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Match Day Thread: Stevenage



  • Stevenage Rangers, Stevenage Town, Stevenage Athletic, Stevenage Borough, Stevenage FC.

    My old man always says Athletic but plenty to choose from.

  • Sex Pistols at Wycombe College? The main event in 1976 was Anita Harris at The Chiltern Rooms. A bloodbath.

    (Stevenage won't win today, by the way)

  • We have to beat Mr Pork Scratchings and his rugby team today. Got to make up for the home fixture which has to be one of the worst games of football I've ever seen.

  • ‘Orrible place, ‘Orrible manager, ‘Orrible team. Cue a Nick Freeman wonder strike…

  • "Freeman's a Wanderer, Freeman's a Wanderer"

  • Us beating Stevenage will do Peterborough a bit of a favour, but I don't care about that.

    This one's for Brandon. And Luke.

  • Let’s hope for the sake of our players’ safety that it’s more Anita Harris than Rocky Horror this afternoon.

  • Strange but true.

    Back in the mid 90’s I was staying at a spa hotel. Taking advantage of the steam room I entered what I thought was an empty but very steamy room. As the steam cleared there sitting opposite me was….Anita Harris. Now Ms Harris maybe 16 years older than me, and would have been around fifty at the time, but let’s just say I’ve had a ‘soft’ spot for her ever since.

    Beats the time I got stuck in a lift with Max Cliffford.

  • Eight changes for the Blues!

    - First starts for Nigel Lonwijk and Gideon Kodua

    - Jack Grimmer and Dale Taylor miss out with knocks

    - Chem Campbell absent with knock from Oxford game

  • That must be the strongest bench we've ever had for a league game.

  • That's some real rotation going on there.

    And Kodua actually gets in the mix.

  • It's nice to ring the changes but if we don't win this one Matt will be in for some criticism for having a bench far far stronger than the players he's picked to start.

  • Interesting starting eleven.

  • Matty has no real option but to rotate the team. The upcoming fixture congestion is going to take some handling.

  • Very heavy pitch two days ago - makes absolute sense to rotate. One might guess he would prefer to give some of the older legs a complete break after the very recent game but squad size and player availability means a place on the bench likely to be a needs must.

  • I love Leahy being captain after the reverse fixture.

    It is certainly set to be a fun experiment. Is Kodua the 10, with Kone wide and Lubala in the middle?

  • More or less the eleven you’d expect after Wednesday night. I’m sure Blooms will make good use of his five subs.

  • God it feels good to be able to rest players and still field a decent team.

  • Kone and Lubala both in the middle ? With Sadlier and Kodua out wide ?

  • I think that’s the best we could hope for. After playing on an allotment on Wednesday there’s no way some of those players could start.

    Opportunity for squad players who have bags of talent just haven’t had a chance.

  • Brilliant exciting line up !!!

  • Let's smash the dirty Herts bastards and their glorified Weeble of a manager

  • I accept this is somewhat childish but can someone come up with a song for Lubala to this

  • Shame Low isn't out there, as he's the sort of brutal player you need against this lot.

  • Of course everyone COULD just have been dropped after such an abject performance on Wednesday…

    I actually assume however that todays line up is based entirely on who will recover from their bruises after today’s assault…

  • That's not childish - that's exactly what his song should be!

  • Best bench we’ve ever had?

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