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EFL Playoff Chat 22/23

Not sure why Wednesday persist with Dawson in goal. He’s had so many howlers this season and Stockdale’s hardly had a fair chance since January. Not surprised that Wednesday’s poor form coincides with Stockdale being dropped.



  • Seems strange to be watching Posh in the play-offs at London Road given how crap they were when we beat them there on New Year’s Day.

  • Who does everyone want tp win each playoffs? Besides Notts County winning the Conference playoffs I would rank the others as follows in terms of desirability:


    Coventry, Luton, Middlesbrough, Sunderland


    Bolton, Wednesday, Barnsley, Peterborough


    Stockport, Bradford, Carlisle, Salford

  • Sunderland, Wednesday or Bolton and (just because they seem they’d be the weakest addition) Salford.

  • Massive choke by Wednesday at 2-0 down. They were bankers for the automatics at one point and now likely to be back to AP next year.

  • To be fair, most 3rd placed teams lose in the L1 playoffs. The disappointment and pressure is more intense. Not every team can rise above it and use a steely determination to win anyway like (checks notes) Wycombe Wanderers in 19/20.

  • Sheffield Wednesday just don’t look up for it.


  • I’m sorry Sheffield Wednesday. I have done this to you.

  • They are terrible tonight. Absolutely frozen

  • I think Wednesday have had a lot of injuries to regular starters but seem to have completely lost their way at some point. Very unlucky not to go up automatically, Out of the top 3 that we've played this season - Plymouth were the team I feared us facing the least.

  • Sheffield Wednesday were getting back into the game at 3-0 down. Like it or not, Norris’ game management was very clever and turned the game back into Peterborough’s favour.

  • He had a fantastic game. Looks like a good player I hadn’t noticed much before.

  • I believe he joined in January as a replacement for Cartwright. Not sure how much involvement he will have for Burnley as he isn’t exactly young (although he is compared to me). I suspect he will be looking at a lower end Championship side, where he can make the #1 spot his own.

  • My Peterboro mate came to our playoff final on the basis that I returned the favour. I have to be the most gutted Wycombe fan right now. Praying for a 5-0 Sheff Wed win. Might have to present a snide Covid test on the day....

    He also knows Swanny so, if I go, I will be wearing a Wycombe shirt underneath a jacket.

  • Coventry as Robins deserves a crack at the Prem.

    Bolton if not Wednesday...for obvious reasons.

    Salford for the reasons @floyd gives above.

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    Derby fans are still whining about Sheffield Wednesday ‘cheating’ last weekend re the penalty and red card. They can’t seriously be complaining about another team ‘cheating’, surely? That would be like us whingeing about LON goading Anis into a red card when he was the same type of player for us - a shithouse.

    Anyway back to Derby… “cost us a place in the play-offs”. The irony.

  • What an enjoyable game the National League play off final has been

  • Chesterfield's players are dead on their feet. They're going to struggle to make it from the halfway line for the penalty shoot out

  • Notts County put their sub keeper on for the pens

  • Good shout to sub the keeper by Notts County as Archie Mair saved 2 from the 5 pens he faced

    County win 4-3 on penalties

  • Deserved to be Notts C going up really.

    If they'd have blown it, it'd have been the cruellest non promotion from the conference since us v Col Utd. But at least Notts C had the playoffs as a second chance!

  • Utterly ridiculous that there was even a possibility they didn't go up

  • Can see Luton v Sunderland being epic this week. On many levels

  • Not as many levels of stairs we have to walk up at the Stadium of Light, but many nonetheless

  • Salford is one of a couple of lower League grounds I haven't been to. Watching this don't really want to. Give me a six nil thrashing in the rain in Stockport any day

  • Have been there once.

    Was slightly surprised that if you're early enough you can park about 50metres from the entrance on the main road.

    They were non league at that point though I think, so maybe something has changed.

  • No, we went up in 2019/2020 and if you arrived about 1pm you could park within a very short distance of the ground.

  • I wonder how long it'll take for them to outgrow that ground.

    If I recall correctly there's no scope to increase the capacity, so 5,000 or so could be a bit lowly in league 1

  • I have more than once parked in The Crown at Accrington (during League days) like some kind of VIP. But they've stopped that noe

  • LX1LX1
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    Should be a ding dong at Edgeley Park.

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    They were meant to be moving at the start of next season but the council blocked the move.

    The Peninsula is hemmed in but you could easily expand three of the stands subject to planning and could probably expand to 8000’ish. Cost would be prohibitive and planning might be restricted???

    Salford City FC

    For the game against Stockport they reduced the away allocation to just over 500 when it is normally 1200 in the terrace and 200 seats. They then couldn’t sell out the home areas and were left with a gate over a thousand less than the 5000 capacity but did have a record number of home fans at a game of approximately 3400.

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