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Current squad statistics

Here is the latest periodic update for squad statistics, along with the top ten historically (league era) for each (and which active player is closest to breaking into the top ten.

A few observations:

  1. JJ remains just shy of 400 appearances and 100 goal involvements. Hopefully he can get there before the end of the season.
  2. Vokes needs 4 goals to break into the top ten historically.
  3. Leahy's 8 assists mean he could break into the top ten historically for assists as early as next season, at the current rate.
  4. Hanlan's injury means he will not cross 100 appearances until next season.
  5. Scowen will likely break into the top ten for appearances next season, too.



  • Let’s once again doff our caps to Bayo

  • That is a good piece of work @Shev . Thank you for doing that, it is very interesting. 👍👍.

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    Jacobsen hitting 400 with a goal and captaining us on the last day of the season would be a great end to his time here.

  • I'm surprised at how low Vokes' assist tally is, I was expecting double that.

  • 99 "goal involvements" in 397 games for a LB really is some stat. 44 goals! Wow.

  • Not that wild when you consider a fair chunk (how many @Shev?) are penalties

  • I make it 27 penalties, though 17 non-penalties is still pretty decent for a left back!

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    My bold prediction: Kone will end up in top ten for goals historically. I say this because of his young age and expected development arc - I don't think anyone else will come in for him for at least a couple of seasons, so I could see something like:

    23/24: 5

    24:25: 12

    25/26: 14

    26/27 (if still with us): 17

    Lots of ifs and buts, but (there's another one) I think the above return of 48 would not be unreasonable (and may be conservative) if we keep him through 26/27, and he would be pushing low 30s even if we keep him through 25/26, hopefully.

  • Solid! I can think of one or two from open play as well.

  • Plus taking all the set pieces for a physical team.

    However, it doesn't take away he's been an absolute joy to have here.

    Just hope he gets a few run outs and doesn't fade into retirement as 3rd choice left back barely getting near the bench

  • I make it 5 corner goals?

    2 vs Lincoln at home

    2 vs Fleetwood (one home, one away)

    1 vs Blackpool away

  • This seems right. I have been hoping for years that the club would release a "best JJ corners" compilation, as he also has had two or three disallowed, some that needed a tap-in from an inch out when going in, and many which rattled the woodwork or required a significant save.

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    Serious lack of width in the midfield but you could make a pretty decent XI from that top 10 of appearances.


    Senda, Stewart, Jacobson, Vinnicombe

    Bloomfield, Brown, Simpson, Ryan

    Akinfenwa, #11

    I didn’t realise Bayo had made it onto that list. What an incredible player he was for us.

  • Thanks for the stats, makes very interesting reading.

    I suspect the stats may not include figures for players who were with us when we joined the FL.

    Keith Scott for instance scored a total of 98 goals for us with 38 being after we joined the FL.

    Dave Carroll scored 49 goals while we were in the FL and made 358 appearances.

  • Jason Cousins made 368 appearances after we joined the FL

  • Those JJ numbers are incredible. A bona fide Wycombe legend

  • Akinfenwa's numbers are astounding, a goal / assist very 2.5 games and 100 overall. Is it any wonder that we struggled for those first few months post Bayo.

    JJs numbers are amazing. I think we have really missed his leadership on the pitch and his ability to sniff out danger. He was the king of the last ditch covering tackle, epitomised by that challenge against the franchise in the play offs. You can see it here around 1M20:

    Wycombe reach 2022 League One play-off final despite loss! | MK Dons 1-0 Wycombe | EFL Highlights - YouTube

  • One of the statistics that surprised me most was the number of appearances (250) made by Bayo Akinfenwa. A significant proportion would have been as a substitute, no doubt. Even so, truly remarkable considering that AFC Wimbledon had written him off. A true, much missed legend. I think we’re only just recovering from his departure.

    I recently rather mischievously commented, in the context of King Koné’s remarkable scoring record across a wide miscellany of matches, status-wise, how good it would be to have a striker who scored every four games. Well, taking his goalscoring record over 118 appearances, Sam Vokes has indeed met that target. Unfortunately, 17 of those 28 goals were during his first season here. A disappointing downward curve.

    I think @Shev’s goalscoring prediction for Koné errs (as he suggests) slightly on the pessimistic side. Ever the optimist, I foresee him, injuries permitting, even matching Al-Hamadi’s achievements.

  • I don't think Wimbledon wrote him off per se, but were looking to change their style of play

  • I would have lost the bet if someone asked me if Wheels had played almost thirty more games than GMac

  • …..there you go then, our Swiss Army knife often goes unnoticed a solid 7/10, whereas GMac has more memorable moments either a 9 or a 6/10.

  • The sad one for me is Taffs at 108. Without injuries he would be pushing double that number.

  • Can't be just league stats only, since you have Kone at 5 when he's made 3 league appearances and 2 Trophy appearances. Don't think Clark, Woodhouse or Ravizzoli have played in the league yet either

    Sure it's a bit of work to put together and not trying to slag it off, but how accurate are your assist stats? Seems like a more modern metric to keep a record of with the expansion of fantasy football so surely they haven't been thoroughly documented for the past 30 years?

  • Good points - I believe it is 'League Era' as opposed to just league stats.

    I am going off transfermarkt for the stats, but it does seem possible that your last point has something behind it. We know Blooms and Bayo officially hold the appearances and goals marks for the league era, but I have no idea how far back the assists category goes.

  • All of the stats are League/FA Cup/League Cup and EFL Trophy added together.

    A lot of the pre 2000 stats are missing. You have Steve Brown down at 278 appearances yet he made 443 in the FL era including cups, he scored 43 times.

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