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Match day thread: FGR



  • I may repeatedly spell it wrong @Malone but you know who I mean. Sometimes I don't take the time to read back the posts I do on me phone, it is sadly true. 😕 I usually get Vokes right though.

  • TJ in the number 9 role would be a disaster but that is just my opinion. TJ for me does not get into the danger areas enough, yes he chases people down and is a willing runner but he is not going to score goals.

    Again this is only my opinion but in the absence of Vokes I would push Forino forward into the No. 9 position and play Taf with Grimmer at centre backs. Forino is a real force and can play the target man role and he can help out with a few goals/assists as well. He is good in the air, strong and can move a bit. Yes it is a different approach and many will immediately dismiss it but if you think it through it makes sense. Different yes but may just be our way of getting into the play-offs if Vokes continues to be out of the squad.

    I doubt very much that Matty would take this risk but it is obvious that neither Hanlan or TJ are right for the No. 9 role so not really much to lose.

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    Certainly different.

    There's a huge difference between winning the odd ball from a set piece and knowing how to lead the line, hold the ball up, play others in etc.

    Terry Evans was a force of nature in the air, yet could look pretty depressing up front when in an emergency capacity.

  • Well @Malone I appreciate what you say, as always but it as been done on many an occasion. Having been a football fanatic for many a year I know these things are not easy and it isn’t just a case of just being a big strong man but the alternative is pretty poor without Vokes.

    Off the wall yes but it would not be unique in our beloved game. Remember the times when we used to push Roger Johnson forward for the last 15/20 mins?

  • ‘Team pushing for The Championship field Uni student as make shift centre forward’

    TV production companies should dump the Ryan Reynolds ‘fairytale’ at Wrexham and pop down to AP!

  • There's an enormous difference between chucking a centre-half up front for the last 5-10 minutes while desperately chasing a goal, and setting up that way from the off. Nothing about Chris Forino makes him suitable for the number 9 role...

  • The miraculous return of GMac means we at least have another option. I expect he might start at Morecambe with Hanlan staying through the middle and Wheeler out wide.

    TJ just didn't look to know what his role was on Saturday, but it's either him or Freeman in that position. Wing also seemed not as effective pushed further forward so hopefully he'll play alongside Scowen in a deeper role.

  • I said in my post that it was a risk and I think you are going a bit over the top with your last sentence but as I said it is my opinion and a bit off the wall.

  • Re Wing, there was that article a few weeks back about Championship clubs sniffing around him. Just before it appeared he was bang in form and looking like a player too good for League One. Ever since it was published his form has been poor. I can't believe any scout watching him over the last handful of matches would be that impressed.

  • Changing the subject slightly, we are so lucky to have a passionate and sensible manager like Matt coming in to continue the journey this club is on. He is articulate, very hard working, professional and loves the club so much. I am sure we are in good hands with Matty.

  • Now this is definitely true.

    Although his role has changed under Bloomfield. often being the deepest player. We need to get his goal threat much closer to goal.

  • You've just highlighted one of the most frustrating aspects of being football fans right there. 'We' can't do anything.

  • I was suitably joshed @Malone but I have to say...@Blue_since_1990 's idea about Forino is not far away from my own thoughts while we are Vokes-less, but risk we only seem to have one CB fit at any one time, I think it would be unlikely. I recognise the skillset is different, but someone there to nod the ball down to Wheels or Hanlan would be nice, even if they cannot pivot and score in a Centre Forward stylee.

  • If we were going to go with a CB as a 9, I think JJ would be worth a run out just as much as Forino. Big Chris could stay back in defence with Taffs, while JJ is good in the air, has very good close control, and has a very accurate delivery and shot.

  • The worry with Chris up there is we wouldn't be able to count on any of Vokesy's control and hold up play, and instead could find ourselves just knocking it all game. Something Bloomfield seems super keen to move away from.

    Still, all of this is moot hopefully, and he's back next week?

    I can't remember @EwanHoosaami's exact quote, but I think it was along the lines of "Vokes clearly can't drive right now, and needed the drone army to haul him up to the gantry", which didn't sound positive.

    But on the other side, he was in the "back very soon" crew, the other of whom has come back from a broken leg within a world record timescale.

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    As far as I know no-one has said Vokes is ' back on the grass...' in a hopeful voice.

    Matt said Gape and Thompson were the other day and though Dom did make it onto the grass of AP...I saw Curtis suited and booted with his family but only on the concrete in the stand on Monday.

    Blooms may have to think out of the box at some point as Hanlan, for all his graft, is not working through the middle for me. It would be nice to get six points from Morecambe and Cambridge before we hit Lincoln, but on the sort of anonymous grind we saw on Monday it's not a given is it? (unless JJ hits his goals direct from corners stride again!)

  • Brilliant idea, @Wendoverman - with all the controversy over injuries, I think you have hit on a new scale of injury update to keep us all happy.

    'On the Wood' - Ready to make a return appearance from the bench.

    'On the Grass' - Back in training.

    'On the Concrete' - Still injured, but able to visit the stadium and walk around on a matchday.

    'On the Upholstery' - Still working with the physio.

  • Thinking of putting a crowd funding page together to pay David Wheeler to give ‘Mustard’ after school heading lessons as a key requirement of leading the line. As at the moment this area of Hanlan’s game can best be described as that other yellow comestible ‘custard’.

  • Comestible. That's a word we don't hear often enough @perfidious_albion.

  • This misses the point that Wheeler, as has been tested in the past, also can't win headers when playing down the centre and faced with one or more centre-halves climbing all over his back. Neither player is good at that "owning the space" flicking on from a static position - it's a particular and difficult skill. Wheeler is excellent at heading when running onto the ball from the wing or when given a relatively free run onto it at a set piece, but not from that static position.

  • PS - I also, though, just to be clear, really enjoyed your comestible.

  • @Shev Excellent.

    "On the beach" - Beyond hope.

  • It is a sad state of affairs, but I have to agree with this (and forgot to reply to your matchday comment about the demotion in status).

    It's almost like there are two Brandons, Mustard and Custard, and you never know which one you are going to get.

  • 'On the Passenger Seat' - Leg(s) is/are in plaster so wife has to drive.

  • Exactly this. Wheeler is great at attacking a ball from a wide position by using his athleticism to time his run and beat a defender to the header. Stick him down the middle and a lumbering centre back will come through him every time and win it.

    Quite the opposite of how Bayo used to be who could mainly only win the ball in those central positions when he could use his strength to control the area around him but would struggle having to attack the ball

  • I'm the building needs to be in the vernacular too.

  • Unless the wife driving is some sortof knock on from some sort of Revs incident.

  • The crowd funding headers schooling could be extended to include Vokes (although this may have to be an on-line ‘Teams’ session as big Sam may not be around all that much longer). Would anyone be interested in subscribing to a ‘let’s make custard mustard’ limited edition t-shirt in two tone yellow quarters?

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