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Season ticket process - still no response or monies taken

I have just dropped an email to the WWFC general email address hoping for a response from Richard or someone else regarding the processing of my season tickets.
I dropped my form into the commercial office on the 12th May and have had no communication to-date. I can also see that the monies (for one senior and one adult ticket - main stand p,U.S. Upper tier car park), still hasn't been taken from my account.
As I have said before in a different thread that I am not panicking but I am amazed that our club can afford to leave these payments unprocessed.
Is anyone else in the same position?



  • My understanding from Matt Cecil today, is that Richard is still away?

  • Why the panic, the season doesn't start for another couple of months.

  • I doubt the club are desperate for your 500 quid. we have hardly any players left to pay.

  • It is not panic mooneyman, far from it. If my ยฃ661 is multiplied as a result of other such cases, then the club may be leaving a lot of money on the table. That is my point.

  • Employing ANOTHER to do the job would cost more.

  • Really! So if this incident is multiplied tenfold for example, then employing a temp for a month to get the backlog sorted would actually be small fry. However, I am not asking for that just confirmation that things are being processed. After one month I think that is a reasonable request. Richard, Lilly etc are great people but obviously fully stretched due to this very cumbersome process.

  • I think there are more serious problems in this world than processing your payment!

  • In the world? Of course. But you'd expect processing of season ticket monies to be a priority wouldn't you?

  • The season ticket application process hasn't exactly been designed to take pressure off the office staff. The application form was a poor piece of communication - the instalments section was so vague I had to call to get further instruction.

    There was also a period of insistence that you had to fill in a form before you could buy over the phone, which was eventually dropped.

    Buying a season ticket should be painless. There are too many stories floating around here demonstrating that it's not been the case this year.

  • Clearly there are massive discrepancies and the process sucks. I have still not heard anything and would have expected the payment plan to kick in. Whilst others are merrily up and running. The football club aren't the only ones who have to budget - us poor minions do too. You have to work really hard for WWFC to take your money ... Even the share scheme seems convoluted when you get under the gloss.

  • As it is a fan's owned club I would imagine that anyone who volunteers to help out for free would be welcomed with open arms.

  • Mooneyman - we must really remain so thankful for your insight and great wisdom. Thank you so much for pointing out that there are greater problems in the world today.

  • @StrongestTeam Bit late if they're just getting to it by August i'd have said.

  • I agree with you Blue . It would cost pennies to hire someone , this is not about bigger problems in the world . It is bout the club making sure as many season tickets are sold as possible . If wingnut is to be agreed with , is it not for the club to realise the problem and ask ?

  • @arnos_grove you didn't have to fill out the form after all? I phoned up, happy to give the club the full amount there and then to renew my season ticket but was told that was not an option.

  • @johnkerrsdivingheade Interesting...I rang up and paid full whack over the phone in about 2 minutes.

    Were you wearing that orange kit when you rang?

  • It took a while from when I phoned up to order my new season ticket but the monies were taken out on Monday.

  • I called and renewed mine and the lady on the phone took all the details and said she would do that no worries
    a week later no money taken so i called and the order had never been done ( she forgot or binned the details ) so i done it all again and the money was taken there and then

  • This thread isn't about the bloody ticket landing on your door mat it's about the convoluted / mute process

  • everything about wwfc is convoluted and slow, especially ticketing and anything to do with the commercial side.

  • If it upsets you that much, volunteer and get down there to help.

    This is a fan owned club. If you don't like something, HELP them sort it out. Moaning on a forum does nothing but create animosity.

  • edited June 2015

    Im not upset with it, I am just stating a fact my opinion

  • @sandsexile said:
    lloyd2084 you forget that people are paid to do the job properly not take weeks to get back to someone..

    Equally you shouldn't forget that it's a very small team of people, probably their busiest period of the year, plus it's in a fairly small window in which the staff get to take a decent amount of time off on holiday...

  • You make a good point Fidget but my issue is with the process. With a little thought the club could have built an on-line application process and still have had the ability to ensure the buyers accepted the terms and conditions. That type of process would have helped take the load off the small number of commercial office staff.
    My position still remains the same. I have not had any communication/confirmation that my form is being processed. For all I know it could be mislaid or whatever. Even with a manual process a simple receipt at source would have avoided doubt for many of us.
    At the end of the day I am only trying to support the club by buying a season ticket.

  • Whilst I don't have a problem with the wait for my ST (or the taking of my money) I agree it would be nice to have had a confirmation of receipt (I got one by phoning up a few days later). When the dust settles there may be some lessons for the club for next season - a better form for one.

    But we are where we are and I'm sure everyone is doing their best and we just need to be patient. It's not like we need it for a while

  • edited June 2015

    My comment wasn't really aimed at you @Blue_since_1990 as I think your situation does warrant some concern. Despite the potential staff issues that I feel they might be facing, I would have expected your application to have been processed by now given the length of time you've been waiting. It sounds to me like your application has been lost somewhere but I'm not sure how you go about resolving the issue, given that you've already chased it up.

    I thought one of the major plusses of season tickets for football clubs is that they get money in up front to help them through the lean summer months when there's no other income. However perhaps the playoff money has helped ease our problem in that respect? However that doesn't help those people who have asked to pay by instalments and now I guess potentially face having the money come out of their account in less than the 3 expected chunks.

  • It's far from being the only business running on a shoe string. Even very large firms keep you hanging on for ages when you telephone them and nothing happens as quickly as a customer would expect so why should the Wanderers be any different?

  • I am sure you agree Wingnut that in business your two key priorities are customers and revenue streams.
    This is my last comment on this topic.

  • To close my input and to be fair to the club, Richard has today notified me that my season ticket application was received and duly being processed. Thank you very much Richard.

  • @sandsexile earlier in the year when we were in the play offs? Or earlier in the year when we sold out our allocation for our last two away games? Or earlier in the year when we were playing every week?

    June is really the only time for ticket staff to have holiday, the problem is our lack of staff, not the time of the vacations.

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