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After their promotion yesterday we get to play Wrexham next season. So what’s everyone’s feeling about them?

After watching the documentary I have quite a soft spot for them despite all the hate coming their way for success. They have spent a ton of cash but have also generated a ton of cash too. So it’s not like they’ve done a Reading or Derby by cheating their way out the leagues. And their engagement with fans and minority groups is pretty enviable too.

or are we just hating on them as we are jealous ?



  • I've got nothing against them, though I really hope they don't go up next season, can't have them thinking it's easy

  • They were a sleeping giant and the fan base and TV engagement means they will be a threat to go higher and higher, and eventually could earn back every penny they spent, so some credit to the owners and management as it's done wonders for the town and others have failed spectacularly to do what they have achieved with similar funds but it's surely more of an oddity and a bit of celebrity spotting rather than a real against all odds story.

    Clubs need investment but not sure at all that rich peoples play things coming out of non league every year a model to be desired.

  • I like them. You're always going to get your haters when you're successful.

  • I've always had a soft spot for Wrexham, especially after a bunch of their fans beat the crap out of some statue defenders from the EDL. By all accounts the owners have done an absolute ton of work to ensure they're benefiting the wider community beyond football, and given what Thatcher did to that town they really needed that. I wish them all the best.

  • Out of all the Welsh teams, I've always preferred Wrexham. Good luck to them except for two times next season.

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    I think the owners have done a great job of supporting the local community, people just like to bash a team doing well.

    It’s a bit frustrating that they always get picked for TV in the FA Cup but to be fair that’s my only negative with them.

    Think they’ll be pushing top 10 next season but will have to invest significantly to compete with some of the big spending ‘larger’ teams.

    If they did go up again I’m not sure the Hollywood guys have the funds to compete with teams losing 40m-50m a season so they might end up becoming a Rotherham/Barnsley type team.

  • Not particularly a fan of these bankrolled outfits storming the divisions. It's a fairly interesting story though.

  • I think it would be a bit rich to begrudge them their success given our own reliance on deep-pocketed US owners.

    I know a life-long Wxm fan and he’s very clear about the downsides - fairweathers crowding out the long-term fans, difficulties getting away tickets - whilst acknowledging the obvious benefits.

    I kind of feel that they will be as shit or bust next season as their budget allows for - you can’t really see the premise of their ongoing doc being, “right lads, sensible and sustainable is the goal here, if we do well we should be looking for a solid mid-table finish”.

    Don't think that plot arc would wash with the Disney suits.

  • Without going all @aloysius , are our owners actually that deep pocketed though?

    Can you compare what Wrexham's owners have done to what we're trying to?

  • Oh no, I’m not saying our owners have anywhere near the resource of Wrexham’s, and the Hollywood sparkle factor isn’t there obviously.

    The Couhigs’ long-term intentions are still pretty opaque - a lot of talk about shunting us on, but to whom, and when? - and just what is going on with the mysterious Mr Lomtadze?

    But ultimately the fate of our club, like Wrexham’s, is now dependent on external benefactors to whom we are heavily on the hole.

  • Definitely agree on most of that.

    The plan always seemed to be do us up, sell us on from a better position, where everyone wins.

    The timeline originally seemed deadline free, until some sort of change of heart / personal circumstances from Pete who was due to be the successor.

  • I was a bit more ambivalent until they publicly shamed Accrington, then I realized they had gone Hollywood in more than one way. I am sure their fans are enjoying the ride, but they would just be another insta-rich club if people didn't like Deadpool so much.

  • Good luck to them, they have had a number of years in the doldrums. I hope to go to the away game next season, as Wrexham is one of the grounds I have yet to visit.

  • They have a long way to go to better our two promotions and Tier 3 finish in sixth and we did it without huge sums of loans being pumped in to the club.

    Wait until you get lots of arrogant Wrexham supporters posting on here. Will make the ReD AnD WhItE years seem palatable.

  • Plenty of clubs go from National League to League One in successive seasons - that's not massively special - next season will be the real test for them. I don't think anyone has ever done three promotions on the bounce from fifth tier to second?

  • Maybe Wimbledon?

  • For all the people thinking when they get higher they won't have enough money, and will need help. Apparently the companies that Reynolds alone currently owns are worth an estimated 14 billion.... I think they'll be fine.

  • I’m pleased for them. I guess the real test will be where they are when their backers move on, but I think it’s nice to see smaller clubs that have struggled for so long enjoying better times.

    One of my early away ground visits with Wycombe so always had a soft spot for them, and have enjoyed the Disney series so far too.

    Interested to see how they got on in league 1 next season.

    Guess now they are in our league my views may change a bit as may see a lot more of the noise around them. With us being so close to Heathrow possibility of maybe even having a Gallaghers vs City moment.

  • Reynolds was at Maidenhead the other season, so it's certainly possible!

  • That’s completely wrong.

    He’s a wealthy man but he hardly owns anything alone. He’s a part owner in many ventures with an estimated worth of around £400M, easily researched on google.

    Mel Morris had a net worth of around £500M 5 years ago and he found the Championship losses unpalatable and he was a Derby man through and through.

    Will be an interesting watch for the next 3-5 years.

  • I have to say if the owners sat in a script meeting that came up with the Ben Foster arc (keeper gets injured, retired keeper comes in, need to win v closest rival, last minute penalty, said keeper makes a great penalty save to win) I think they would say ‘I dunno that’s a bit much’. And that’s why we love football.

  • Wrexham are just one of seven new clubs we will play next season.

    We need to focus on continuing our upward curve (currently 8th in the last 10 games form table) and making sure we have a strong enough squad to beat them all.

  • Nothing against Wrexham or their success, it's just the publicity surrounding them I found nauseating. Their promotion yesterday made news headlines, whilst Stockport, promoted above them never git a mention.

  • I'm sure people felt the same about Watford when Elton John bought them. Of course Wrexham are going to get a lot of publicity.

  • ". But, Forbes recently reported, the companies he owns or has sold are (or were) worth roughly $14 billion.28 Feb 2024"

    From said Google

  • I was so excited when Wrexham sold us Craig Faulconbridge. Goals guaranteed

  • Good luck to them.

    At least they're a proper club with a proper fanbase, unlike that other media favourite 'fairytale' Salford.

  • Not a fan of the whole media circus surrounding Wrexham. What gets my goat is that Stockport secured promotion and all but the title yesterday on I would wager a significantly smaller budget but they are relegated to an after thought in the media

  • What have Stockport got to make the wider public take any interest in them?

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