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Man of the Match - Derby (H)

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Putting this up now as an airport run will mean I miss the second half. I am putting down all potential subs - just an FYI that any votes for someone who doesn't make it on the pitch won't count for the award or against season totals. That might sound obvious, but I could see an unused Campbell winning man of the match just for a larf.

  1. MOTM?72 votes
    1. Ravizzoli
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Lonwijk
    6. Potts
    7. Butcher
    8. Taylor
    9. Sadlier
    10. Kone
    11. Lubala
    12. Stryjek (possible sub)
    13. Scowen (possible sub)
    14. Vokes (possible sub)
    15. Campbell (possible sub)
    16. McCarthy (possible sub)
    17. Kodua (possible sub)
    18. Leahy (possible sub)


  • I just had to vote for Kone. Sorry.

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    You are going to look very clever in a few hours!

    Edit: you usually look clever, but you know what I mean!

  • Plenty of candidates tonight but let’s wait half an hour!

  • Not just MoTM but one of the performances of the season

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    They all played well but Nigel Lonwijk was absolutely unbelievable

  • Kone’s hold up play today was outstanding, Lonwijk was brilliant at almost everything, everyone played well. Tough call but I went with Kone in the end, definitely his best game for us so far.

  • Kone has so much raw talent. I can't wait to see him in August when he's had a full pre-season and a load more coaching. He could be an absolute star next year

  • I need more than one vote!

  • Lonwijk was superb. I would normally say ‘comfortably’ , but it was such a good team performance that even though Lonwijk was a 9/10 the rest of the team were mostly 7s and 8s.

  • Sooo many to choose from tonight ! Could easily pick 5 o 6 of them. But in the end went with Kone, great shift.

  • Kone was great, but I can only deduce if you didn't watch Nigel you didn't see the game. He was unbelievably good out of position

  • I’m torn. But Nigel Lonwjk’s performance was not only spectacular but showed how much better we could have been against Portsmouth if he’d been playing left back against Abu Kamara.

    He gets my vote.

  • Don’t be sorry. He’s coming on in leaps and bounds. What a handful. Very slow though!!

  • Nigel all the way. Sublime performance.

  • Went with Butcher for the sheer fact that he must have covered 10 miles on Sunday and 10 miles again tonight!! But lots of good performances, well done blues.

  • Sorry @eric_plant. But I was surprised and disappointed when you described Koné and another player - forget who - as being very slow.

  • Nigel kept it up for 90+ minutes- brilliant. Agree Kone was also excellent but still fades a bit. He is going to be some player!!!

  • I would really like to see a whole season of Kodua

  • So good to see teammates applauding Kodua’s run and shot - great team spirit in evidence after Sunday’s disappointment

  • Lonwijk didn’t actually start the match particularly well and lost his man on a couple of occasions, one of which Derby really should have scored from. Thereafter he was excellent however and rightly MOTM.

    Kone played well, it’s just nice to have someone who wants to shoot. I’d give the runner up spot to Butcher though, he ran the midfield all game.

  • Does anyone know if Lonwijk has played left back before?

  • No idea, he did look quite right-footed when he got forward, not wanting to cross with his left. What a defensive performance from him today though.

  • I’m filling up over the love for Nige on here... He was outrageously good, second half particularly.

    i don’t think I can cope with the thought of him leaving the club in just 6 games’ time...!!!

  • could be anyone of three for me. Lonwiik, One or Butcher. Butcher was absolute class all evening especially as he played all game on Sunday. Kone ran his legs off again and was excellent when he did manage to hold the ball up, but also wasn't afraid to have a go at the odd mazy dribble even if it resulted in a bit of a powder puff shot. I think though I will give my vote to Lonwiik as after the first 10 minutes or so, he was imperious given he was out of position.

  • Longwijk was superb after that dodgy opening. Taf was also at his best tonight, solid and not afraid to bring the ball forward. Good performances all round.

  • We really do have 4 excellent CBs at this club right now. Its almost impossible to choose between Forino, Taff, Low, and Lonwijk. They are all playing at a very high level. I think Joe Low is an unreal talent though, and had another fantastic game last night

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