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  • Or three more 'close to home' away trips if the weather carries on like it has been down that way and the FA consult their current map of 'Wessex and its Dependencies' (circa 887) and move the West Cornwall clubs home fixtures elsewhere in the dependencies..

  • I often wonder what managers think they achieve by shouting at referees from the touchline. At non league level with lower crowds its much more noticeable and god it can be annoying. Have to say if I was a ref, I would be professional but if there was a genuine 50-50 call, I would give it against the guy who has been shouting at me all game.

  • Bloody weather has been dreadful this season. Guess what its pouring with rain again now. Really the FA need to anticipate this. Play some week night games early in season before the rain sets in and get ahead of the game rather than be taken by surprise that it rains a lot down west causing inevitable fixture congestion and knackered pitches when the rain comes and postponements happen. Not rocket science surely. It is to the FA apparently.....

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    Thats often what I said to clubs and captains before the game starts. It's human nature and some managers just don't seem to understand that.

    There was one game I refereed where I set the manager up nicely. He had been going at me all half and was waiting for me near the tunnel to "talk" to me as we walked off. In the tunnel, he told me all of the things that I had done wrong and I just kept replying with "Oh really?" and "I'm sorry" in the most sarcastic way possible. When he stopped, I then told him in a most dead-pan voice ever, "If you step back into the dugout for the 2nd half, I abandon the game". Walked into the dressing room, closed the door and he exploded outside!

    After the game, he tried to get my assistants to report me for unprofessional behaviour, which gave him an extra 3 match ban as they reported him too!

    Last I heard, he had been banned from all forms of football for 15 yrs as they had a crime sheet on him longer than Joey Barton, Roy Keane & Gareth Barry all put together!

  • At what level did you referee @Otter87 ?

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    I don't envy anyone who referees at the lower levels. I've known refs who've had their cars keyed (and worse), and that's before you even get to the literal assaults.

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    I worked my way up to Level 4 so I'd referee teams at the same level like Risborough Rangers & Flackwell Health but also an assistant referee for all levels under the National League North or South levels. I did get an opportunity to be an assistant referee for an England Women's U23 international against Sweden's U23 at St George's Park. That team contained most of the squad that played in the Euro victory too

  • I only remember giving a ref repeated stick once in a game, when he'd ignored someone punching our player.

    Gave him my thoughts on his bottling for the rest of the game.

    Week or so later walked into my other teams dressing room and he's only the dad of one of my teammates!

  • Only on the gasroom would a map from circa 887 be referenced

    Love it

  • For most referees, without everyday struggles like family & kids, possibilities are endless for those referees that want to make it to the top. If you are happy to put the FA at the top of everything and work your life around the footballing calendar, they will keep you onside by giving you better games, making your assessor marks improve etc.

    However, when other factors become involved like kids and family time, the FA have a very dim view as they hate it when you are unavailable. You have to work a month ahead of yourself and if you close off 2 weekends (or more) in one month on their availability calendar, your commitment gets called into question which is why I stepped away. I got made to feel awful & guilty as I closed off 3 weekends in one month due to work commitments & then wanting time with wife and kids. Once this happened, I realised that they weren't paying my bills and my family, full-time job & quality of life was more important.

  • Winslow United 5-1 Moulton - Spartan Division One play-off semi-final.

    Winslow had lost both league games to Moulton, 3-0 and 5-1, in the early weeks of the season, but were really at it from the first kick. The mounted attack after attack without troubling keeper, until he made a right howler on 33', slipping over and losing the ball, allowing Courtney Massay to walk the ball into the net. Three minutes later Charlie Rowe made it 2-0, side footing home a precision cross.

    Moulton pulled one back two minutes after the break but the impressive number 9, Liam Enver-Marum, restored Winslow's two goal lead with a delightful chip. Known as Lem, he has extensive National League experience and, at 36 years old, has recently come out of retirement. Two late goals, one by the equally impressive Harry Scott, and a second for Massay, sealed an excellent performance by the Ploughmen, in front of about 200. Apart from the Moulton goal, Winslow's keeper only had to make one other save.

    Winslow play the final on Saturday at Northampton Sileby Rangers, who beat Wellingborough Whitworth 3-1 at home in the other semi-final tonight. I plan to be there!

    The first four goals.

  • Typical ungrateful FA, they give it all the 'respect' stuff but are more than happy to throw the ref under the bus should he make an error. Perish the thought that people have family lives and work commitments that trump the 'pocket money' they get for refereeing.

  • Well done Marlow, into the play-off final on Sunday.

  • Marlow will play Leatherhead on Sunday.

  • MK Irish lost their Spartan Premier play-off 0-3 to FC Romania. In the final on Monday they play Leverstock Green, who won 3-1 at Harpenden Town.

