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Match day thread: Blackpool



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    +6 mins added. Scowen the only lengthy treatment (maybe 2 mins), both teams using their full sub ‘instances’ (6 x 30) seconds, plus a goal celebration. Whisper it quietly, but this adds up to a Wycombe side who led from the 13th minute not wasting time, or overtly ‘managing’ the game...

  • Fantastic result, for context, Blooms and the new team (late signings hampering the situation) being 2 -0 down and Max saving a penalty with Grecians singing " We are top of the league" 2 minutes 36 seconds in the first game of the season.

    Delighted to see 13 out of points 15 given the start is fabulous.

    Off topic, The Three Kings (2020) documentary about Stein, Busby and Shankly is one of the best football documentary films I've seen.

    It would bring a tear to a glass eye.

    Turns out it is indeed, a beautiful game.

  • We were solid again on Saturday without pulling up any trees. I thought Blackpool were pretty poor. I'm not sure we will get away with only two in midfield and three up top against teams who play with a lot of width and pacy wingers, so it will be interesting to see if we adjust for those types of teams.

    Finally, a cracking ball into the box and Vokes delivers. Boyes then put another one in a few minutes later which had their defence scrambling. After that we seemed to stop trying to get into those areas and deliver that type of ball.

    It was great to watch Jordan Rhodes, he's far too good for this level, his movement was brilliant. He was a cut above but the rest of his team were not on his wavelength half the time.

    Games against 17th & 18th are then followed by a tough October with matches against 3 of the top 6, 5 of the top 12 and the bottom two. By the end of October we will have a real idea of where we are. Which I think will be in and around the play offs if we keep improving as we have been.

  • Winning and not firing on all cylinders is good by me. Potts had one particular moment that showed how laughable it is that he is playing at tier 3. He tricked so many of their players that one simply had to hack him down. He will learn that lesson but shows what a joy he is, I suspect we will speak of him in Eze terms in years to come.

    Once we get confidence players like Hanlan playing with swagger I think teams will set up differently against us. Then we will see what we have to deal with.

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    It was certainly Potts' best game for us. He's learning the rigours of league football. Much better out of possession and on second balls. He's always shown creativity and vision of a player that belongs at a high level. By 2024 he could be scarily good for this level.

  • According to Neil Critchely Blackpool have received an apology from PGMOl, the Vokes goal should have been given as offside and the Rhodes goal should have stood.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Didn’t think they had VAR capable cameras at our level to provide that level of certainty

  • They certainly look that way on the replays.

  • Vokes deserves a bit of luck after those ridiculous disallowed goals last season

  • Neil Critchley and the PGMOL need to do some research on the Butterfly Effect. Rhode's disallowed goal would never have happened if the Vokes goal had already been disallowed.

  • The sort of annoying, pointless stuff the league do, as now Blackpool will think they were massively hard done by, when the truth is we were comfortably on top in that game.

  • Something Wycombe fans would never do

  • I simply don’t see how this helps anyone least of all the officials. I’m up for a PGMOL statement when an official makes a howler that is an mis interpretation of rules etc but scrutiny to this level without the support of VAR at our level is stupid.

  • Agreed. These were both two pretty close calls which it is reasonable for the officials to have got wrong. If (and that’s a big if) PGMOL have in fact apologised then that’s a mistake which benefits no-one.

  • There's something else going on here too, not sure if it's a lack of confidence, a bit of confirmation bias or something that would be seen as close to leading the witnesses in court, I think we are starting to see with VAR how refs will change their story when doubt is cast onto a decision, all very good putting your hands up and saying I might have made a mistake but in some cases they were right and they feel pressure to change that or apologise anyway.

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