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Cricket World Cup



  • I read a BBC piece yesterday that speculated 50-over cricket might be on the way out? Is that realistic?

  • edited October 2023

    Looks like it’s already gone for England. The total obsession with batting aggressively regardless of the situation has really come home to roost.

    Surely the approach today should have been to revert to a more “Test Match style” of batting, building over the full 50 overs to a total of 250-300. That would have put a degree of scoreboard pressure on a Sri Lankan side who’d have been more tired from three and a half hours in the field than they are going to be after an exhilarating couple of hours savouring England’s suicide.

    Absolute crap.

    Cue Woakes taking a ‘five for’. Joke.

  • Just heard a hearty voiceover announcing the unmissable upcoming fixture of India v England.

    Can’t wait.

  • Transfixed by closing overs Australia v New Zealand.

  • The ECB really do have a lot to answer for.

    Firstly, the nonsense that is The Hundred - a format no one else wants to play whihc might be a commercial success at the moment but it will dwindle & wither as The Big Bash & the IPL grow ever more powerful.

    Secondly the commercial ineptitude of the ECB for not commercilly protecting the T20 format when they first devised & introduced it; leading to the commercial success of the IPL & The Big Bash without any royalty payment back to the ECB.

    Thirdly turning the One Day Cup into a 2XI tournament by scheduling it at the same time as The Blundred, meaning none of our leading players participate in that version of the game outside of the odd tour game or The World Cup.

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