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Injuries and rotation for Sutton

Over the last two games we have become rather thin at CB, going from six to three (though JMac can play there too at a pinch).

With there also being the need to rotate, I am thinking something along the following lines for Sutton, with older legs mostly being rested:




Low or Forino







De Barr (if fit)

Not the strongest team, but I would not want to risk some of the older chaps for a full game, and it would be good for the further development of Potts, Phillips and Breckin.



  • Are tickets available on the door?

  • There’s no way we’re going to play with just one established central defender in the kind of game which I think the new regime will consider more important than their predecessors seemed to consider them.

    For the same reason, I don’t think MB is likely to start with all three of the loanee midfielders.

  • Definitely a valid point. I am just a little concerned at putting minutes on old legs with our squad thinning so quickly. If Wheels could be back by then it would be a nice start!

  • Assume JJ is injured rather than just not making the 18?

  • Not sure we'll be able to rotate too much given the injuries. I assume Potts, Keogh and Hanlan will come in for starts, probably McCarthy as well. Hopefully Wheeler will get a few minutes. McCleary is another who can come in for a start.

    I'd like to think we could play Vokes for 60mins or so, partly because without Taylor he's our only proper centre forward. Also because it would be a chance for him to get a well deserved goal. He's been playing well, but every striker needs that first goal of the season. I have a feeling Blooms might rest him for this one though.

  • You've got to give Shala a start

  • I'd be surprised if Shala starts, I'd think perhaps just the B&B and perhaps a game or 2 in the Pizza Cup at this stage of his development. He's only 18 isn't he?

    Personally I see Tuesday as quite an important game for us. Win that and there's a chance of a big draw, or even failing that, perhaps further progression.

  • Lawrence Shala will be 19 on 11 September. As far as I can see, he’s never played in a competitive match. Maybe for one of the Crystal Palace youth teams but I’m sure he won’t play unless, heaven forbid, anything happens to Max.

  • But we seem to see him as our number 2. I know we can use an emergency loan if need be, but I'd rather Shala didn't come in cold if Max got injured in a league game.

  • Re injured centre backs. I noticed yesterday that when the ball hit Chris F-J hard on the (still heavily strapped) right wrist he let out a scream of pain. Looks like he is playing through a nasty sprain or even break for the cause. Good lad.

  • Personally I hope we select a strong side for Tuesday. Real chance to progress to the third round where we could draw one of the big teams and make some money.

  • As the bigger clubs take this competition less and less seriously (and seemingly as does anyone with any target - be that promotion, Europe or avoiding relegation) there has to be increased possibilities of lower league clubs going back to the semifinals and maybe a final.

  • That, perhaps, is exactly why he should get a start? Give him a little experience incase something happens to max.

    incidentally, what’s the rules on emergency GK loan rules. If you only have two gk’s outside of a window, does that give you a free hand in getting one in on loan?

  • It's something to do with having a certain number of GKs with a certain number of pro appearances (I think 5), so we'd be eligible for an emergency loan at the moment.

  • I wonder if Stewart will be signed on loan in time to start...sorry, Mystic Gary reading into the photo of him doing the rounds at the Rovers game and Blooms stating it was good the window was still open as he would review the injuries in defence and bolster if required.

  • Before anyone jumps on me…that was somewhat tongue in cheek. Somewhat.

  • It was a strange post. The guy looked about as much like Stewart as the guy next to him looked like old friend Alan Smith.

  • Lovers of inane mystical spooky facts may be excited by the following:

    ”He made his professional debut on 11 August as a 100th-minute substitute for Matt Bloomfield against Watford in the League Cup 1st round, which finished as a 1–0 defeat after extra time”.

    Can’t remember whether these games can be shown on WTV or not, but if so, perhaps one for a quiet moment during the commentary @bluntphil ?

    Anyway, I believe League Cup games can no longer go to extra time, but if Lee Angol timewastes for 40 minutes (which is then added back on), scores in stoppage time, runs over to Matt Bloomfield and lifts up an undershirt with “100” scrawled on it, you know why.

  • Lee is very much a club a year man but he is a perennial goal threat and it would be no surprise if he scores tomorrow evening.

    It will be fascinating (assuming they both play) to see how effectively he and Scott Kashket link up.

    We may have to score three to go through to the third round.

    I remember that match at Watford. I sat behind the goal at the Vicarage Road end and felt very proud at how well we played. An abiding memory is how impressive Anthony Stewart was, playing at right back and storming forward into the Watford box on at least one occasion.

  • Nothing mystical, spooky or inane about it as far as I can see.

  • The football database site (see the link in my initial post) is excellent, even giving ages, number of appearances etc of the complete matchday squads.

  • Spooky fact. My Gasroom points score has just equalled my year of birth.

  • Congratulations, but it had to happen sooner or later. I'm 10 years behind you, so that will take a while.

    Meanwhile, I see one the knobheads on here has downvoted your post, obviously his mum has failed to supervise his internet access ...

  • That was the year the League Cup started before the league, for reasons I can't fathom now.

  • edited August 2023

    When you posted that pic, I actually saw beyond the absolutely horrible posting style and thought essentially this is just a bloke, someone's great grandad, who just has the same human foibles as many.

    Then you make a post like that 🤣

  • If Tjay is still a few days from recovery I can see him being released early to join the national team, much like how Reece Styche has been released early from Matlock Town to join up despite still nursing a shoulder injury which kept him on the bench for the past few games.

  • I hope we don't mess round with the starting 11 too much. This represents a great opportunity to get into the 3rd round for only the fourth or fifth (?) time n our history.

  • My eldest grandchild is 11, so being a great grandad hopefully won't happen for a few years yet.

    My point was that @micra posted a perfectly factual and reasonable statement about the number of upvotes matching the year of his birth. There can be no possible logical reason to give that a thumbs down, unless those who did so are complete morons, or have some other agenda.

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