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Top 14 Wycombe seasons by finishing position

edited October 2023 in Football

I thought I would post this here for reference, as Blooms will land on this list somewhere in his first full season if he avoids relegation (as this is the complete list of all league seasons out of L2 that did not end in L1 relegation), so it can be brought back up later to see where. Points gained are the first tiebreaker, and overall finishing position of the 92 is indicated in parentheses too, as it could be a second tiebreaker if we ever happen to come 6th with 78 points again (as that was before realignment).

  1. Championship 20/21: 22nd (42nd) 43 points - Ainsworth
  2. League One 19/20: 3rd (47th) *59 points - Ainsworth
  3. League One 22/23: 6th (50th) 83 points - Ainsworth
  4. League One 94/95: 6th (52nd) 78 points - O'Neill
  5. League One 22/23: 9th (53rd) 69 points - Ainsworth/Bloomfield
  6. League One 01/02: 11th (55th) 64 points - Sanchez
  7. League One 99/00: 12th (56th) 61 points - Sanchez
  8. League One 95/96: 12th (56th) 60 points - Smith
  9. League One 00/01: 13th (57th) 59 points - Sanchez
  10. League One 97/98: 14th (58th) 60 points - Gregory
  11. League One 18/19: 17th (61st) 53 points - Ainsworth
  12. League One 96/97: 18th (62nd) 55 points - Gregory
  13. League one 02/03: 18th (62nd) 52 points - Sanchez
  14. League One 98/99: 19th (63rd): 51 points - Smillie

*Oh, and if we ever come 3rd in L1 again, we will have to go to PPG! Or take the result of the playoffs into account!

I do find it interesting to see who did what. And at a time where Ainsworth is embattled in his current role, it's nice to see statistics around his legendary run here.

I personally loved the 18/19 season, where we stayed up as a fan owned club with no money (a very underrated achievement owing to the more glamourous things we have done), and this was actually the 11th best ever finish too, which really could have been solidly higher without that terrible run late in the season.

Here's to Blooms hopefully writing his name in our lore over the next several seasons!


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