't afford him unfortunately unless Brentford Business guru's insist Mawson signs and loan him to us and pay or contribute towards his wages.

    End of the day, Mawson has to maximise his worth and strike while the iron is hot, with awards he won this year and his goals. If I was his agent I would be insisting on 800-1000 quid a week minimum.

  • Signing Mawson would be an investment and maybe, just maybe he values regular game time in an environment he can prosper. Get the games in and then the move in the first team higher league football rather than benchwarming now.

    Probably a little idealistic but I thought the same about Aaron Pierre last year

  • I somewhat think he will be looking for double that, But Alfie please,please dont sign
    for the PNL's.

  • it's quite simple - we should break the bank to get him to sign. sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, ie, to get promotion!

  • There seems little doubt that signing Alfie on a three year deal
    would be a shrewd investment for any club, even if your paying
    an inflated salary for his services.

  • More here:

    Pure speculation though and nothing that Pompey fans weren't saying earlier in the week. I've already pretty much given hope of us signing him, but it'll be truly sickening if he does end up with the PNLs.

    Also, apparently Barnsley are also in for him. That would make sense - Josh would certainly recommend him!

    I also think that the days of us breaking the bank to sign anyone are over, and as good as Alfie is, I'd much rather it was that way...

  • No way is he going to Oxford.

  • Please reassure us with some facts Chris, Im worrying myself sick that we might
    see him at Adams Park in that sickly yellow shirt, just before Crimbo.

  • This seems very contrived and aimed to stir up a storm with no reason at all. What's the point?

  • No facts, it's just I saw him play last season and he's way too good for either them or us.

  • That would be quite a move. Rangers might only be in the Scottish Championship, but they are still one of the biggest clubs in the UK.

  • I believe he's going to end up at the PNLs. Will be a real kick in the teeth.

  • Towards the end of last season I (briefly) spoke to Alfie's charming mum in the bar. She did say that the PNL did want Oxford - and why wouldn't they? - and a very generous offer was made for his services. Her comment was that there was no way that he would go to them though.
    HOWEVER I would always be cautious of that type of chat, regardless of it being first-hand or no. Firstly he has an agent. The agent will be looking at the best deal for his player and that should be based on two obvious things money and playing time. Division 2 might be the home for Alfie for another season to help him development. In which case if you are going to play in that division then any agent would try and get the most ££ for that season. If PNL are prepared to chuck cash at the deal then we simply can't compete and our only weapon is GA.
    Good luck to the lad. PNL really don't mean anything to me.

  • Alfie's latest tweet:

    Disneyland paris done, now home to see where im heading for next season
    4:45pm - 22 Jun 15

  • Not sure that besides more money that the teams mentioned will offer that much more in terms of possible success. I know its straw clutching, but it might be that we are offering another run at promotion....

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