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Beating the Parking Scammers: Your Help Requested



  • I'm not on Facebook, but I do know about that Group. Rye Lido is a notorious zone of entrapment, where the payment terminals frequently don't work, but Civil Enforcement Ltd still send out PCNs.

    In 2019, I helped one of my clients to sue CEL for breaching the Data Protection Act. It turned out that CEL don't even have proper authorisation from the landowner to operate there, and their barrister was embarrassed when the Judge laid into him about that. My client won the case and was awarded damages.

  • It's hard to quantify but best estimates suggest someone dies due to hunger around every 7 to 12 seconds

  • They are absolute tossers in that carpark, and all jokes aside I’m completely with you on all this. The Rye I’m certain gets far less visitors now because of it which is a great shame for current and future generations. I park on surrounding roads if I go there now which is totally unfair on the locals, but it protects my wallet I’m afraid.

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    I've taken less notice of the current state of play with private car parks since my dear mother has got the hint you can't just keep parking in random car parks. The Rye one was one that tried to get her twice, fortunately advice from the wonderfully named forum informed me that the nature of the private company's engagement was not in accordance with legislation, and after being reminded of this in writing didn't pursue the matter further on both occasions.

    @DevC 's devil's advocate arguments might hold water if these companies were acting in good faith. Just a cursory look at their sharp practices would disabuse anyone of any such illusions.

  • What I don’t get, is why our resident landlord thinks it’s perfectly fine to rent-seek on a property he owns, but it’s not ok for the owners of private car parks to do the same.

  • No longer a landlord, sold the flat last month, do keep up.

    The owners of private car parks, if they are pay and display, do get to keep that revenue, which is as it should be.

    The issue is the private companies they employ, who charge extortion fees to alleged non-payers, double what the Council would charge for a similar location. Bringing all that into a consistent model is what this Consultation is all about.

  • What would you do with tenants that didn't pay?

  • I had 5 different tenants in the 11 years that I had the flat.

    All except one paid their rents on time, the other one had a bit of financial trouble between jobs, so I let him catch up over a few months, no problem. I find that if you treat people fairly, they generally do the same.

  • May I be the first to congratulate you on your magnificent score of 882 all (thumbs up and down). Earlier this year I claimed the title of Gasroom marmite. Your own claim to the title is so much stronger that I feel the time has come for me to hand over the baton.

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  • Is that you Alanis?

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    Assuming you own a house for do you justify owning a second property given the current housing crisis?

    Anti -British?

  • What a strange question. None of my previous tenants were in a position to own their own home for various reasons, and if I didn't have a flat to rent at a reasonable price, that would have been one less option for them to find somewhere to live.

    The recent housing crisis is partly caused by a shortage of rental properties, with Government legislation making it less attractive for private landlords to offer properties to rent, and many of them are selling up and getting out of that market.

    We bought the flat originally at auction, in need of refurbishment, and spent £000s getting it to a decent state. The real 'anti-British' actions were those of Thatcher, with her policy of selling off Council houses. That was what triggered a housing crisis.

  • Thanks for the accolade, @micra . Does this mean that I now get the golden key to the Executive Gasroom toilet?

  • The scourge of capitalism is the rentier economy coupled with the con of lower tax rates for "unearned" income.

  • What lower tax rates? All of the rental income I received was included on my self-employed tax returns, and tax was paid on it at the standard rates.

    Or are you suggesting some kind of barmy socialist utopia, where I should just have let people live in the flat rent-free, while they sat around in onesies watching Jeremy Kyle, while stuffing their faces with Jaffa Cakes?

  • You could have saved yourself a lot of time by just writing 'I hate the working class'.

  • Why Jaffa Cakes?

  • Landlords are doing people a favour by hoovering up tonnes of properties and having the incredible good heart to allow them to rent from them remember.

  • Oh dear, the Sparts are out in force again today.

    Nothing wrong with the working class, all of the tenants I had would fall into that category, and we all got on just fine. It's the people who expect the rest of society to fund their lifestyle that I object to, such as my next door neighbour who hasn't worked for two years, despite being perfectly able bodied, but prefers to live on benefits while sitting in front of a 55 inch TV. That's the non-working class.

  • Good for you, sadly many do not do so &/or their accountants find loopholes to allow reduction of net income to minimise tax.

    You are absolutely right that the housing market (both purchase & rental( was well & truly buggered by the changes brought in by Thatcher.

    I do find it an an athema that dividends are taxed at a lower rate than income & that landlords find ways to milk the system (

    There are sadly far too many crap private (& some social) landlords out there.

    I do however belive that in the long term all rental accomodation should be provided by local authorities, in the meantime private rentals should be rent controlled & inspected twice a year to ensure they meet accepted standards. I find it is ludicrous that banks discount the rent people are currently paying when assessing if the can afford to pay a mortgage even when that rent is more than the monthly repayment on the mortgage they are seeking & frankly why should someone else pay your mortgage on a property you do not live in?

  • Q: is ethical capitalism possible?

    (I’m slightly amused by @bargepole’s defence of the rental market - not exactly renowned for its generosity of spirit - and his attack on the car parking owners market - ditto)

    (Should also point out that I am in no way attacking @bargepole and how they go about their business)

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    Yes, a strange choice as they are a metaphor for tax avoidance (cake no tax, biscuit taxed). There are certain Tory tax dodgers whose societal view perhaps @bargepole admires?

  • @bookertease ''Q: is ethical capitalism possible?''

    I can't speak for the whole of the property rental market, in which I know that there are some very bad landlords out there, including some Housing Associations.

    All I can say is that when I acquired the flat, I determined to be the best landlord possible, charging fair rents below market rates for similar properties, and attending to any maintenance and repair issues promptly and without quibble.

    To paraphrase a famous Churchillian saying, 'Capitalism is a very bad system, but all the others have been tried and are far worse'.

  • Well, you'd be completely wrong then.

    I don't admire tax evaders whatever their political beliefs, and it's scandalous that big corporations get away with paying minimal UK tax, while conducting £ millions of business here.

  • Not a fan of the ‘Honourable’ Memeber for North East Somerset then.

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