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The Ashes



  • A good day for England but with two full days left you still feel the Aussies might fancy a record chase to win the series 3-1.

    Also a huge bombshell with Broad retiring. Few players over the years have made my heart race during a cricket game in the same way it does at Adams Park, but Broad has been one of those players.

  • Gutted about Broad, really think he has a couple of more years in him. But guess he's leaving on his terms which is a good thing

  • Disappointing this morning, we havnt bowled well at all

  • Never mind our finest hour, we’ve just had our finest half hour.

  • Woakes, the most underrated bowler in the English Game!

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    Inclined to agree but I think his fitness record hasn’t been the greatest - I may well be wrong about that - and he is definitely much more suited to English conditions than pitches/conditions overseas.

    The Aussie commentators are totally obsessed with the replacement ball. Yesterday they were at least balancing their opinions with comments about it coming on faster to the bat (making it easier to score runs than with the original softer ball).

  • To be fair, if you've seen the images of them, they look like two very different balls! The one on the left is the old scuffed ball. The other is the "replacement" which is meant to be the same age.....

    I do wonder where they get these balls..... Are they old County match balls? Have they been bowled in a net or on a pitch? Have they been bowled out of the hand or from a machine?

    I think the ICC (Governing body) needs to show or demonstrate how these balls are selected

  • Totally agree @Otter87 . That replacement ball did seem to give England an unfair advantage at the start of play this morning.

    interesting period of play about to commence. Maximum of 52 overs.

    I’m going: England 33%, Australia 33%, the draw 33%.

  • You must have excellent balance @micra being on that fence!

  • I'm hoping for some Broad magic, I think as soon as we get Smith, the wickets will fall quickly as the Aussie's will try and finish the game quickly and give wickets away

  • Have you fallen off the fence yet @micra?

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    Literally, just gone back to it from your New Season Predictions thread and have had to pick myself up from the floor!

  • Looking prescient, though that Aussie tail is an absolute pain!

  • New prediction: England 100%

  • 8 down. Come on England!

  • 9 down, come on Broady!

  • This is incredible sport

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    I hope the landing on the floor wasn't too hard @micra!

    What do you think of it? Do I get the Micra nod of approval?

  • I’m not crying. You’re crying

  • Bloody brilliant that... and people think Cricket is boring

  • To summarize:

    Last ever ball faced by Broad: Hits for six.

    Last ever ball bowled by Broad: Wicket to win an Ashes test and tie the series.

    Both cheeky bail swaps by Broad in the last test: Wicket the very next ball.

    Is there a more legendary goodbye in sports, let alone cricket?

  • I'd be interested to know what the viewing figures hav been like for this series.

    As someone who never played cricket and only started following closely 4-5 years ago I think the entertainment has been absolutely superb. But it's hard to tell whether it really resonates to the wider public.

  • Watched it live. Now on the highlights. Good lady her indoors is even enthralled. Hollywood stuff

  • On the train back from the Oval. Superb day. Really did feel it could go either way at varying times up until Smith was out. Did look at the end as if Ali was bowling not to get wickets to make sure that Broad finished it off, but I don't really think anyone in the ground cared. Although we may have id some of those dark grey clouds whizzing by overhead at the time had actually deposited their contents.

  • It has been a superb series fought out by two very closely matched sides, a fantastic advert for test cricket.

    The drawn series was probably the right result in the end

  • There's only bad news and irrelevant news

  • Definitely. Delighted that you have clearly grown in confidence recently. Look forward to future contributions.

  • Not sure how many times I've watched Broad's last 2 weeks but it gets me every time. Only two and half years to wait til the next one

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