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Anis On The Bench Again



  • Roofs to the subs benches ? They’ve only been in place for three seasons. Ask @Wendoverman or @bluntphil who had to move across the pitch to the Frank Adams stand because they were blocking his view.

  • I got into trouble at lunch in the Old Oak yesterday (embarrassing mrs micra) for pointing out that there is no such thing as a main meal. What one of our group referred to as a main meal was a main course.

    Meals used to compromise a starter, a main course and a dessert. One local pub has small plates, large plates and desserts. I can live with that and all the other creative descriptions but main meal for main course will forever stick in the gullet.

  • That attitude is why so many clubs are in financial trouble. Bristol City, whilst not exactly a small club, still need to generate income from developing players for onward sale in order to balance the books.

    I think Gareth Ainsworth would be appalled with your short term view of running a football club. Obviously, the big clubs like your Liverpool have the finances to operate in this way, but most can't responsibly.

  • Was he CEO or something like that? I always imagined him as the link between the board and the staff, but i've honestly got no idea.

  • This is genuinely the first time I have heard the concept of it not being a manager's job to develop young first team players. I'm not being being sarcastic, just surprised. I thought that would be very much within the job remit, as opposed to "develop yourself, or else."

    If Pearson genuinely does not see developing Mehmeti as part of his job, it would at least explain the mystifying lack of opportunity. Thankfully, GA did see Anis's development as part of his managerial responsibility, so we saw significant improvement that helped us as a team.

  • If Bloomfield doesn’t see he has a responsibility to develop Kian Breckin by playing him regardless …

    We are as ‘guilty’ as any club on signing and not playing players rated by others.

  • I’m sure the person serving you on minimum wage was super glad that you pointed out that issue with the menu that they had no involvement with.

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    I'm sure it was a genuine human error, but if you want the whole meal replayed maybe Jurgen can have a word with them?

    However, isn't lunch the main meal of the day anyway?

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    I stand in front of my cramped main stand seat so I can see Sam Vokes excelling on the pitch perfectly well from behind the benches. @bluntphil was not obscuring my view as far as I recall @micra but am happy the Frank Adams has someone else enjoying the ample leg room. 😀

  • Probably the club is responsible for developing young players. Managers come and go but the club model on development and coaching remains

  • I understand that perspective, but the big difference is that Mehmeti was playing well in the Champo as a raw nineteen year old, and had further developed in the following seasons. If Breckin was someone who had played well in League One already and did not sniff the pitch, that would be a better comparison.

  • Also, Bloomfield signed Breckin - I suspect Nigel Pearson did not sign Mehmeti, or at least not as directly as a manager might do at a smaller club.

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    I still think he's an arsehole, though, and not just because he's letting an incredible talent rot on the bench. He's shown over the years that he's a bully.

  • I’ll be totally objective and say we don’t know what anis is like at Bristol. Ainsworth and Dobson were renown for looking after young players and old with a warm attitude. Anis and his people knew what Pearson was like and warm is not an adjective used about him. He knew the step up would come with a new level of scrutiny and pressure. So it’s possible that Bristol Anis is different to Wycombe Anis.

    IMHO he moved six months too soon and to the wrong manager

  • There’s another difference. Breckin is a Man City player, and Man City have the responsibility to develop him as a player.

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    You must get a warm feeling when hearing the likes of MON referring to the "football club". No-one else has this odd obsession with football club v football team that you do.

    Tip, don't read this week's BPF.

    Not only do they say tomorrow's game is at home, but the writer of the report of the Carlisle game has a most bizarre writing style.

    Constantly saying how things "would" be.

    Mccleary "would be" inspired, Vokes "would" go close. Leahy "would step up" etc

    Very strange style of writing.

  • Pearson was recommended Anis by super scout Steve Walsh, one of his best mates in football.

  • Lovely philosophy if it wasn’t so naive. Have a look at the turnover of managers in every division in every season then come back and tell me that developing players is a more important priority than results. I wholeheartedly agree that managers should be given the time to develop young players, but such is the pressure from fans and owners for instant success that they simply don’t have the time. I’ve lost count of the number of managers who have told me that player X is a promising prospect but isn’t ready to play in the first team because the manager is under pressure to get results. If QPR gave GA the time and length of contract that he had at Wycombe I’m sure he would take a different approach, but at the moment his number one priority is survival.

  • Why would a manager not at least give a promising young player with previous Championship experience at least a run out on the pitch when his team is 4-1 up?

  • I’m not saying it’s right-quite the opposite in fact-but the average tenure for a Championship manager is just over one year and almost fifty percent are sacked every season. Given the immense pressure to get results, it’s just not feasible for managers at that level to make the development of young players a priority, they simply aren’t given enough time.

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    I’m not sure what the delightful, polite young lady serving us has to do with this. Certainty on your part about a young person on minimum wage being “super glad” (ugh) is strange and irrelevant.

    I simply asked someone whether they were having fish and chips as a starter or a main course. (Because of our advanced years and diminished appetites, we are given the option of half sized portions.) She replied that she would have it as a main meal. It’s as simple as that. No waiting staff were involved.

  • Sorry @Twizz. I don’t understand what you mean by your main comment. No errors were made. No menu was involved. As I said in my post of 12.30 am, I asked one of our group whether they were having fish and chips as a starter (half portion) or for the main course. The point I was making related to the fact that so many people nowadays (incorrectly in my opinion) refer to the main course as a main meal.

    I’ve no idea what you mean about Jurgen having a word with them. We and most of our family, friends and acquaintances have the main meal of the day (dinner) in the evening.

    Life really is too short.

  • That’s a good question but only one person knows the answer and that’s Nigel Pearson. I wasn’t defending him, simply asking why a poster wrote ‘F..k off Nigel Pearson’ because he has chosen to leave Anis on the bench. It’s the manager’s choice and he stands or falls by those decisions.

  • I refuse to dine in any bistro that refers to pudding as 'dessert.'

  • @micra ’dessert’ !! dear oh dear. It’s pudding old love, unless of course you call a sitting room the lounge and a sofa a settee. And of course dinner is consumed out of home, the evening meal being supper etc.

  • It’s an absolute descriptive nightmare out there, @perfidious_albion. Pudding is so ‘fifties. We have a lounge and no sitting room and I think I edge towards sofa. We stay inside for dinner except on rare occasions.

    Like accents, the differences between us are to be treasured or at least respected. Not “main meal” to describe a course though !

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    And woe betide anyplace that puts Black or Yorkshire pudding anywhere other than at the end of the meal.

    Mmmm, black Pudding and Custard.

  • Yorkshire pudding is an essential part of a ‘full English’ breakfast in some establishments up this way

  • What does one call a sitting room if one does not also have a drawing room?

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