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Attendance Prediction Exeter (h) - Sat 5th August 2023 - Match Number 1

Three months later almost to the day - welcome back to this competition.

The rules are the same as last season - anyone can join in - even if it is only for a single game. For anyone who has not played before the idea is to predict the total attendance for the game and the away attendance for the game.

There is a competition which runs over the whole season for the league games, and the leaderboard is made up with each person's best ten predictions.

Our renowned Score Prediction Competition is organised as a charity competition to @DevC's great credit. This competition isn't, however I would like to ask anyone who has read this far to take a moment to think of Bill Turnbull and consider taking a PSA test for prostate cancer and / or to suggest it to anyone who you think would benefit. Personally, I finished my own radiotherapy for the disease Friday just passed and during the treatment met many other men who are pleased that they were given, or asked for a test.

All that done and onto the well anticipated first game of the season.....

Last season we played Exeter at home on Sat 4th March and the total attendance was 7082 with 617 away fans - It was one of the two games when we split the away end and gave some tickets to future young supporters.

I don't think we will match that. However we do have new signings galore, perhaps a new atmosphere on the terrace and a chance to see Bloomball in its more developed form.

So I go 5544 with 444 from Exeter.

Please give it a go and post a prediction - there will be a Forecaster of the week every game



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