  • Northampton Sileby Rangers 1-3 Winslow United - Spartan South Midlands One Play-off Final.

    After finishing third, Winslow have successfully negotiated the play-offs to win promotion to Step 5, for the first time I think.

    The final was played at Sileby's home ground, Fernie Fields Sports Ground, a really well appointed facility owned by the local council. The grass pitch was in superb condition, and a crowd of around 400, a good number from Winslow, basked in the warm sunshine.

    From the start Winslow were on the front foot and took lead with an own goal from a free kick on 16'.

    Winslow first goal:

    The home side did have a couple of half chances but struggled to make much impact. 1-0 at half time, Sileby equalised on 60' with a superb shot from the edge of the area on the angle. Winslow still looked the better side and restored the lead on 73' through top scorer Aaron King, who had only just come on for the tiring Liam Enver-Marum.

    Winslow second goal:

    Sileby then had their only period of possession and pressure, briefly, before the game was wrapped up in added time by Courtney Massay.

    Winslow third goal:

    A well deserved victory for Winslow, who have the ideal mix of skill and strength, A physical side but not dirty, they are strong going forward, liking to build up down the wings.

    Post-match presentation:

    A lot of players had injuries during the game, with several early substitutions needed. Although well grassed, the pitch was hard, which might explain that.

    Winslow have a lot of work to do, to get the ground up to step 5 standard, and have to complete it by the end of next March. They will probably go into the Spartan Premier, along with champions Northampton ON Cheneks, but who knows what the FA decide on allocations.

  • Today, Marlow attempt to join Chesham United, Flackwell Heath, Amersham Town and Winslow United, in becoming the latest Bucks club to get promoted.


  • Glorious day to be in that part of the world enjoying a game and a pint. Hope they get a bumper crowd.

  • Well done Marlow, all three of their goals came from corners.

  • Final score: Marlow 3 Leatherhead 1. Attendance 1,589. Some interesting games to come at Marlow, Flackwell Heath & Chesham United next season. Bucks’ football on a high.

  • I was at the game. Leatherhead were the better team in the first half but Marlow upped their game after HT and scored 3 almost identical goals from left wing corners. Fast, physical football at this level and you don’t get much time on the ball. Not for the faint hearted!

  • Was at Marlow today, feisty game. Marlow bullied their more skillful opponents out if it in the end, scoring from 3 identical corners. The no 9 was outstanding for Marlow.

    Huge disappointment for Leatherhead who's fans I'd have thought made up half the crowd.

    Entertaining stuff, congrats to Marlow. Will be interesting to see how they get on at the higher level.

  • One year into a two year contract, Tabor has signed an unspecified extension, at O Beach Ibiza!

  • Amersham Town lost their league cup semi-final tonight, 4-1 to Westside at Leg O'Mutton Field, Cobham. Jake Tabor was not in the squad so he finishes the season with 76 goals from 42+2 appearances, with 25 assists and 17 yellow cards. League only it's 64 from 35+1, 23 assists and 16 yellows.

    He came close to Lewis Putman's 81 goals for Oxhey Jets in 2012-13, 52 of those in the Spartan South Mids. He has something in common with Tabor, both have been on trial at Wycombe Wanderers. You may remember Putman having a week long trial with us, towards the end of that season. Nothing came of that, he joined Wealdstone that summer but a serious injury disrupted his time there, making only two appearances. Putman also played for Amersham at the start of last season in the Spartan, scoring 14 from 12.

    Tabor has confirmed in a tweet that his contract was extended for a further year, so he still has two years at Amersham.

  • Update, despite losing the final, Sileby have been promoted to the United Counties Premier South, as one of the top losing points per game teams at step 6.They join Northampton ON Chenecks, the Spartan One champions.

    Winslow have launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise £30,000 for necessary ground improvements, including a new 100 seater stand, to have a total of 200 seats, and completing hard standing on the remaining two sides. Grants are available for some of the work.

  • Ricardo German is one of four signings announced yesterday by Hemel Hempstead. German scored 33 goals and had 10 assists for Chesham United last season.

  • that one must sting a bit for Chesham fans Steve? No love lost there

  • Yes, he did make 14 appearances for Hemel in 2019-20, on loan from Crawley. Hemel are putting together a whole new team, it seems. There were a clutch of signings a few days ago, as well.

    Chesham's highly rated keeper, Zaki Oualah, has also departed. They have signed a couple of defenders so far. I hope they make a go of it next season.

  • yeah, I think Connor Stevens in particular could prove to be very astute. He seems to be very highly rated by Wealdstone fans following his time there.

    The other signing, Jack Cawley, has a Wycombe connection. Anyone?

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