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Your Wembley XI

If I had it my way:


Grimmer Lonwijk Tafazolli Leahy

Potts Butcher

Wheeler Taylor Sadlier


Comments: Fully appreciate Franco is more likely to start. I prefer Stryjek - that’s well documented now - but it is what it is. Hope Franco has a great game. The back four likely picks itself with most of the defenders from today recently returning from injury. I think Lonwijk’s agility and ability to sweep up play will be vital on a big pitch. Tafazolli’s diagonal balls to Wheeler will be a great outlet. There isn’t an alternative to Leahy, so Sadlier will have a very challenging job to help keep Poku at bay on that flank. Potts and Butcher are the likely middle two if Scowen is out injured. Taylor will do a good job out of possession on a big pitch. Vokes will likely be impotent out of possession on the big Wembley pitch. Peterborough’s defenders are very agile - we all know about Josh Knight. I think Kone would break lines better. Set pieces will be crucial for us, so I hope we’ve got a few short corners in our locker as Leahy’s deliveries have left a lot to be desired recently.

Let’s see what you all think!



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