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  • Cannot see us competing with Championship football bidding war and potential wages myself.

  • Neither, but interesting to see we're considering the possibility of bringing him back. I'd look elsewhere, personally.

  • Personally, I think he’s got a lot of the features that we are lacking at the moment. Since Anis left, and before him Bayo, we seem to lack that x-factor or randomness in a player that can cause havoc in a game. A lot of

    He wouldn’t be an automatic starter but I’d have his qualities back in a heartbeat

  • Doesn't sound like anyone is in a massive rush to meet his wage demands

  • 1) The Kone Kult demands answers before any other player is signed.

    2) He ought to go to QPR just to see their fans have their weekly nervous breakdown.

  • Its a no from me. Too expensive, he will want a Championship wage. Too much of an injury risk. We are not creating enough chances for the strikers we have (who will score if we create chances for them) so having another one is frankly pointless. If we move Hanlan on this might open up a spot for another striker but I'm not convinced Uche would be that player.

  • If Uche gets offered a Championship wage by a UK club, I imagine he will take it. Good luck to him.

    If he is not offered a Championship wage by anyone else and we offer a "league 1 wage" who knows he may be interested in taking that as the best offer available.

    I don't see enough games to judge but is Sam Vokes doing enough to guarantee being a starter these days? May a pacier attack be more what we need given the new playing style?

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    The clubs linked with him are Sheff Wed, Huddersfield, QPR and us. Which one of those is going to offer a ‘championship wage’ to a player that hasn’t played regular football for three years, given they’re all in financial turmoil except arguably us?

    I don’t think he’d be a good fit for our team, but if MB believes in him and Hanlan leaves the club to accommodate Uche, then I’d still love to see him back.

  • Agreed @eric_plant. As others have mentioned, his unpredictability can be both an asset and a hinderance to his game. But it's hard to deny that you'd struggle to find a more entertaining striker to watch than Uche. His entertainment value alone is surely enough for us, as fans, to want him back?

    On top of this though, especially if Hanlan does depart, we'll need an extra forward spot filling and Uche offers something very different to both Vokes and Taylor. Admittedly, goals have never been one of his strong points since leaving us, but his record in the second half of the 2020/21 season (in the Championship, I must add) was solid enough.

    This was all whilst playing in what was a very similar system to the one we are playing now under Blooms: 3 at the back with wing-backs (JMac and Fred in 2021, KVY and Boyes now) with a 10 (GMac in 2021, Phillips/GMac/Leahy now) in behind two strikers (Uche and Muskwe in 2021, Vokes and Taylor now).

    What's more, our three possible combinations for a 2-man strike force couldn't be more diverse and would allow greater attacking tactical flexibility:

    1. Taylor and Vokes, hasn't quite clicked so far but a classic little and large combo. With enough playing time together, I feel they could strike up quite a partnership.
    2. Taylor and Uche, can see these two running rampant in behind defences which could play to our new system nicely.
    3. Uche and Vokes, the physicality alone of these two would be enough to cause any League One defence a problem. Uche always needed at least two defenders on him at once. If this leaves Vokes to be marked by only one, GMac (or whoever is playing in the 10) to become more free, not to mention the wingbacks inevitably gaining more space higher up the pitch, then this could work well.

    This, of course, goes without saying that we should not be breaking the bank for him and that his fitness record is deemed sufficient, as it sounds like he's had a few injury issues in the last couple of seasons. If neither of these appears too much of an issue, then it's a no-brainer to me, would love to have him back!

  • Financial turmoil doesn't usually stop Championship clubs continuing to spend recklessly.

  • All the extra added time this season probably necessitates extra players if it doesn't get dropped by Christmas. A genuine goal threat on the bench could make a huge difference this season.

    But everyone probably thinks the same, only so much pound to go round. I wonder if Uches on everyone's back up list and could suddenly be very popular come deadline day.

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    If he's fit and his wage demands are doable, i'd certainly be interested.

    The idea of him and Vokes together could be mouthwatering, with Taylor (who I've not got as much as some have seemingly) as backup.

  • If we signed him, he’d be the first name on the team sheet for me.

  • Uche could certainly 'do a job' for us. I just suspect we don't have the moolah or the kudos of a Premiership bound West London club. 😊

  • Uche undoubtedly provided some stellar highlights and hope in what looked like a forlorn cause in 20/21. But an injury prone, 1 in 5 striker on potentially big money doesn't grab me. Appreciate I might be in the minority.

  • I don't think he fits a possession-heavy system - for all his moments of brilliance, he's far too erratic and unpredictable for his teammates when he has the ball - and he'd be one hell of an expansive impact sub.

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    Is that what we're trying to aim for then?

    I have wondered this season 😗

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    Love to see him back for several reasons not least from selfish point of view I never saw him play live due to Covid

    I don’t think it’s going to happen because we probably can’t offer him the right money and also Matt doesn’t seem to go down the road of signing ex players

  • *expensive impact sub, oops

  • He fits right in with our "zero goal" ethos

  • Superb player, I really hope there's some truth in this

  • Overrated, overpaid and money would be better spent elsewhere

  • I'd have him back, though I get the impression he was keen to get away as soon as we were relegated. In terms of fitting in with Bloomsball, that could definitely make good use of his hold-up play with the ball at his feet. In our time in the Championship that was a huge factor in us having any chance of staying up after the terrible run at the start of the season, without Uche we looked far less effective. If he's anywhere near as good as he was at doing that alone he'd be worth looking at bringing in. Though we're likely to be at the back of the queue for his preferred destinations.

  • If we sign him, will be stop the development of Taylor. He seems to be getting better and better for me. Yes, he's only scored once but his link up play and off the ball work is really starting to come together

  • As much as I want Taylor to have a brilliant season and fulfilling career (and I do think he has the potential to be a great striker for us this year) he is a Nottingham Forest player, so his development isn’t a priority.

  • Taylor has scored a third of our league goals. 😳 He will definitely get a few this term. I would see Uche as a Vokesy back up or vice versa...though doubt he and Vokesy would!

  • An in form Uche offers hold up play, aerial threat, running in behind and goals.

    That’s a mix that none of our other strikers can really match on their own.

    If he’s available (and we can afford him - which is a huge if), get him in.

  • I have been massively impressed with Taylor. I think for both he and Vokes, service has been more of a problem than their own efforts.

  • Ermmm…I may disagree with you politely on that point. ☺️

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