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  • Agent Samuel clearing doing his best to make Adam’s stay at Ross County a short one

  • To be fair he is right a number of ex wycombe players league 1/2 standard playing or played in the Scottish premiership . Apart from the so called bigger clubs it’s a poor standard. Samuel is a good example of the standard of the players in the lower level teams.

  • Ross County's average gate is 4377 this season, that's 1700 lower than the average in League Two and would be the fifth highest in the National League.

    You could easily have an argument to say they are League Two/National League in size of gates and ground size/quality.

    Looking at all the increased gates in football you do have to wonder why our current owners seem to have it so wrong and we are one of few clubs who have seen a huge decrease in gates.

    For me it is the quality of football on offer, mixed with the lack of points and the highest prices for nearly everything you buy at the club against other League One teams.

  • Clearly if the standard was any better they wouldn't have someone like Adams managing there!

  • We all dislike Adams here and rightly so but he has had a lot of success at times as a manager. I can see why he gets jobs.

  • Have we seen a huge decrease in gates?

  • No but you have to question what on earth is going wrong when Stevenage have doubled their underlying attendance in the last 10 years whilst ours has barely shifted

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    We've lost 8000 (800 a game) supporters in the 10 League games this season over our average gate last season or about a 15% decrease in numbers.

  • However, we still have a number of the well supported teams to play bar Reading at home, which will imrpove attendences you'd hope.

    I'm not sure the quality of the football is as big an influence as price.

    £51 to bring an adult and teenager in middle blocks of Frank Adams or £47 in the wings. Even £33 in the Family Stand is steep. It's crazy pricing with the current climate.

    You can get a family of 4 ticket for Cineworld for £31.96 on Saturday afternoon, which is less than two tickets in the Family Stand.

    Why would a new supporter pay these prices or an occasional. It's ridiculous.

    This of course, is due to the exhorbitant amount of money being paid out in the Premier League and TV rights. I'd be quite happy to see the Premier League go bust so more teams could have a chance and less teams go bust in the long run.

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    For a season ticket holder in the Frank Adams stand, getting last year's price, it was £494, so £21.50 average.

    That feels just about right.

    But to ask someone to pay £29-31 for one game up there is getting pretty optimistic.

    I remember a student getting a £120, 3 year season ticket, and getting in as a kid when they had those different colour square tickets for £4-6.

    I know time moves on sharply, and these are 25-30 years ago, but still.

    You've got to get those kids and teens hooked as they'll be the ones who will form a lifelong bond.

  • I would imagine our late season promotion push will get a few more in so they can get Wembley tickets 😉

  • When this new wave of 13-21 year olds have a middling League 2 Wycombe team instead of a top half League 1 team we will see the true issue of neglecting marketing to younger fans. There are very very few true fans in and around my age bracket. I would suspect we will drop to 3000 attendance by 2030 if we’re in League 2 unless things change fast.

  • May I ask how you would go about marketing to younger fans, @frequentstander . I agree they are the future but not sure I see how to get them interested.

  • It doesn't help, (possibly), that we have had so many "Internationals" in the squad and had, as a consequence, so many Saturday matches called off. Mind you the fare on offer has been pretty poor so that definitely has to be added to the mix.

  • This is his third spell in charge of Ross County, you would have thought he'd have been able to do his research before he walked out of another club that had given him a second chance.

  • It's been an absolute given that Scottish football other than Celtic and Rangers is totally shite, and has been for years. If we played in the Scottish leagues we'd be in the Premier division.

  • If you actually read beyond the headline, most have anxiety because of the cost of food on menus.

    This is because Gen Z are still getting paid 2008 salaries, yet are faced with the bleak reality of 2023 prices.

    If you don't believe me, go look at any entry level job listings which actually bother to give a salary range (most don't because the salary is awful), and compare it to wages from 15-20 years ago. They wont be much different.

  • It's not surprising that we boomers look down with disdain on GenZers, with their hangups about anxiety and depression, and obsession with so-called social media.

