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Wycombe legends or icons who also hold a similar status with other clubs

edited September 2023 in Football

I was trying to think of some of the best examples of Wycombe legends who hold a similar status elsewhere. On a managerial level, Martin O'Neill is an obvious one with Leicester, as is Steve Guppy for the same clubs. How about players? Some of you old timers can help further back. Some recent examples, though I don't know if Tyson qualifies as a Forest icon or legend, considering their successful history?


Wycombe: 250 apps, 60 goals, 40 assists.

Northampton: 188 apps, 74 goals, 26 assists.


Reading: 270 apps, 46 goals, 24 assists.

Wycombe: 127 apps, 23 goals, 20 assists.


Nottingham Forest: 208 apps, 40 goals, 19 assists.

Wycombe: 140 apps, 53 goals, 11 assists.

Honorable mentions for less than 120 appearances with either us or the other club: Gareth Ainsworth, Joe Jacobson, Luke O'Nien.


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