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Attendance Prediction Blackpool (h) - Sat 15th September 2023 - Match No. 7



  • 5,533 with 501 away please

  • Friday evening (Matchday Eve)

    22 predictions in, including my own prediction which is 5269 with 699 away fans

    Average for Total Crowd: 5355

    Average for Away Crowd: 652

    Happy predicting.

  • 5,400 with 600 Seasiders

  • 4,755 including 579 Tangerines.

  • 5400 with 700 from Blackpool

  • 5330 with 620 Seasiders

  • 4,903 with 623 Tangerines

  • 5878 with 467 Blackpool supporters

  • 5328 with 512 tangerines

  • 5,388 with 642 Blackpool.

  • edited September 16

    4650 with 250 Blackpool

    having arrived I’m tempted to go 300-400 lower but will leave as above!

  • That’s a bit disturbing to hear. Are you on your lofty FA perch. I remember often feeling concerned about lack of numbers when I was up there. Such a splendid panoramic view.

    Nostalgic sigh.

  • Been given as 4,691 with 630 Blackpool.

  • What a great decision. There won’t be many (if any) closer.

  • Yes, was in Block Q of the Frank Adams. Quite desolate up there today. I didn’t realise Blackpool had brought so many.

    certainly bolstered the attendance!

  • Around 4,000 home supporters today then (& that figure includes no-show season-ticket holders). Probably around 3,500 in reality actually there. Very concerning but not unsurprising.

  • Spoke to a couple of different people yesterday who’ve moved from the Frank Adams to the terrace due to cost, felt pretty empty in there though so not sure that applies to many

  • Top Twenty for the Total Crowd: [Actual 4691]

    Many congratulations to @Commoner, top of the table and Forecaster of the Week, 41 from the correct total and the only player to predict less than the actual attendance.

    Congratulations to @NewburyWanderer the only other forecaster to be within a hundred.

    I believe that there will be some changes on the 'Tour de Season' competition.

    Top Twenty for the Away Crowd: [Actual 630]

    We were more accurate estimating the number of Tangerines attending our show. Many congratulations to @DJWYC14 who was closest and out by only 7. Congratulations to all those who were within fifty, @a40 and @Will_i_ams tied for 2nd, @A_Worboys and @robin who tied for 4th, @Erroll_Sims and @PJS who tied for 6th, plus @Forest_Blue, @micra and @Onlooker.

    For the away crowd we were pretty evenly split between overestimating and underestimating.

    Top Twenty for the Home Crowd: [Calculated as 4061]

    We all overestimated! Congratulations and hats off to @Manboobs who was the only one of us within a hundred - out by just 25.

    My own views on the low crowd, although obviously they are with hindsight - no home win on a Saturday since Feb 18th - the two recent away wins looked unconvincing - people may have had other priorities after the recent spell of baking weather - the 'away crowd' numbers improve faster than the 'home crowd' numbers as the Adams Park atmosphere and performance improves.

    On the upside that would indicate that barring a deluge we will see more than a little over 4000 home fans for the game against Carlisle on Sept 30th.

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    @railwaysteve also Family Day against Carlisle so we should be looking at a significant increase based on last season.

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