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Match day thread: Blackpool



  • Let's Go Brandon chant would make the owners happy

  • Good win and a pretty good performance all round. Roll on next week!

  • Good win, but Max kept us in it. I'd like to see us actually try to keep the ball. We conceded possession from the 46th minute. If we were away, that's the perfect showing, but we do need to be more authoritative at home with these ball players

  • I thought that was our best performance this season. Totally competent. Defensively outstanding. Superb. Very positive.

  • My thoughts exactly. We had total confidence in our defensive shape. And Max to save us when it does break down

  • Straightforward enough in the end. 13 from 15 now.

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    Lots of toys being quietly and sheepishly gathered back into prams on Facebook over the past few weeks.

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    Steve Brown (Co-comms) sees great potential in Brandon but he suggested in the first half that he might be more successful as an impact sub.

    I thought he was disappointing in the first half then he scores a goal before I get back to my seat after half time. I suspect the jury may still be out because of his inconsistency but, on balance, I guess the majority are happy that he stayed in the knowledge that recent rumoured serious interest means that he will probably go for a substantial amount in due course. In the meantime he can play a big part in keeping us in or near the playoff places.

  • I'm going to have to miss more games. That's 3 wins from 3 when I've not managed to watch either live or from Vipienne.

  • I’m still not convinced we are playing that well but points keep coming. Long may it continue.

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    I liked how disciplined we were today - holding the shape under pressure. Wonder what Leahy makes of being moved back to central defence but he's good there (why is it that all our non-central defenders seem to be excellent when played there - JJ, Grimmer, Leahy etc)

    We still need to get better at getting the ball into the box - playing a 442 would allow the wide players to move higher up and do what they did today for both goals far more frequently - but Matt does seem wedded to the formation now. And hey, it's paying dividends in results.

    Interesting how we've reduced the number of young loanees we play together. Boyes and Potts seem the most likely starters - Phillips, Taylor, Breckin maybe impact subs. I like Taylor a lot but he really did fluff that absolute peach of a pass from Wheeler.

    Max very good today. And the pink kit is really nice - kudos to him for matching the white shorts with white boots. Very stylish look.

  • Somehow, however pretty, pink and white look a bit incongruous on toughie Max. Call me old-fashioned….,,.

  • I would be incredibly worried if we played a 442. We’re shocking in transitions. When we set out with distinct structure (today) we were outstanding. Defensively so so good.

  • Very much better performance all round, everyone felt more at ease on the ball and if the saves Max produced today had been in the prem they would have been talking about it for weeks.

  • What a great day!

    Found a parking space right next to the main gate for £5

    Enjoyed a pint in the Heineken lounge

    Saw probably our best performance of the season, with two forwards scoring

    Solid defence, Blackpool weren't able to threaten much

    Correctly predicted the 2-0 scoreline.

    And back home by 5:30. What's not to like?

  • Best performance since Bloomfield took charge.

    We're starting to settle into a clear defensive shape, forcing teams to go round us or over the top and trusting Low/Forino/Taf to deal with everything in the air. They almost never leave the width of the posts and, although we allow teams to cross the ball, it normally looks comfortable defending with 2-3 6ft 4in+ mountains.

    Last 4 league games we've conceded very few clear cut chances. Stryjek can be counted upon to stop far more of the 'saveable' half chances than your average Lg1 keeper. As a result we look pretty tough to score against at the moment. That's a dramatic change from the first few games. Management and players deserve plenty of credit I think.

    I thought Vokes had his best game in a long time. He won a lot more in the air than Blackpool's attackers, who were largely dominated by Low and Forino. That difference shifted the whole balance of the game in our favour.

    MOTM Leahy - brilliant as an auxiliary LCB. He was clearly well prepared to deal with defending back play crosses and did fantastically with 3 or 4 defensive headers first half that could easily have been awkward for someone playing out of position. What's more, he gave us extra quality of pass from defence, which really helped us gain territory and possession with balls into the channels.

    I don't think there has been a dramatic shift in style, formation or attitude. It is just lots of little details that have improved, generating more cohesive, controlled performances.

  • Best game of the season easily. Blackpool looked really ordinary and we dominated much of the match. Some fabulous saves from Max, Low was solid, Vokes won loads in the first half. The substitutes really took any sting out of Blackpool in last few minutes. However, KVY looked lost at times, was a poor performance from him.

  • Good performance Leahy, Low, Scowen and Vokes seem to be the spine of the side now...I am not sure what Matt said to Hanlan at half time but he was a different player second half. Potts and Boyes were also good today I thought. Low and Leahy are great buys.

  • Fantastic result and on equal points as 5th having lost our first two games.

    Form team and not even in form yet.

  • What about that bit of skill from Hanlon where he seemed to nutmeg his marker with a back heel? Outrageous

    Need to watch that back to work out exactly what he did

  • Potts did something for the highlight reel too, seemed to go past a few people in a nice bit of close control.

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    As Roy Keane would say “But that’s his Job”.

    Never fails to amaze/amuse me when some one says “If it wasn’t for *player X* doing that thing that stopped the opposing team from scoring, they would have scored…”

    ….Well yeah, obviously.

  • Excellent rational post. The best I’ve seen for a long time. Thank you for your contribution.

  • I think Potts has now overtaken Breckin and Philips as our best on-loan midfielder. His calm and mature present has allowed him to slot into the midfield next to Scowden. He also has the composure to pick out a pass too.

    I still think Beckin has a lot of potential but needs to wise up to competitive 1st team football and Philips will come good as the season continues, just needs to get more minutes umder his belt in our current system

  • Comparing those 2 to Potts is like chalk and cheese though.

  • 60 minutes of excellent football. 30 minutes on the back foot. A decent all round game.

    Max’s saves kept us in it. Vokes missed a sitter. One managed to stay out when it went right across the goal mouth. So they cancel themselves out in my mind.

    An 80% performance and a comfortable win is a good sign for me. Potts is growing every game.

    Hanlan is the talking point for me. A finish of superb technical skill. Some aggression in the right places. Powerful runs. Good tackling back. And then he drifts off. We need to get him engaged for more of the game, he can do it, he can destroy teams. Maybe taking him off at 80 minutes would have been better.

    A happy Saturday

  • Equally lots of people pretending they were never in the slight bit worried despite getting utterly throbbed early season 🤣

  • The point is people have said we were defensively solid. I'd argue, as Max pulled off at least 2 incredible saves with one from about 4 yards out, we weren't

  • One day a Wycombe team and a manager that everyone can support 100% will come along eventually. Probably.

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