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Beating the Parking Scammers: Your Help Requested



  • Stevenage and Oxford for freeness.

    MK for closeness to the away end and zoomawayness.

  • Parking regulation talk at a BBQ would, for me at least, suggest it was time to get my coat.

  • The older you get the more parking becomes more and more a consideration.

    I never gave it a second thought in my 20s.

  • Does that mean that after both parties have a few more sherbets in the sun, someone will be shouting “Leave it Bargey, he’s had enough?” after @DevC suggests @bargepole chose a username that negatively correlates in some way with his “Mr Happy” and the Sauvignon Blanc goes flying?

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    It's long been known on the gasroom that certain posters have 2 accounts.

    It'd be absolutely superb if it was confirmed these 2 were the same guy.

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    If either one calms everything down by handing out bottles of beer and starting a long and classy story about pining for his ex-wife, it would get even more confusing.

  • I can’t brie bothered and with @DevC in the game, I think the result is already a fetta ccompli

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    Imagine being dragged to a bbq by your wife where you know nobody. She goes and chats to her mates from yoga and you find yourself cornered in a conversation with @bargepole and @DevC !

    • How long does it take to realise this is a stitch up?
    • What tactics do you employ to extricate yourself?
    • Which Gasroom member do you phone to get you outa Dodge with an (im)plausible excuse?
  • Bargepole has suddenly gone a bit socialist.

  • Easy, just say you’ve parked in a 2 hour space and you don’t want to get a ticket.

  • You keep banging on about these so-called spoof accounts. I thought I had established my credentials, by turning up for the London meet up last week.

    I have no idea who @DevC is, except that he seems to be associated with parking scammers in some way.

    And as for that recently arrived new poster, anyone with even the slightest knowledge of spelling, grammar, syntax and writing style, would know that it's nothing to do with me, I never use expressions like 'me old mate' or 'ruggers'.

    I only have this account here and no others. I've previously posted my season ticket seat number on this forum, and perhaps you'd care to come and say hello at one of the Saturday home games.

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    This entire thread gives me flash backs to my relatives talking about the controversial actions of the priest at Steeple Ashton church….

    …there’s some people that have so little going on with there lives that they have to have in-depth discussions over the legal and moral applications of such boring and trivial subjects as parking tickets or how a priest should run his congregation.

    just pay for your parking or park somewhere else ffs. Or does that make me a stooge?

  • I Think people who spend their days on the Gasroom should be careful about accusing others of ‘having so little going on in their lives.’

  • Hard not to think of Al the Pal at times like these

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    It’s been fun although I would imagine the one-sided version (think i know which way) is even more so.

    Interestingly both arguments are probably valid: Logically @DevC seems right - if you don’t obey the rules of where you park you should be accountable for whatever the rules and published charges are.

    On the other hand, a lot of car park ‘owners’ do seem to resort to some pretty sharp practices that do take advantage of people not wanting to make a fuss.

    But the proposals are bad news for some of the homeless people up here in Doncaster who have a nice little sideline in advising unsuspecting motorists of some of the small print they could easily miss.

  • I once got issued with a PCN by the good folk at Reading Borough Council for the crime of having my parking ticket the wrong way up on the dashboard. I sent them a photo of the printed side of the ticket complete with barcode that matched the reverse side which was pictured in the evidence that they sent me of my contravention, demonstrating that I had paid for the parking at the time that the PCN was issued. They weren't interested, they just wanted some extra cash, said that it wasn't clearly displayed. I took the opposite view, that it was indeed clearly displayed and was visible in the photo that they had taken. It went to adjudication and they won, so they got the parking fee and the full value of the PCN, a good day for Reading Borough Council.

  • Never been but drivers must be well catered for at Plymouth Parkway FC?

  • I have no idea who @DevC is, except that he seems to be associated with parking scammers in some way.

    @DevC I think you should sue him.

  • Not sure I give edam

  • Could brie worse

  • Is it safe to come out?

  • Crikey, what have I done? Just realised the ambiguity (if not topicality) of that jocular question.

  • Not at all, this is not a party political issue, MPs from all parties across the House spoke in favour of the Bill in its passage through the second reading, and no vote was needed to give it Royal Assent to become an Act, as there were no dissenting voices. The parking industry, with all the funds at their disposal, could not bribe a single MP of any party to oppose this.

    If the present Government doesn't get this over the line before Parliament is dissolved for the next election, the incoming Government, of whichever party (or coalition of parties) will do so.

  • Whoops! Jumped the gun. Helmet back on.

  • Safe

  • Terrible thread this…

  • I reckon @DevC works for the company that put those parking meters that never work properly at the rye lido carpark and licks the envelopes before sending the fines out to people. Meanwhile, @bargepole created the Facebook Rye Lido Parking Group that fights back against @DevC ’s company all guns blazing.

  • Quick message to anyone visiting the forum: please stay, read the other threads, it’s not all drivel.

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