    There was none of this nonsense when we were growing up, and if you were struggling to cope you got a clip round the ear, and told to get on with it. These poor snowflakes don't know they're born.

  • When we say younger fans are we trying to attract those coming with their parents or those who lob flares and insult OAPs on away trips and sing about sex offenders at AP?

    I have to admit the last lot don't seem too anxious...

  • I've been to a number of Scottish Championship and League One games this year, and watched several others on TV. In general I would say that attacking play is good and defending poor. Some Championship games I have seen were top half EFL League 1 standard, with some 'thrilling' attacking play.

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    I have to disagree with this. I think it was a simpler world before (and even when I was a teenager, in the 90s). I think the advent of the internet and social media, not to mention the lost time to Covid, has made life much more difficult for young people on many levels, and certainly not carefree as childhood and teenage years should ideally be. People are much more isolated and struggle a lot more socially.

    I think most people are a product of their generation - if you put Gen X'ers in the "greatest generation", they would have behaved like those folks. If you took the greatest generation and had them grow up in Gen X, they would have the same hangups common to youngsters today.

    Boomers can beat their chest about having greater mental fortitude, but they could just as appropriately agonize that they contributed to creating a society where young people struggle so much.

  • True. But 'so-called social media' was ok.

    Should be up to speed by 2030

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    • Dedicated youth-oriented area in the stadium with safe standing and put it as close to the away fans as possible. Something like a ‘U30 singing section’ with more appropriate pricing. Circa 100-300 tickets on a first come first served basis. Allow fans to purchase season ticket in this section. Build a community. Price it appropriately. Allow supporters to build ‘points’ so that they have priority for this singing section /playoff/cup/local away fixtures. Make it into a competition and get the club to publicise who has racked up the most points across the season via social media. Blokes that love football typically love competitions involving their undying love for football. Make it competitive. Hold the data easily accessible on a fan app.
    • Optimise 26-30 age bracket pricing. As another poster has already mentioned, those who have only recently entered the job market have shockingly low wages/salaries and shockingly high rent/bills, especially in Bucks, therefore cannot regularly afford £20+ a pop for a home game. The marginal cost of an incremental terrace sale must be very close to nil, so we should be trying to sell it out every week to maximise revenue. The damage this does to FA stand occupancy can be replenished by the aforementioned U30 singing section.
    • Some sort of bulk buying scheme - group of 4, group of 6, group of 8. Some ‘free’ alcohol / dedicated space to watch the early kick off. ‘VIP’ table options somewhere. Monty’s, Vere Suite, somewhere in the village’s tent? Something along those lines. Tunnel club is a great idea aimed at children but 18-30s mostly couldn’t care less about meeting the players. They want an alcohol fix and they want to feel important for once.
    • Optimise marketing on TikTok / Instagram. We simply aren’t doing enough online. I’ve never seen a single advert for Wycombe Wanderers on social media and I follow the club on socials, I’m in the local area, my whole algorithm is football-focused and I spend hours a day on the social media nonsense. I would surely hit their targeted marketing if they were doing any. Why are we doing nothing?
    • Make the bus free for under 25s. £2 for 26-30. £4 remain for 30+. The difference in bus occupancy for the Reading home game vs the Shrewsbury home game was astounding. 75+ on each bus to Reading vs 20ish on each bus to Shrewsbury. Proportionally, 75 vs 20 is far more significant than the comparison in match day attendances (+200% vs +25%). That screams a pricing issue. Take the hit on the bus fare and make the gain at the ground in the match ticket and beer. Subsidise the bus company loss directly with Carousel. Make them look like the good guys providing a ‘free bus’. Keep them happy. This would definitely be a net revenue gain. You know what else a packed bus does? Gets the club community showing face in the town centre. In the pubs. In the town. In their colours. On a matchday. Oh look at that bus in the middle of town with a big football on the front. It’s absolutely packed with people in light and dark blue. Maybe we should go for once.
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