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Breckin off to the Championship

Recalled by City and off to Southampton, a step up, good luck to the kid.



  • Interesting - I suppose Southampton play a possession based style that might suit him more. I hope he does well!

  • Not surprised, he looked shell shocked after his first game and was unlikely to supplant Phillips, Potts or Scowen given how well the former two have taken to the team & rigours of L1

  • How is this possible given we aren't in a transfer window? I thought loans operated under a similar protocol in the EFL/Championship

  • It's not. The two clubs could mutually agree to terminate the loan, but he can't sign for another club on loan outside a transfer window.

  • Exactly, if he’s recalled he can’t go to Southampton until Jan 1st

  • It’s a shame it didn’t work out but he’s not near the first team, so probably best for all involved.

  • So so disappointing

  • Exactly, how he goes from the games bypassing him here to a playing in the championship I don't know. Some very lazy opinions on our perceived playing style on "X" which is unusual....

  • A big lesson for the club in not taking the first names offered - and certainly not hyping them up before seeing them play. I suspect loans to the Southampton U23s don't count to whatever the EFL rules say.

    Most of all I feel sorry for Breckin whose confidence must've been very badly knocked by this saga. Both clubs have done him a disservice.

  • What a load of rubbish, we gave him a chance and to date it hasn't worked out but he will have learned a lot, nothing in Blooms approach with the other signings suggests he wasn't scouted thoroughly.

    Youth progress isn't guaranteed or linear. If he does end up in Southamptons u23s for a bit with a view to a longer term loan with the first team that might suit him, and I wish him well.

    For every Eze there are probably five Neil Davis's. They had every reason to be hopeful as they were with Potts. You win some you lose some. As for hyping him we do have season tickets to sell and people were hyperventilating when we hadn't signed anyone yet at the end of may.

  • We have done very well overall with loanees. I would say four of the five have been pulling their weight. I feel for Kian, but an 80% hit rate is decent recruitment!

  • Saw something about him possibly going earlier today, but where was the credible source for this?

  • This guy on Twitter claims to be in the know posted this in October

    And then repeated this yesterday

  • Well "FantasyIreland" clearly has taken the lazy approach. Clearly hasn't watched WWFC play at all! 🙄

  • Southampton... well known to be closer to Manchester.

  • Would be nice if Christie Ward was closer to fitness, he could just take his place as a regular on the bench

  • edited November 2023

    Just had a thought, Darius Charles went to Man City to work with their youth setup. Bit of a stretch but I hope there hasn’t been a damaging of reputations from either side with what can only really be described as a bit of a failed loan spell.

    Still, when you take on a raft of loan players not all of them will be successful.

    Good luck to the lad.

  • @Otter87 Yeah, that's the one I saw earlier, not sure whether that's totally reliable, don't remember seeing anything from them before. Shame if he does go, but to me he seemed to be struggling even during the first friendly at Aldershot. Probably a year or two too early for him to have come to us in truth.

  • If you have exceptional skills as Man City claim, you should be able to display them in a league 1 team regardless of their style of play. It didn't stop Eze standing out in a more agricultural Wycombe side!

  • Only seen him for 45 minutes and I have to say it was a debut up there with Janoi Donacien. He looked a mix of terrified and so far out of his depth I felt sorry for him. Yes it was a crazy first half and his confidence must have been shattered being subbed at half time but this is how good players become better players, they learn. After that he has barely made the bench suggesting the management don't trust him one jot.

    Maybe he was a lot more raw than we thought when we signed him and it highlights again the massive gap between U23 football and real football.

  • I hope that this is just a rumour and nothing more. I think he needs some minutes and a bit more exposure which will prob come during the busy Christmas and New Year period if not sooner with injuries & fatigue. Since we signed him, we then also took on Potts and Philips who have hit the ground running and all have a stake in being in the starting XI. It's a manager's headache to fit 6 players into 2 or 3 places on the starting XI. I think Matt might have put a lot of calls and offers out there during pre-season, prob not expecting to land any of them but to get Potts and Philips must have been unexpected in his pre-season planning.

    The gap between the 1st XI and U23 football is huge and I've said this several times that the U23 league is massively over-protected. This is because one of it's roles of the league is to give 1st XI team members minutes to aid their recovery from injury. I've witnessed several games (when I was an official) where one or two of the players (who are prob out of contract / looking to get noticed) has gone in hard but fair in a few tackles in the first 15 mins only then to be taken off. Then heard the staff reading them the riot act before dismissing them to the dressing rooms.

  • Man City may be unimpressed by his lack of playing opportunities, but I'm certain that if MB saw him as having enough quality to play in L1 then he'd be getting some minutes.

    It isn't like we've anything to gain by not playing him, and of course Man City will be talking up his potential as they would hardly be saying he's a dud.

    Truth is that the vast majority of the potential talent that exists at academy level never makes it an senior level. That's the model that they work under.

  • Every U23 game is a friendly. There is nothing at stake. No U23 manager is going to get fired for poor results. Playing sport with no jeopardy is called a hobby or pastime. So when a player like Breckin receives the ball and gets his head up to have a little look around for options he may be surprised when a bruiser is closing him down prepared to kick him and the ball. I also think that there is an attitude issue with U23 players who consider themselves the real deal. You can see from Potts that he puts energy and desire into his game, same story for Phillips, Boyes and Taylor. Some U23 players are just treading water until they can return to the comfort of their parent club.

  • Literally a month ago, a reasonably sensible gasroomer was saying this about Phillips:

    "Phillips needs a rocket. Chance to get sent off. Chance to hold up play when we were under the coach and does Hollywood pass. Generally charging around fouling. How poor is Breckin that he’s missing out in favour of player that is largely a liability in my eyes."

    And that was not an outlier in terms of the analysis being offered. Now Phillips is seen as a star and Breckin is written off on the basis of a poor 45 minutes. Young players can only develop with a bit of time, exposure and patience.

  • It was odd for Manchester City to loan one of their top midfield prospects to Wycombe, though. We've evolved somewhat, but we're hardly playing possession football.

  • To be fair, Philips has massive improved since my comments about him and his game on the 15th Aug against Leyton Orient. I glad that my comments were proven to be wrong and I hold my hands up to that. His energy and passion has really caught the attention of the fans and its great to see someone (who is likely to only be here for a year) showing so much love for the club. I hope that we might be able to prize him away from Palace in the summer but who knows?

    I still have a slight worry that the energy that he shows can sometimes be mis-directed and could it potentially push him over that line? I'd hate for him to get sent off in a tough and physically game leading to us losing the game and/or momentum. I know a lot of other things can happen for a team to loose momentum but it could be a factor?

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