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Max stays!

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  • Or was already extended before, either way great news.

  • Confirmed at the end of the exclusive ST interview.

    Excellent news.

  • Great news


  • Major news

  • most excellent 

  • Really great news! Suddenly we're looking pretty strong for next season. Let's hope Blooms can work some magic in the transfer window and add some further quality. But at least we're not looking at the wholesale changes many of us thought we'd be needing for next season.

  • I’m not surprised but I’m still thrilled. A glass of pop who scouted Max. EXTRAORDINARY signing from nowhere. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who felt deflated when we signed Livingstone’s ‘keeper after waiting for ManYoo to sort their shit out.

    Still find it mad that we didn’t go after Max at day 1.

    And learning he has a law degree in the interview. Wow

  • Fantastic news! The second best goalkeeper in the whole 92 EFL clubs, according to Opta stats, is playing for Wycombe next season.

    If we're still in L1, I can see him keeping many clean sheets, and our average PPG getting close to 2.0. And we know what that means.

  • Fantastic !!

  • That is fantastic news, along with Scowen and Vokes that means we have three really formidable players to build our team around. Now let’s get GMac signed and some new faces in the summer.

    Brilliant, brilliant news!!!!!!!

  • Whoop and, indeed, whoop.

  • Might come in handy,

    "We're Wycombe Wanderers, we'll sue who we want "

    Anyone else just skip right to the end?

  • Scowen is irreplaceable. Vokes is top quality. Stryjek is the player I’d pick if my mates asked me who could comfortably play at a higher level.

  • Sounds to me from the “interview” that he was always signed up for next season.

    Either way, fantastic news!

  • Never felt any doubt with this one for me, but obviously still good to hear.

    Are all these players really signing up in instalments? Or are the club just dribbling the news out?

  • It’s a pain not knowing the contract lengths but does add some excitement to who’s staying or not. Very clearly Max had signed up for next season back in August last year or he had a built in extension on appearances.

    Great to have him here another year at least, he’s been brilliant and for me easily one of our best ever goalkeepers and buys.

  • Great news. Really good to see the worst keeper in League One has improved enough to stay. 🙂

  • 🤣 Fancy going from the worst to statistically the best in just a few months.

  • Never in doubt to my mind but great news nonetheless.

  • The man is fast becoming a Wycombe legend.

  • How does @aloysius‘ misjudgement of Max Stryjek compare with my apparent misjudgment of Sam Vokes, I wonder?

    It seems to me that the value and impact of a goalkeeper is much easier to assess than that of a centre forward. Long before Max’s remarkable stats were published recently (by about the end of September, I think), I was one of the many people thinking that the unavailability of Nathan Bishop had been a blessing in disguise. An unexpected bonus and undeniably the most important and successful signing of the season.

    As @eric_plant rightly pointed out to me several months ago (and me ole mate, @Malone, has also alluded to it), the role of a centre forward extends well beyond goalscoring. @Malone refers to the timing of runs, for example (one of the things which I think he implied Forino would not be used to if played up front) and @eric_plant referred to the way in which a centre forward’s movement off the ball can make space for others to move into and potentially gain goalscoring opportunities.

    These are men who, despite my 75 years plus of watching thousands of football matches, probably have more insight into those sort of nuances than I have. In @Malone’s case, that kind of knowledge was no doubt enhanced by having played football himself at a ‘decent’ level.

    I don’t know whether @eric_plant was a player.

  • One of the very best Micra old son

  • My post took me half an hour.

  • It feels like the Beatles are going to release one more album. Great news!

  • Brilliant news, such an important signing.

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