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The Ashes



  • Love that Duckett is still defiant after a show of pure stupidity by the top batsman. That’s the way we play he says. Good for him. Not even entertaining, just losing this one.

  • It’s so frustrating watching us implode. The Aussies must be laughing and laughing and laughing.

    I see the biggest risk to Bazball is that it will actually have the opposite effect for fans. Instead of flocking in their thousands they’ll be leaving.

    we’re not stupid and if we continue to see this style of play not working and we get trounced then people will stop buying tickets.

    Apparently the atmosphere at Lords yesterday was dreadful and a lot of people were really pissed off.

  • If its Entertainment they want, recall Dom Bess and watch the Aussies hit him out of the ground once or twice every over, when his regulation slow full tosses come down.

  • You do seem to “have it in for him” (Dom Bess) @ChasHarps !

    You “threatened” us with that name a week or two ago and I had to look him up. I follow Test cricket fairly closely so I was surprised that I had no recollection of him or his achievements (if any!).

    I seem to have had a touch of the James Richings with all those inverted commas.

  • Saying it’s entertaining is laughable. Anyone who thought that was entertaining yesterday must be Australian. I simply cannot comprehend how dumb they are with the short ball. It’s staggering. A change in application or approach is needed or else this is going 5-0.

  • I’m still confident that we are more than capable of chasing any target below around 450 but we do need a change of mindset a little.

    The most depressing (read stupid) comment I heard was one of the players saying that it they hadn’t taken on the short ball they would have lost the battle.

    if they seriously think they did win that particular skirmish…

  • It was crass stupidity to play the way the middle order in particular did yesterday, surely if they just ducked or offered no shot to the bouncer the Aussies would have tired of it soon enough...they persisted as they saw our batters throwing their wickets away. It is becoming clear that it is exceedingly difficult on this pitch to judge the cross bat shot to the rising ball, given how many of the Aussies have been hit on th ehelmet in their second innings - lets hope we learn that lesson.

  • Tbf the Aussies have been as bad today as we were yesterday ! Can't resist playing the short ball. Think we're going to see a lot of short stuff for the rest of the series

  • I haven't watched any of the matches, only seen what's been reported, and even so I've concluded that we can't resist going after the short ball - and haven't been terribly good at it. I'm sure the Australian bowlers have worked it out too.

  • Like all sports if you talk the talk and then fall short you look a bit of a tw@t. I’m looking at you Zak Crawley

    The whole Bazball hype is a bit of the kings clothes when you lack in so many areas of performance against a decent team.

  • /pedant alert: It's the Emperor's new clothes, not the King's.

  • That’s the death knell. The world champions are just too good.

  • Shame, because we’d all been looking forward to an intriguing and evenly balanced series.

  • It’s hard to imagine a bigger contrast in fielding teams. Our bowling laboured and our one dimensional, Aussies getting movement, variety of angles, fuller length, more aggressive.

    Anderson no longer justifies his selection and just looks miserable. Stokes is not fit. The others are just mneh compared to the Aussies.

    And as for the batsman is amateur night. They need to look long and hard about their attitude and application.

    The teams are a country mile apart.

  • At least we can sneer at anyone who sees the need for a specialist wicket keeper. We are mighty England!

  • Interesting where yesterday fits in terms of the ‘entertainment’ promised by England.

    On the one hand (admittedly third hand from reports and highlights) it was dull and repetitive cricket but on the other it did appear to be full of theatre and drama.

    Can’t imagine it will appeal to the uncommitted though.

    Have a sneaky feeling today may be more fun than expected

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    You’re right so far, @bookertease !

    I’m hoping that the garden gnome, Ben Ducket (ironically named because he doesn’t need to bend to duck it) is going to prove to be the men’s equivalent of Tammy Beaumont.

    Fingers crossed.

  • Now he (Bairstow) needs to return to his pre-injury batting form. Of course it would be wonderful if he wasn’t needed but I’d better get real !

  • That wicket is on you, @micra!

  • Flippin’ heck. I leave the room to get dressed (yeah, ok, slopping around in Jim jams, Sunday fashion - any day now to be honest!) and the damage is done. I’m sitting tight, nervous as hell, until the lunch break.

  • Wow, that's bad 😂

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    Stupidity on Bairstow’s part or ungentlemanly conduct by Carey ?

    Bairstow clearly assumed the ball was dead but it seems the rules state otherwise.

  • Carey must surely have known that Bairstow had assumed the ball was dead.

  • All this 'spirit of the game' pearl-clutching is one of the reasons I went off cricket. If it's within the rules of the game, what's the problem?

  • Carey instinctively threw it really without thinking of the wicket. It's the appeal of the Aussies that's the issue. You'd hope your captain would settle it down.

    Can only assume they're fuming after the Starc drop decision yesterday

  • The Aussie players have no appeal for me.

    They’re great when they stop playing though.

  • Quite good to see Broad getting stuck into them to be honest. This contest needed a bit more needle and it is helping to get the crowd up, which we'll need to have any chance of winning.

  • That’s it then. I suggested ‘stupidity’ on Bairstow’s part. One of the commentators (?Owen Morgan) has subsequently described it as naïveté. Fair enough but I wonder how often Bairstow has been in that situation during a long career? Credit to Carey. Most other wicket keepers would probably lack the presence of mind (or the throwing accuracy with those cumbersome gloves) to hit the stumps from 20 yards. I suspect it would never have entered Bairstow’s mind.

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