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Will Bloomers restore our pitch width ?

With money being spent on the pitch close season, and us now playing a more expansive passing style at times.

I wonder if Mr Bloomers plans to restore the pitch width to its original size ?



  • Excellent question.

  • I hope so.

  • Will Matty cut out the shithousery we were so despised for.

  • I think we'd cut a lot of it out this season, compared to a few years ago.

  • You sense Bloomfield wants to play more football than Ainsworth. Ainsworth built his reputation on shithousery, which made us very difficult to beat and hence our success. Can Bloomfield be successful playing a more expansive game , only time will tell.

  • I’ve also been wondering about this and I suspect we’ll see the pitch made bigger again.

    Hopefully it works out and we see some great football. Although I must admit I am slightly fearful there could be a lot of sideways passing that goes nowhere.

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    Gawd a blast from the past. Pitch width. I had forgotten all about that.

    Again I am missing something as I have honestly seen nothing to suggest Blooms had been playing any different kind of football...except for the fact Vokes and McLeary have been out injured.

    If playing Hanlan as a striker is the new era...we're in trouble.

    (I know you were never a fan @davecz but built his 'whole reputation' on shithousery? )

  • City were really turning on the shithousery last night, so I'm sure we can strike a nice balance.

  • He was also part of other squads before GA was manager.

  • Sweeping statement saying I was never a fan!! He was superb for our club and primarily had to play a certain way, including plenty of shithousery, due to limited funds. This allowed us to be competitive and successful. Ainsworth’s challenge is with better players and a more competitive budget, can he change his style of play. Too soon to judge at QPR but their fans certainly aren’t enjoying the style what they’re seeing in the first 10/12 games. Hopefully he will be given time.

  • I'm sorry but to say 'Ainsworth built his reputation on shithousery' is not only false but incredibly disrespectful.

  • 'Shithousery' is such a pathetic word. A bit like someone insulting someone by calling them 'gammon' or 'woke.'

    Utter nonsense which must be swept away if the human race is to continue

  • I hate people who make sweeping statements @davecz so I apologise. There was someone who was always berating that Ainsworth, for his tactics and team selection, I think he even offered to drive him to Blackburn at one point...also regularly demanded that Bayo and Bloomfield never pull on the shirt again, I think even before we made it to the Championship. That poster never gave him the benefit of the doubt about the budget, playing style and the standard of the players available.

  • Really? You haven't noticed any difference? Christ

  • I would describe Ainsworth's M.O. more as 'Tenacity' than anything else, though obviously there are many other elements involved.

  • This is gasroom Z list type material this is, down there with Wycombefan97 or whatever the latest is.

    Just so insulting to Ainsworth to suggest such a thing.

  • It's up there with the worst posts on the gasroom...this week.

  • I tell you what I want to see Matt reverse... The home dugout being closer to the away end. Never understood the point of that one and it annoys me every match.

  • Assume it was simply to keep the away management that bit slightly further away from whooping the away crowd up?

    But surely just has the same effect of keeping our lot away from the terrace.

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    Re pitch width. The recommended maximum width according to the FA is 70 yards (section 39 of FA Rules). Minimum width is 50 yards andMaximum width according to LoAF is 100 yards (Law 1) .

    Adams Park is probably pretty close to 70 yards - 18+8+18 for penalty box is 44 yards. 2 corner quadrants of 1yard plus 2 10 yard markings (just off the pitch) = 22 yards. So already at 66 yards. There’s about 2 yards between the 10 yard mark and the edge of the penalty area so up to the 70 yards.

    Rule 39 also recommends 3 yards run off around perimeter of pitch.

    So all in all I can’t see where much extra width would come from

  • Suggest you might be slightly over sensitive. Ainsworth used every tactic to make us successful which I applaud and unless you were watching games with rose tinted glasses , included a lot of ‘ dark ‘underhanded gamesmanship. You don’t get every opposing manager stating you know what you get when you play Wycombe without building a certain reputation.

  • Great, now I'm going to have to go through every ground to see if we're an odd one out.

  • You could notice a difference from 30 seconds of the kick off on Tuesday night.

  • Going by the TV images it looks more than 1 yard from the 10yard market to edge of penalty area. If it is 68 yards wide then I can only assume the 10 yard marker is from the actual corner rather than the edge of the quadrant - so only 9 yards from the ball.

    still with the 3 yard run off not a lot of room widening from current size

  • Further to this, it does seem like 105 x 68 (metres) is already somewhat of a standard, so we are not particularly narrow.

    Most PL teams are at 105 length, with Forest the longest at (gasp) 105.2 while Chelsea (103.3), Palace (101) and Everton (100.48) are shorter. Similarly, most have a 68 width aside from Forest (71.3) who therefore have the largest pitch in the PL, and narrower pitches at Chelsea (67.7) and Fulham (65).

    Wembley has an extra metre width at 105 x 69.

  • It is possible the AP link I sent is out of date too. Didn't they change the dimensions at one point over the past few years?

  • It is my belief, without any statistical analysis, that the number of bookings per game for us has decreased under our Matty.

  • Re: pitch width, I seem to remember that Morecambe's fast winger sprinted round the outside of JJ, and was able to put in a cross which led to them scoring a goal.

    If we increase the width, doesn't it make it even more likely that opposition wingers will do that more easily? I would make the pitch as narrow as we can get away with, which has the added bonus of less distance between the corner quadrant and the goal, so a better chance of JJ hitting a pinpoint accurate corner for one of our forwards to head into the net.

    Of course, we may have to rethink this when JJ finally hangs up his boots.

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