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Cold Blooded Hearts debut LP out soon!!!



  • I caveat my Doors remark with the fact I Iike the odd track but the Lizard King poet thing was a crock. Repeating the same line three times and then shouting yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaah! Never worked for me. (I know I am simplifing for effect)

  • To be a true grunge band you need three things- Drums, reverb and a dead lead singer, I was one of the few people in this country that followed Stone Temple pilots and they met all three criteria, do you hear that Eddie!

  • Alice in Chains: also checks out

  • I was thinking of putting together a hypothetical super band based upon untimely deaths, and then ran into a problem of bassists never seeming to die young. Can anyone think of a famous one?

  • Good shout. I looked it up and saw Cliff Burton as well. Bassists evidently have a long life expectancy!

  • A search also throws up Kristen Pfaff, the original bassist from Hole.

  • Slightly morbid, but I reckon you could get a pretty decent line-up out of musicians who didn't even reach the 27 club. Buddy Holly and Randy Rhoads in the same band?

  • Pete Farndon of the Pretenders?

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    Duh, Ritchie Valens

  • Bon Scott

  • @Wendoverman What would he have thought of 90125 Yes who had their biggest commercial success with " Donor of a bony fart"..........sorry, "Owner of a lonely heart" ?

  • Amy Winehouse

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    Most Yes aficionados rate Close To The Edge as their best, I prefer The Yes Album and Fragile myself. Try those if you can be bothered.

    Agree with you about the Doors and Tangerine Dream, but never really 'got' Bowie like so many people seemed to. Blackstar was good though.

  • top heavy on singers but one more:

    Ian Curtis

  • Thanks. I’ll give them both a go. I do remember listening to The Yes Album round a friends* back in the day but not sure I have ever heard Fragile.

    *Any of you remember the thrill of going round a friends place and rifling through their record collection and finding stuff you’d never come across before? How normal that was back then. How easy it is though now to access any music you want.

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    Cherry Red should have done this when Ainsworth was still our manager and he could have gotten a few sales out of blind loyalty. As it is, this thread shows nobody is going to buy the LP and the thread itself has gone quickly off-topic showing a total lack of interest.

    As for the QPR forums, there isn't any mention of this at all. Lucky for Ainsworth as if any of them went to the now cancelled Q&A the only thing they would ask is When are you leaving?

    If anybody from Cherry Red is reading this, get them to do Freelove Freeway b/w Lady Gypsy and I'll buy a copy.

  • Otis Redding.

  • Weird to cancel with no explanation, hope all is OK

  • I would assume ticket sales might not have been all that. Rough Trade East is hipster city central and I can't imagine it's picking up much in-store interest. As mentioned above, if Gaz was still our gaffer, they'd have been able to get a few down HMV or in the Vere out of interest / blind loyalty.

    It's reminded me of the time when I moved to Walthamstow as a student in the mid-90s. On the lampposts, the council run theatre was advertising a night of comedy with Neville King (King of comedy), Stu 'crush a grape' Francis and Ted '3-2-1' Rogers. I got a ticket in the hope of witnessing what i suspect may have been the greatest worst night of comedy ever, only for it to be cancelled five days before showtime. A mate had a part-time job in Waltham Forest's leisure services at the time and found out that the show had only sold 8 tickets!

    A thinly attended in-store is pretty chastening. I once saw Gary Rhodes sat forlornly behind a table stacked with his new cookbook in Borders on Oxford Street. Not a single person was buying and his agent was berating the store manager about a lack of promotion, despite the windows being plastered with posters advertising the event and 'come and meet Gary Rhodes' announcements being played every two minutes.

    On the other hand, my nan took me to a personal appearance by Don Estelle and Windsor Davies in Wycombe Woolworths that was absolutely rammed. Beatlemania for the early 80s.

  • @arnos_grove Why do you whisper, green grass?

  • I remember that Woolies meet and greet. Can't remember if I actually went though - there's a chance I've unconsciously blocked it out like a bystander at the My Lai massacre which would explain my permanent thousand yard stare.

  • Bit of a vanity thing surely between Gaz and his mates and the record company, It's not as if they are going to get big and do regular tours. Unless he gets fired. Not sure how popular he is with majority of Rs fans right now.

  • I know it was of its time in its portrayals but I always smile when I think of Sgt Major Windsor Davies taking the very believable mick out of his unit. Mr La Dee Dah Gunner Graham....

  • I saw Geoff Downes heading into Wembley before last year's play off final so this goes some way to explaining why he was there.

    Staying on a Yes keyboard player trail, Rick Wakeman's connections with High Wycombe and its surroundings are very strong. He gave a fantastic interview with the One-One fanzine many years ago on the area and the football club. I think he did the 50/50 draw on the pitch once too?

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