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Man of the Match - Peterborough (H)

Wow - it seems unfair to give it to one player!

  1. MOTM?94 votes
    1. Stryjek
    2. Grimmer
    3. Low
    4. Tafazolli
    5. Vincent-Young
    6. Potts
    7. Butcher
    8. Taylor
    9. McCleary
    10. Sadlier
    11. Kone
    12. Wheeler (sub)
    13. Lonwijk (sub)
    14. Vokes (sub)
    15. Leahy (sub)
    16. Lubala (sub)


  • It’s got to be Low hasn’t it? But generally a very impressive performance. Sadlier and Taylor both brilliant, KVY with a spectacular move for the first goal, Butcher working hard to let everyone else play.

  • Their keeper

  • I went for Taylor - absolutely outstanding performance today. Low obviously also fantastic, Sads his usual fine self, and shout out to Beryl who looks a real find.

  • Only one winner tonight...

    Their keeper, o.g. and two assists.

  • Tough one

    Low, Taylor, Sadlier & Potts were all superb.

    Went for Taylor too as it was most definitely his best game for us so far.

  • Nigel Misclijk

  • First time this season I've voted for him, but Dale Taylor, he was fantastic. Joe Low a close 2nd

  • Low for me, Taylor great too, can't ignore KVY...but overall a quality team performance, everyone putting in a serious shift.

  • Potts. Absolutely outstanding. Can’t believe he hasn’t had a mention yet. Far too good for us. Low was fantastic too.

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    Taylor has slotted into that attacking midfield role really well and today was his best performance in that position. Great tenacity (almost Scowen like) and incredible skill on the ball. Gets my vote too.

    But everyone battled brilliantly and we played the ball mainly on the deck.

    It was good to see Koné popping up at the right place a couple of times, including (ironically) when having a shot saved by a goalkeeper who didn’t exactly distinguish himself. (Understatement of the Day.)

  • can't ignore KVY

    @HolmerBlue is gonna give it a go!

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    He is outrageously skilful and quick going forward (seemingly determined to demonstrate at every opportunity qualities that we had previously not observed).

    Defensively ? Not too sure.

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    Taylor for me, MB has found him a position he is excelling in and boy was he a joy to watch today.

    Special mentions for Low, KVY and Potts.

    Now let’s go smash Bolton, Oxford and Stevenage.

  • Went for Sadlier so as not to look biased in any way. Low, Potts and Taylor also had a great day. Vokes to come on and score every game for the rest of the season?

  • I voted for KVY because I don’t think I ever have before.

  • Haha. He definitely wasn't up for MotM today. Look, for the first goal he was great I agree. But he just doesn't look like a defender to me, I'd rather have a natural left back playing left back, not an attacking right back. I do agree he looked decent going forward, but I'm a little old fashioned, I like my defenders to be able to defend ? The one positive I do see is that maybe Leahy can play in midfield more often, as I think he's a bit wasted in defence. Anyway, let's be happy, we won !

  • I gave it to Taylor, he maybe wasn’t the best player in the team but that is the best performance he has put in by a country mile.

    Low was probably the best player. Immense. And fired up throughout which was clearly contagious.

  • If Peterborough do go up I betcha they're going to be whacking in a bid to sign Low in the summer.

  • Dale Taylor was excellent.

  • I gave it to Tafs today.



  • I voted for Butcher but actually I think Taylor was best today.

  • Taylor. Easily his best game for us. I’ve not seen what others seemingly have at times, all be it in short bursts, but he was excellent today.

    Potts & Low a close second. Sadlier also very good.

    It feels great to be able to talk about a game and the players with such positivity. It’s been a while.

  • Bilokapic was rated at 3.20 by FotMob. It's very rare for a player to get below 5.

    It rated Ajiboye at 8.31 and POTM. Top Wycombe players were Grimmer (7.82), Sadlier (7.79), Kone (7.69). I don't know how they calculate the scores, I often disagree with them. I voted for Sadlier but could easily have picked a few others.

  • I thought that aside from the goal Grimmer struggled a bit today.

  • This was a hard game to call MOTM for. I went Jow Low, but so much excellence. Sadlier would have been my runner up.

    Player of the Season is set to be a nightmare to vote for, which is ironic considering how difficult this season has been.

  • Taylor was a joy to watch today. I would love us to sign him permanently this summer.

    Taf and Butcher were superb. Butcher just shaded it fo me

  • Taylor bossed that position. He was class.

    All defence were outstanding - Max barely had to make a save.

    Butcher looks so comfortable, but I wonder where he fits in a team with Scowen and Potts fit.

    KVY was excellent, Leahy is technically one of our best players but have we tried to "shoehorn" him in for that reason?

    We were OUTSTANDING today,

  • Taylor reborn for me. Sadlier second, Low third.

  • They cannot complain we were big, ugly cheats today. Played some good football and deserved the win. Also a big **** you to the group of Posh yoof who tried to pick a fight with me (I mean really???!) in the corner shop before the game.

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    I heard they'd been sent, under cover, by McVities to assert the superiority of biscuit-based snacks, @Wendoverman. Were you buying a potato-based alternative, by any chance?

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